MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1481



President Qi scolded: “Not President Feng, who do you think it is?”

“President Qi, this, this is a misunderstanding. I thought that was not President Feng, I thought it was a liar. I came across a liar here, He said that President Feng would be expelled from me. I thought he was bragging, just— “Brother Liu explained quickly.

And Dean Qi was angry and scolded: “Liar? That is Mr. Chen Feichen from the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, our special teacher specially appointed by Jingcheng University. You said he was a liar–”

Liu Chang was shocked again when he heard this. Looking at Chen Fei almost froze, the whole person was almost stupid.

As a member of Jingcheng University, he naturally heard about the special teacher Chen Fei. After all, Chen Fei, who was in his early twenties, was exceptionally hired by the principal as a special teacher of the school, setting a record for the entire Jingcheng University.

At that time, because of this incident, there was a discussion in the whole Jingcheng University. Everyone questioned President Feng for some time.

But then, after Chen Fei’s teaching results and his personal achievements in Chinese medicine were revealed, this doubt naturally disappeared.

Teacher Chen Fei has become a focal point of Jingcheng University, and his various backgrounds and relationships have gradually spread among Jingcheng University. But no one can confirm that everyone is just speculation.

Now, Chen Fei can directly contact President Feng with a phone call, and let the other party fire him directly. Undoubtedly, this verifies many previous rumors.

But Liu Chang learned all this at the moment, but it was all too late.

“President Qi, this is a misunderstanding. I made a mistake and this is the case. I immediately called President Feng to apologize, and I immediately–” Brother Liu desperately wanted to recover.

But Qiyuan Zhang cold and harsh words interrupted all his fantasies, “No, from now on, you are no longer a capital of the university you out, do not come back.”

“No, Qi hospital Long, don’t. I got it wrong, I– “Brother Liu desperately wanted to explain, but the beeping hang-up over the phone completely suppressed Liu Chang’s final struggle.

Liu Chang’s mobile phone slipped to the ground and shattered directly. The entire face collapsed, and the whole person seemed to have all the energy out of it instantly, almost paralyzed.

“You, you actually–” He looked at Chen Fei, his eyes complex, and he couldn’t tell how he felt at the moment. Surprised anger and even resentment, all mixed in his eyes at the moment.

Chen Fei ignored Liu Chang, took Chen Ziling’s hand, and turned to leave.

But at this moment, a middle-aged man in his 50s or 60s appeared in the private room.

The man was wearing a shirt and suit on the upper body, wearing trousers on the lower body, the belt was raised high by the beer belly, his hands were behind his back, and his attitude was high.

“Xiao Liu, why did you go out for so long? What happened?” The middle-aged man said to Liu Chang.

Liu Chang, who was almost paralyzed on the ground, heard this sound, as if the drowning man had caught the last life-saving straw, a flash of light flashed in his eyes, and a voice shouted in his heart, “I can’t go back to school , I could not mix the capital next

to go. now, my only chance is to hold Xuguan Zhang thigh. Xuguan Chang to please as long as I can continue diving after at least work no worries. ”

With a scream in his heart, Liu Chang turned around, a smile on his face, and then bowed his head with an apologetic voice, “Director Xu, I’m really embarrassed, I encountered a little thing here, which delayed my time. ”

“Oh, what’s the matter!” The curator Xu of the Provincial Museum of Zhejiang Province asked.

Wen Yan, Liu Chang’s eyes immediately looked over to Chen Ziling, and then said out loud: “Curtain Xu, in fact, it’s not a big deal. It’s just that I just met my sister at Jingcheng University here, I think everyone is A professional, can be regarded as a colleague in the future. Just let her come in and give Curator Xu a toast, let’s get acquainted with everyone. ”

” I was kind enough. Alas, I didn’t expect that others wouldn’t buy it. Tell me. I ca n’t do this, so I just— ”Liu Chang sighed deliberately, and then apologized to the curator

Xu .“ The curator Xu , I ’m really sorry, it ’s my trouble, I ’ve delayed your meal. When I heard Liu Chang’s words, my expression became a little uncomfortable.

Liu Chang is just a counselor at Jingcheng University, he has to stammer himself. As a result, his sister, a student who had not graduated, even said he could not look down on himself. This inevitably displeased Curator Xu.

Suddenly, he snorted, his expression sinking, and looked at Chen Ziling, “Now the young students are quite character-like! It’s just that they are not stable enough. I’m afraid it will be difficult in the archaeological direction in the future.

Keep going— “The words didn’t finish. Curator Xu saw Chen Ziling’s face, and the expression on his face froze for a while, unchanged for a while.

It took a few seconds to recover. The original serious cheek was now full of smiles, and the eyes were full of excitement, rubbing his hands to Chen Ziling, “Little girl, what is your name? You are also in Beijing University Archaeology, I know you Dean Qi, we have a good relationship. I eat inside, or will you come in together? ”

Chen Ziling looked at the curly-looking pig brother Xu Director, and almost The saliva to flow out, how can not understand the other party’s mind. His eyes suddenly froze, and said coldly, “No, I’m not interested.”

After that, Chen Ziling turned to leave.

However, Curator Xu finally encountered such a watery little girl, and she still has professional control, how to be willing to let go. He continued quickly and said: “You may not know that I am the curator of the Provincial Museum of Ze Province. My name is Xu Congnian. The guests in my private room are also not ordinary people, there are owners of antique companies, and experts of auction houses. You know them now. It will definitely be good for you to find a job in the future. When the time

comes- ” Wait for the other party to finish, Chen Ziling waved in disgust, interrupting the other party’s words,” Enough, those in your heart Dirty thoughts, do n’t think I do n’t know. Do n’t play with me this set of hidden rules, I’m not interested, and do n’t care. ” “ You— ”Curator Xu, who was so overwhelmed, was still one Little girl who has not graduated.

Thinking of this, Curator Xu’s expression sank in an instant, and his face was ugly. “Do you know what you are doing?”

Chen Ziling was too lazy to ignore him and looked at Chen Fei. ”


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