MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1478



Jiang Han paused for a moment and continued: “The reason why the hidden family is so low-key and not trouble-making is that our biggest constraint is not ourselves. It is the Presbyterian Church formed by major families and official forces.”

Hearing the “Presbyterian Church” again This name, Chen Fei could not help but became interested, and said, “The elders association is described in detail.”

Jiang Handao said : “In the beginning, this elders association was originally formed by each of the major families of hermits. The organization that restricts everyone ’s behavior is mainly responsible for mediating the conflicts between the hidden families and the outside world. ”

“ The functions and responsibilities of the Presbyterian Church are somewhat similar to those of the current United Nations. Although the name is large, the actual binding force is limited. When some powerful hidden families break the rules, the Presbyterian Church can only mediate orally and cannot make substantial punishments and actions at all. ”

” If this continues to develop, the Presbyterian Church will eventually become only an oligarch of a few big families. game in which small forces can only linger, there is no right to speak. ” ”

but eight years ago, several days of class forces and the official hair with The Presbyterian Church has been reorganized, the rights of the organization have been greatly strengthened, its strength has been improved, and it has the power of adjudication and punishment. It can be said that after the reorganization of the Presbyterian Church, it gradually changed It has become an organization with real power, and it has been greatly strengthened. ”

” The reorganized Presbyterian Church is still the responsibility of the major forces to jointly send personnel to manage. But unlike the previous one, the reorganized Presbyterian Church has established a president. One post. The president has tremendous power and can almost veto the votes of others. He is actually responsible for the affairs of the Presbyterian Church. ”

” All, in recent years, there is a saying among our hidden families. The greatest power in the door family is not the head of the first-class family, but the president of the Presbyterian Church. The president controls the development and rules of the entire hidden door family by controlling the presbytery, which can be said to be the real power. ”

“And now, the last president is about to expire, and the new presidential election is about to start. This time, the Lin family is very thinking about the position of the chairman, so the unusually active activities of the Lin family in the past six months are for the third Months later, the Presbyterian President will prepare for the election. ”

” And, according to some rumors, the power of the Presbyterian Church will be strengthened again after this election. Integrate together, and eventually become a giant new force. Some people even say that this new force is aimed at the heaven-level forces, and wants to be beyond the four heaven-level forces of the Wushuang Building of Tianwuzong Lingyan Pavilion Jutong Temple The fifth-largest force in heaven. ”

Hearing this, even Chen Fei, could not help being surprised.

The four heavenly forces are undoubtedly the top martial forces in China. Over the centuries, the world has changed, the situation has changed, and the major forces have risen and died.

But the four heavenly forces have remained motionless. After the storms of the times, they stood proudly on the top of the Chinese martial arts. Become the culmination and symbol of Chinese martial arts.

Now, the Presbyterian Church wants to integrate the hidden gate family and create the fifth-largest forces to break the pattern of the top of China’s martial arts for hundreds of years. Otherwise, Chen Fei was a little surprised by this kind of thinking and courage.

Of course, no matter what the specific situation is, and what is hidden in it, Chen Fei knows nothing now, so he can’t say much.

Afterwards, Chen Fei asked some questions about the hidden family and the Lin family, but Jiang Han didn’t know much and couldn’t give Chen Fe more information.

So, finally, Chen Fei handed Jiang Han to Chen Mochi. Chen Mochi looked dignified and merciless, and saw Jiang Han shoot dead.

At the moment when Jiang Han died, Chen Mochi took a long breath, and the whole body relaxed, sitting on the ground with a click, gasping for breath.

Twenty years of grudges are finally over at this moment.

The knots that have been tangled in my heart have finally been solved after years.

At this moment, Chen Mochi couldn’t tell what it was like, and his heart became lighter, but it seemed to be empty, and it seemed like something was missing.

Chen Fei said, “Senior Chen, it’s not too early, let’s go back!”

Chen Mochi nodded, then got up and walked away with Chen Fei.

Soon, the two came to a small town outside the forest, and they rested in the small town that night.

Chen Mochi could hardly wait to find Chen Fei to ask about his daughter, but Chen Fei did not rush to say it, but instead contacted Chen Ziling by phone, probably talked about things here and asked Chen Ziling’s opinion.

Chen Ziling was also very surprised after learning about the matter. Finally, she decided to rush over by plane the next day and meet Chen Mochi in person.

The matter of the two, Chen Ziling personally, is undoubtedly the best result. Chen Fei hung up the phone and immediately told Chen Mochi of the news.

Chen Mochi was immediately excited and expecting, and there was a little tension in it.

I didn’t have a good night’s rest, and early the next morning, the two rushed to the road again and again. They have to go to the provincial capital of the province of Ze, because the direct flights from the capital can only go to the provincial capital. For the convenience of meeting, the two sides meet in the provincial capital, which is undoubtedly the best choice.

At noon that day, Chen Fei and Chen Mochi came to the provincial capital and directly booked a five-star hotel, sitting in the hotel, waiting for Chen Ziling to arrive.

Chen Mochi, who was sloppy and sloppy before, also specifically found a hair stylist, re-made her hair style, and then changed to an expensive suit. The whole person was suddenly refreshed, which made Chen Fei a little surprised.

If Chen Mochi before, it feels like the kind of little old man on the street. Now Chen Mochi’s image is that of a middle-aged elite, with a tall figure, a handsome appearance, and a strong and strong atmosphere unique to the warrior.

When Chen Mochi walked out of the dressing room, even the girl at the hotel’s reception desk was surprised, and her eyes were a little bit staring.

Upon seeing this, Chen Fei could not help but sigh. Sure enough, regardless of gender, regardless of age, looking at the face is the first priority!

Of course, Chen Mochi’s face is so unexpected. After all, it was normal for him to give Miss Luo Beixi to the fascinating man.

It was Chen Mochi. After many years of low-key hidden life, such a high-key change at the moment was a bit restless.

Fortunately, Chen Ziling was about to arrive, and the excitement of seeing his daughter covered his uneasiness, so that he did not care about these, constantly looking at his watch, looking forward to Chen Ziling’s arrival.


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