MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1479



Seeing this, Chen Fei was preparing to comfort Chen Mochi.

But then, Chen Fei’s cell phone rang, he saw the number, it is Chen Zi Ling called, and immediately connected to the phone, “Purple Spirit, you -”

ranging from Chen Fei finished, the phone , Chen Ziling hurriedly said: “Brother, don’t talk.”

“Uh–” Chen Fei was a little surprised. Although he was puzzled, he didn’t say much.

On the other end of the phone, Chen Ziling said: “Brother, is that person now by your side?”

Chen Fei froze for a moment, then turned his head to look at Chen Mochi.

Chen Ziling continued: “This way, brother, you come out to find a place where no one is. I will tell you alone.”

Although Chen Fei was a little puzzled about Chen Ziling’s approach, he stepped out of the room and came to the end of the aisle. Dao: “Zi Ling, what’s the matter? What happened?”

Chen Ziling at the other end of the phone was silent for a while, and then said: “Brother, you can rest assured, I’m fine. I’ve arrived in the provincial capital of Ze.”

” Here it is. Come here, we are at the hotel. Forget it, or should I pick you up, are you at the airport? “Chen Feidao.

Chen Ziling hurriedly said: “Brother, don’t.”

“Zi Ling, what’s wrong?” Chen Fei asked, his tone worried.

Chen Ziling said: “Brother, me, I suddenly felt a little scared. I, I don’t know how to face him, I don’t know what we should say at that time, after all, we have never met before, I-brother , Do you understand what I mean? ”

Hearing this, Chen Fei somewhat understood Chen Ziling’s mood now.

If you say that Chen Ziling before, wanted to hear from her parents and wanted to find her parents. That has become a belief, deeply rooted in his heart.

However, when all this happened, came to Chen Ziling. When the things that have been thought and thought for many years come true, it will give people an inexplicable sense of unreality, that is an inexplicable panic and fear.

After a moment of silence, Chen Fei said, “Zi Ling, I can understand your current mood. I know that it would be a little too fast for you to meet each other directly.”

“So, I won’t tell him first, I See you alone, how about we meet and talk? “Chen Fei suggested.

Chen Ziling on the phone was silent for a while. After thinking for more than ten seconds, he said: “Well, yes. Brother, you come alone!”

“I know.” Chen Fei immediately asked Chen Ziling’s address, and then Hang up the phone.

Back in the room, Chen Fei compiled a reason for the plane delay, let Chen Mochi continue to wait, and then went out on his own.

Chen Ziling was in a hotel not far from the airport. When Chen Fei arrived, the coffee and desserts ordered on Chen Ziling’s table were completely cool, but they didn’t move at all.

“Zi Ling!” Chen Fei called softly and walked towards Chen Zi Ling.

Chen Ziling, who bowed his head absently, heard a cry, raised his head, and saw Chen Fei, with a smile of surprise on his face, “Brother, you are here.”

Chen Fei sat down across from Chen Ziling, looking at Chen Ziling with a somewhat ugly face , And asked with concern: “Zi Ling, is your body uncomfortable?”

Chen Ziling shook his head and pointed to the position of his heart, saying: “Brother, I, I

I can’t tell how I feel now. I feel a little unreal, a little nervous, and even a little scared. Now, me, I’m not too afraid to meet him.

I– ” Chen Fei extended his hand, took Chen Ziling’s hand, and said softly,” Zi Ling, don’t worry. I can understand your mood now, and I know you are a little nervous now. ”

I can tell you that he is just as nervous as you are now. From the morning till now, he has been fidgeting and hasn’t even drank a sip of water!” ”

Ah, so!” He, can he bear it? “Chen Ziling was a little worried.

Chen Fei smiled and said,” Relax, he’s fine. ” He is not an ordinary person, he is a warrior, and he is also a master at the top level of the prefecture level. There is no problem if he does not eat or drink for a month. ”

That’s it!” He is so powerful, what kind of person is he? “Chen Ziling couldn’t help but ask curiously.

Then, Chen Fei slowly told Chen Ziling about Chen Mochi’s affairs, and also talked about the process of exploring the Dragon Tomb.

Unconsciously, Chen Ziling’s nervous mood slowly relaxed Afterwards, the whole person gradually became active. He listened to Chen Fei’s things with great interest and asked about Chen Mochi from time to time, and he seemed very concerned. After

talking for more than an hour, Chen Fei relaxed and looked at his face. With a smile, Chen Ziling couldn’t help but smile: “Now, let’s relax!” Can we meet at the hotel? ”

Chen Ziling paused for a moment, then nodded.

Chen Fei saw this, got up and took out his wallet, and said with a smile:” Let’s leave! ” ”

Immediately, Chen Fei summoned the waiter, ready to check out.

But in this case, the partition wall bag door opened, out of which looks like a 31-year-old, bespectacled man.

The man’s cheeks were ruddy, his body was full of alcohol, his footsteps wobbled, and his arms were shouted to the waiter: “Waiter, come here and add two more bottles of wine. Or Lafite, remember, two servings are needed.

” By the way, it ’s still on the school account, understand? ”The man cried.

Seeing this man, Chen Fei frowned, not paying much attention, and paid to leave.

But when Chen Ziling around him saw the man, he was a little surprised. “Brother Liu, why are you here?”

This brother Liu heard the voice and looked over. When he saw Chen Ziling, his eyes changed, and he was also surprised. : “Chen, Chen Ziling. You, why are you here?”

Chen Ziling said: “Brother Liu, I have a private matter, please take a leave to deal with the matter. You

are– ” “I, I’m talking about projects, important projects.”

Speaking of which, Brother Liu’s eyes lit up and stepped towards Chen Ziling, and said out loud: “Yes, Chen Ziling, it happens that you are here. You come with me, go in and give the curator Xu a toast. “During the speech

, Brother Liu would reach out and pull Chen Ziling’s hand to drag her into the private room.

Chen Ziling saw it, frowned, and stepped back, avoiding Brother Liu’s hand, and said in a disgruntled tone: “Brother Liu, I still have something to deal with. I’ll say goodbye first.”

After that, Chen Ziling turned to leave .

When Brother Liu saw this, he couldn’t help but sink into a deep voice, and shouted aloud, “Chen Ziling, what are you doing? Do you know, I’m giving you a chance, what do you mean?”

“Brother Liu, I don’t understand–” Chen Ziling frowned.


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