MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1485



“Zhejiang Festival of Lights! I know, it’s beautiful, famous, and romantic. I always wanted to go before, but I didn’t have a chance, this time, I’m going!” Chen Ziling relaxed and regained her previous active temper.

When Chen Mochi saw her daughter happy, she would not disappoint naturally, and smiled: “It’s not bad to go and see, just relax.”

“Oh, Xiao Chen, who invited us?” Chen Mochi asked.

“Senior Chen was invited by Miss Mu Qianying, Mu Family.” Chen Fei replied.

Chen Mochi heard the words and nodded. Chen Fei and the Mu Family are exploring what happened to the Dragon Tomb. Chen Mochi is also clear. “It turned out to be the little girl of the Mu Family. That’s what was expected.”

“Well!” Chen Fei nodded.

On the other hand, Chen Ziling looked like a gossip, and quickly said: “What a little Mujia girl, who are you talking about? Brother, are you trying to hook up the beauty again! Looking back, I’m going to tell the sister-in-law , And Song Yiqiuyue and they— ”

Chen Feiwen said, suddenly a black line,” Zi Ling, you don’t want to be cranky. Me and Qianying are just friends. Besides, you haven’t even seen Qiuhan, how can you tell her? ” ”

I don’t care, I want to look at you anyway. To prevent you from being a big radish, and getting flowers everywhere.” The little girl pouted her mouth, and her dark eyes looked at Chen Fei proudly.

Chen Fei was helpless for a while, and he could only tell Chen Ziling that he knew Mu Qianying.

“It turns out like this!” After listening, Chen Ziling nodded, looking clear. After a pause, she suddenly looked at Chen Feidao, “Brother, according to my speculation, that Mu Qianying must have liked you.”

“What nonsense, how long have I known her, how did she like me. This Don’t talk nonsense, “Chen Fei said quickly.

“Brother, don’t believe it. Girls’ feelings are very accurate. I tell you, this is the effect of heroic salvation and love at first sight. As long as you hook up now, I’m afraid that Miss Mu will take the initiative to give you a hug “Chen Ziling chased behind Chen Fei.”

“Your girl, what’s in your head! It’s not early, let’s rest early.” Chen Fei extended his right hand, flicked on Chen Ziling’s forehead, and then walked away quickly.

Soon, the day of the Lantern Festival came, and the Mujia sent someone to send the invitation.

On the evening of that day, Chen Fei, Chen Ziling and Chen Mochi changed their clothes, and then came to the Canglang River by car.

Although the sky has not darkened, there is still some time before the opening of the Festival of Lights. But the banks of the Canglang River were already full of people, and the bustle was busy.

On both sides of the broad Canglang River, various lanterns are also tied. There are antique paper lanterns, modern style fashion lights, and western-style lights, which are complicated and colorful, and dazzled.

However, to say that the most attractive thing is not the lanterns on both sides of the river bank, but the beautiful lantern boats in the Canglang River. Each ship is very beautifully decorated and very eye-catching, allowing people on the shore to snap their phones.

Of course, the present scene is not the most beautiful. The most beautiful moment is to wait for the night to come, and when the various lanterns light up, that is the climax of the Festival of Lights.

Trio spent watching a variety of

lights, sip a roadside snack stalls, but added quite active.

Unconsciously, the river in front suddenly widened, and the railings on both sides opened an opening, leading to the center of the Canglang River.

As you look at it, you can find that in the center of this widened river bank, there is a river heart island protruding from the river. Above Hexinyu, you can see an exquisitely built wooden building, which is full of people and lively.

There is no doubt that the wooden building in Hexinyu is the best place to watch the festival of lights.

However, this kind of place is obviously not a group of people can go in. At the entrances on both sides of the river bank, there are burly black bodyguards guarding the entrance. Those without invitations are not allowed to enter.

Seeing this, Chen Fei touched the invitation in his arms and thought of the situation that Mu Qianying had introduced to himself before. It seems that this Hexinyu is the VIP area of ​​the Festival of Lights.

It was just when Chen Fei considered whether to take out the invitation letter and enter the VIP area now.

At this moment, behind them, there was a hateful voice, “It’s you!”

Hearing the voice, the three of them turned their heads and saw a fat middle-aged man looking at three with hateful faces. people. Beside the man, there is a young man in his thirties.

When Chen Fei and Chen Ziling saw them, they immediately recognized them and said with a dull face: “Liu Chang, Curator Xu. It’s you!”

The people opposite were Chen Fei and Chen Ziling near the airport the other day Xu Director of the Zhejiang Provincial Museum encountered in the hotel, and Liu Chang, Chen Ziling’s brother.

At that time, Chen Fei called President Feng Mingjiu of Jingcheng University directly and expelled Liu Chang. Then he also taught Xu curator who wanted to take advantage of Chen Ziling’s cheap meal. Unexpectedly, I happened to meet them here today.

Seeing Chen Mochi on the side, he was confused, and did not know a few people on the opposite side.

Chen Ziling quickly spoke to Chen Mochi about the previous two days.

After listening, Chen Mochi’s eyes suddenly froze, looking at the two with a cold chill, hidden, and even with a killing intention, “Zi Ling, I will teach them some lessons.”

Chen Ziling Upon seeing this, he quickly pulled Chen Mochi, “No, a little thing, it’s past, don’t care.”

Chen Ziling wasn’t sure if he wouldn’t pull Chen Mochi, if he didn’t pull Chen Mochi, he wouldn’t even consider it. Killing them will at least leave something from them.

After all, under the chase of the Jiang family, Chen Mochi, who has lived for 20 years, is definitely not a kind and honest person.

But Curator Xu and Liu Chang at this time did not know that they had escaped. He also stared at Chen Fei and Chen Ziling

with a grin, and said, “Dare you still dare to be here?” “You, come here and grab him for me!” Curator Xu waved his hand and stood directly Several black bodyguards at the entrance of the river bank ordered.

Several bodyguards glanced over with doubts, but they didn’t do it.

Such a situation suddenly left Curator Xu’s face a little uneasy, and his expression a bit ugly.

Liu Chang, who was beside him, quickly shouted to the bodyguard: “Are you all blind? Standing in front of you is Curator Xu of the Provincial Museum. Curator Xu is a VIP with an invitation letter, and you don’t even say anything about the VIP Did you listen? ”


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