MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1484



Seeing Mu Qianying’s eyebrows dancing excitedly, and her expression of “Big Brother Chen” shouting without hesitation, Zheng Kun’s eyes could not help but narrowed, and the hostility towards Chen Fei was a little more.

“Mr. Chen, hello.” Zheng Kun concealed the hostility in his heart, showing a smile, and offered to extend his right hand to Chen Fei to greet him.

Although Zheng Kun’s emotions are well hidden, a group of people can hardly see it. But in front of Chen Fei’s warriors of this rank, his every move could hardly escape Chen Fei’s eyes.

That kind of faint hostility was captured clearly by Chen Fei.

Therefore, Chen Fei did not have a good attitude towards Zheng Kun. He greeted him lightly with a straight face, “Hello!”

Such an attitude suddenly made Zheng Kun more dissatisfied with Chen Fei, and frowned slightly. Then he said: “How did Mr. Chen and Qianying know each other?”

Not waiting for Chen Fei to answer, Mu Qianying excitedly introduced to the side, “Brother Kun, my brother Chen and I are the front section I met when I visited the Dragon Tomb. At that time, my dad and I met a robber. At that time, the situation was critical. It was Brother Chen who rescued us. We– ”

Hearing this, Zheng Kun roughly understood what happened .

Mujia is a family of martial arts inherited from Ze province for 100 years. It is quite normal to participate in activities such as exploring the Dragon Tomb.

However, Zheng Kun is not very interested in these. His Zheng family is a business family, and the business is very large, almost radiating the entire southern China, and even beginning to expand abroad.

Not only that, his father Zheng Qinshi also exerted his power in the officialdom, starting from ordinary rich entrepreneurs, starting from the president of the local business association, and rising step by step. Now he has achieved the post of chairman of the three southern provinces of the United Chamber of Commerce. At the same time, it also occupies the position of a standing committee member in its own business association.

His father had taught him many times that in this era, money is very important, but power is more important than money. If you are rich, at most it is an ordinary person who is richer. In front of a truly powerful person, it is totally worthless. The other party may make your accumulated wealth for years disappear.

Therefore, Zheng Qinshi has always been relying on power, constantly adding to his identity position. His ultimate goal is to become a red-top businessman in this era of China, a truly standing entity.

For this ambitious goal, Zheng Qinshi is very ambitious. Zheng Kun is also very confident in his father.

After all, the strength of the Zheng family at that time was only average, even worse than the Mu family. However, it has been developed in less than ten years. The power of the Zheng family has been rising and its status has been rising, which has surpassed that of the Mu family.

Otherwise, Mu Tianhan will not contact him for more than a few years, and then invite his father and son to come and support Mu Jia on the festival of lights.

The reason why the Zheng family agreed to the Mu family’s invitation was naturally not in vain, but rather the Mu family’s martial accumulation.

Although in Zheng Kun’s mind, Wu is the least important existence after power and money. However, the Mu family has inherited martial arts for a hundred years, and its power and money are still good.

The entire Mujia, in his opinion of the Zheng family, was only a useful aid.

As for the warrior like Chen Fei, in Zheng Kun’s opinion, it is just

a brave man with strength and no value at all. After all, this kind of reckless man can be recruited casually after he has money and rights.

Thinking of this, Zheng Kun looked at Chen Fei with even more disdain. Before Mu Qianying introduced Chen Fei’s encounter, he asked Chen Fei directly: “Mr. Chen is also a man of Xiwu! I don’t know where he is from. ? Is it the ancestral martial art at home or the sect?

Chen Fei said lightly: “No, I just practice it myself.”

Hearing this, Zheng Kun’s evaluation of Chen Fei dropped again. If Chen Fei is a disciple of a martial arts sect, or a descendant of a martial arts family, it still has some value.

Now it seems that he is just a casual warrior who learned a few kung fu, and happened to be lucky to save Mu Qianying once, so he was thanked by the Mu family.

This kind of character, Zheng Kun, really didn’t pay much attention to it, and had no interest in making friends at all.

So, instead of continuing the conversation with Chen Fei, Zheng Kun turned around and said to Mu Qianying: “Qianying, my dad, they should be here, let’s go back.”

“Ah, this–” He was excited to introduce Chen Fei’s heroic deeds and powerful martial arts. He was forcibly interrupted by Zheng Kun, and now he had to leave again.

However, she also understood her father’s emphasis on the Zheng family this time. Therefore, still barely squeezing out a smile, nodded and said to Zheng Kun: “Well, Brother Kun, let’s go back.”

Immediately, Mu Qianying turned his head and waved to Chen Fei, saying goodbye: “Brother Chen, goodbye. “Festival of Lights, you must come!”

Chen Fei nodded and waved with a smile: “Goodbye, I will come.”

Watching Mu Qianying and Zheng Kun leave, Chen Fei turned and went back to the room.

When he went back, it happened that Chen Mochi and Chen Ziling had also finished talking and called Chen Fei into the room.

Chen Fei looked at the tears in the corners of the eyes of the two, and smiled at the corners of his mouth. He couldn’t help being relieved and grinned. It seems that this is a good conversation between the father and the daughter, and the heart settlement is solved.

After some conversation, Chen Fei learned that the father and daughter were talking frankly and told each other their respective experiences.

After Chen Ziling was picked up by the old man Xuanyuan Jiangshan, his experience was almost always practicing martial arts on Tianwu Mountain, until secretly going down the mountain a year ago, the experience was quite simple.

Chen Mochi’s experience obviously suffered a lot. After the family of three was chased and killed, Chen Mochi wanted to be a bait for his wife and daughter to escape. Unexpectedly, his wife and daughter were chased and killed by the Jiang family, eventually disappeared, and may even be brutally murdered.

Chen Mochi, who was extremely sad and indignant, escaped the Jiang family’s pursuit after nine deaths. Over the next two decades, he has been living alive for a long time, trying to improve his strength, looking for his wife and daughter, and avenging the Jiang family.

These three things completely occupied his time in the past twenty years, making him live a hard and tiring life, and the whole person hardly enjoys a little life.

It can be said that in these two decades, Chen Mochi has never been happy one day. And now, today, at this moment, he smiled extremely happy.

The father and daughter were happy, and Chen Fei was relieved. So I mentioned the invitation of Mu Qianying just now, “Senior Chen, Zi Ling. In the next two days, we will hold the Provincial Lantern Festival on the Canglang River in the provincial city. Someone invited us to participate. Are you interested to see it?”


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