MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1483



Chen Fei was very surprised when he saw that the coming person was Mu Qianying, and then he smiled and said, “Qianying, it’s you! Why are you here? ”

Mu Qianying quickly said:” Brother Chen, I came to the hotel to greet the guests of my wood family. Brother Chen, why are you here, don’t– ”

Faintly, Mu Qianying looked at Chen Fei’s eyes, bringing Look forward to.

But Chen Fei didn’t seem to notice this, and explained aloud: “Senior Chen and I have some things to deal with, so we’re here.”

“Oh, it was dealing with things!” The little girl’s expression was slightly lost, but immediately Still smiling, he said to Chen Fei, “Brother Chen, can you stay with us for a few more days and join me in the Lights Festival?”

“Lights Festival?” Chen Fei was a little puzzled.

Mu Qianying quickly explained: “The Lantern Festival is a traditional festival in our province. At this time of year, the Lantern Festival will be held on the Canglang River in the provincial city. All kinds of beautiful lanterns will be displayed at that time. Very beautiful.”

Hearing this, Chen Fei had some impressions. It seems that the news of the Zedong Lantern Festival has been reported in the news, and it is quite famous.

However, Chen Fei did not immediately agree, but said aloud: “In this way, I will go back and discuss with senior Chen to see what their opinions are.”

“Well, then I am waiting for your news from Brother Chen . Looking back, I let My dad sent some invitations. “Mu Qianying smiled.

“Is there any invitation to watch the festival of lights?” Chen Fei was a little surprised.

Mu Qianying wrinkled her lovely nose and looked at Chen Feidao: “Brother Chen, the invitation I said, that is the entrance ticket for the VIP seat. If there is no invitation, you can only look at the periphery.”

Thinking of this, Chen I think of flying down. The Festival of Lights in Ze province has a long history and is not small. At least one or two hundred thousand people participate in it every year, all of which are crowded on both sides of the Canglang River. If there is no invitation, such a crowded scene, Chen Fei is really not willing to join in the fun.

“Well, then I would like to thank Qianying first.” Chen Fei smiled and then asked, “Qianying, you must be a VIP. Let Ms. Mu come to meet you personally. You must be in good standing.”

“Brother Chen, you made fun of me.” The little girl frowned at Chen Fei, and then slammed her mouth to explain, “Brother Chen, in fact, I am not familiar with him. It’s just that my dad said they are important, which makes me to meet in. What seems to be a Commerce secretary or president of the Chamber of Commerce son what my dad pay greater attention to, I’d very familiar! ” ”

secretary, Chamber of Commerce president! “hearing this, Chen Fei’d thought up, it seems that The Festival of Lights is not just a simple celebration!

Just as Chen Fei was about to continue speaking, the sound of crisp foot pedals on the marble floor was

heard . “Qianying!” Hearing the call, Mu Qianying turned to look over, and then saw a man A 28-year-old man in a suit and leather shoes with hair slick and smooth came over with a smile.

“Zheng Kun, you are here.” Mu Qianying smiled politely.

This man named Zheng Kun saw a look of Mu Qianying’s face at the moment, a flash of stunning color flashed in his eyes, and said with a smile on his mouth: “Fan Ying, I haven’t seen you in four or five years, I didn’t expect you to grow up so much.”

“You were still a little girl with a lollipop, and now you are all big beauties.” Zheng Kun smiled and his tone seemed very intimate.

Mu Qianying did not adapt to this kind of intimacy. He frowned slightly, and then said, “Zheng Kun, is Uncle Zheng here?”

“My dad came by private jet, and your dad has already picked it up. I was transferred from another place, so I didn’t join my dad.” Zheng Kun explained, in the words, Disclosure of his wealth.

Then, he took a step forward, with a familiar look, reaching out to touch Mu Qianying’s head, “The little sister back then was so grown now. When I saw Qianying just now, I was a little bit uncomfortable. I dare to admit it. ”

Seeing Zheng Kun’s intimate movements, Mu Qianying almost moved instinctively, avoiding Zheng Kun’s hand, and let him touch his head intimately to kill him, his arms hanging in the air, a little embarrassed for a while. .

For a time, Zheng Kun’s eyes narrowed slightly, a flash of alien color flashed in his pupils, and his expression was not very beautiful.

However, Zheng Kun and his dad spent so long in the officialdom and shopping malls, but they learned a little bit quietly. Although embarrassed, he didn’t get angry immediately, but looked with emotion. He looked at Mu Qianying and said: “Ah, I haven’t seen you in a few years. My sister Qianying and I have a child, and I won’t let me touch my head.”

Mu Qianying heard the words, her expression was a little complicated, and she did n’t know how to deal with it. She said, “Zheng Kun, I, I do n’t mean that. It ’s just that I am

now– ” Zheng Kun waved and smiled, waiting for Mu Qianying to explain. : “Well, Qianying, no need to explain. I’m kidding with you, but you are my little sister, how can I blame you?”

“Thank you, Zheng Kun!” Mu Qianying nodded her thanks.

Zheng Kun said: “Qianying, still calling my name, is it really such a life? Isn’t that, Qianying, you really don’t want to recognize my brother?”

Mu Qianying’s eyes struggled a little, and she glanced at Chen Fei around her, Finally, some reluctantly bowed his head and shouted to Zheng Kun, “Brother Kun, I, I am not-I

don’t- ” Zheng Kun noticed Mu Qianying’s movements, especially Mu Qianying’s scowling expression. Chen Fei’s expression at that time made Zheng Kun’s eyes cold, and his eyes turned to Chen Fei.

He quickly looked at Chen Fei, and used his buffed eyes in the officialdom and shopping malls to quickly classify Chen Fei in his heart.

The man in front of him, about twenty-five to five years old, had no care for his hair and skin, and he was of that kind of casual and neat level. Clothes are also two or three hundred kinds of popular goods in shopping malls. As for accessories such as tie clips and watches that can show their status, it is impossible to find traces on Chen Fei.

Coupled with the fireworks that Chen Fei couldn’t cover up, Zheng Kun was even more sure of his own thoughts.

Therefore, Zheng Kun immediately classified Chen Fei as the lowest group of people in his mind, which belongs to the type that is not worth the effort to make friends.

However, Mu Qianying’s special attitude towards Chen Fei made Zheng Kun pay more attention to Chen Fei. Covering the disdain and dissatisfaction in his eyes, he then smiled and asked Mu Qianying: “Qianying, this

is– ” Mu Qianying was worrying about how to explain. At this moment, Zheng Kun took the initiative to shift the topic, to a certain extent. On the other hand, it saved her.

So Mu Qianying quickly excitedly said: “Zheng Kun, oh-Brother Kun. This is Brother Chen Fei Chen, my friend, and the life-saving benefactor of my Mu family.”


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