MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1477



Jiang Han listened to it, his face also showed a strange look, his expression could not tell how it felt.

After the excitement, Chen Mochi immediately withdrew his eyes and fell on Jiang Han, his eyes becoming cold.

Taking a step, Chen Mochi gathered a true breath in his palm, and looked at Jiang Han, Shen Chen said: “Before you

die , do you have anything else to say?” Although I knew that I was almost certain to die, but at the moment when death was real When approaching, Jiang Han still showed panic on his face and said: “I, I know wrong. As long as you spare me my life, you can let me do anything.”

“Now you know to beg for mercy, beg me Tolerance! “Chen Mochi’s eyes were cold.” Then you chased our family of three, why didn’t you have a sense of tolerance? ”

” I was wrong, I really knew it was wrong. “A person, only one who really faces death Only then will I understand what fear will make me do, “Chen Mochi, now, your daughter is still alive, and Luobeixi is also likely to be alive, everything is fine, you do n’t have to kill me.”

“I The Jiang family is a hermit family. If you let me go. I will definitely repay you Jiang Han. At that time, using the power of my Jiang family can give you a lot of help. “Jiang Han said temptingly.

Chen Mochi looked indifferent, and looked at Jiang Han with a sneered expression, “Do you think that I will rarity your Jiang family’s help? Moreover, if you Jiang Han, do you think I will believe it?”

Jiang Han quickly came out Voice said: “I promise, what I just said must be true, I swear to the sky, if I am Jiang Han out of the way-”

Chen Mochi waved his hand, interrupting Jiang Han’s words, “It’s unnecessary. More than 20 years. , Everything should be over. ”

After that, Chen Mochi ’s true breath condensed into a slender sword, spitting out a fierce light, he was about to pierce Jiang Han.

Seeing the death strike, Jiang Han’s plea turned into fear and boundless resentment, and finally he was full of resentment, staring at Chen Mochi with almost teeth, shouting, “Chen Mochi, you killed me, you will not die well.” My Jiang family is a hermit family, we will not let you go. ”

” At that time, not only you, but also your daughters and friends, you must not die. The power that our Jiang family can mobilize is yours Unimaginable. In addition to our Jiang family, there are also the Yin family, the Huang family, the Xu family, and even the Lin family ’s Lin Zhongyue. My Jiang family is also very familiar with it

. The palm of your hand will be pierced cold.

But look on the side holding the arm of Chen Fei, heard “May the forest” is the name of the time, the body suddenly called Ji Ling, suddenly thought of something, spoke to Chen Mo pool shouted: “! Chen predecessors, wait a minute”

gas Mang has almost pierced Jiang Han’s skin, but with Chen Fei’s cry, Chen Mochi’s movement stopped.

He looked at Chen Fei with a surprised and puzzled expression, with a puzzled look on his face.

Chen Fei did not directly explain, but walked over step by step.

At this moment, Jiang Han, who was greeted with death with his eyes closed, also slowly opened his eyes, seeing the situation in front of him, he could not help but stunned, and then a smile appeared on the corner of his mouth, looking at Chen Feidao: “Now, know that my Jiang family is amazing! It’s still the conditions just now. I tell you, let

us go, and it will be of great benefit to you. I can Jiang Han— ”

Chen Fei shook his hand and slammed it out without waiting for Jiang Han to finish his speech.” Shut up. ” Next, I will ask you what you want to answer, otherwise, you will know the consequences. ”

Speaking of which, Chen Fei touched a silver needle again, flashing cold. Cold light.

Seeing the silver needle, Jiang Han couldn’t help but shudder, thinking of the painful feeling just now, the whole body shivered, “You, what do you want to do?”

“Senior Chen, I have some questions to ask him!” Chen Fei explained to Chen Mochi, then stared coldly at Jiang Han, and said coldly, “Who is Lin Zhongyue mentioned in your discourse just now?”

“Lin Zhongyue! Why are you–” Jiang Han instinctively Asked rhetorically.

Chen Fei bluntly, the backhand is a slap smoked in the past, Jiang Han fan in the face, snapped:. “? I ask you a question, I ask you what to answer now, you know what I mean”

look Looking at the cold Chen Fei, Jiang Han felt a chill of fear and nodded quickly.

Chen Fei said coldly, “What is Lin

Zhongyue ?” Jiang Han didn’t dare to have any other redundant words. He quickly replied: “Lin Zhongyue is a member of the Lin family of the hidden family, his father. It ’s the current owner of Lin Family, Lin Zhentian. Lin Zhongyue has a very high status in the Lin family. Many things are not personally managed by Lin Zhentian. Lin Zhongyue is in charge. It can be said that Lin Zhongyue is now the actual manager of the Lin family. ”

“ Hidden Men Lin family! “Hearing this, Chen Fei was silent for a while, and continued,” What is the status of the Lin family among the hidden family? How is it compared to your Jiang family? ”

Jiang Han heard, quickly said:” The Lin family is above all. Existence, my Jiang family can’t be compared with the Lin family. If my Jiang family is regarded as a second-class family in the hidden family, then the Lin family is considered to be a first-class family, and it is still the most top class. ”

After listening to this, Chen Fei was silent for a while, thinking of the chat information he found on his wife’s computer. The person who was in contact with his wife Lin Qiuhan at that time was also called Lin Zhongyue.

It’s just that that Lin Zhongyue is not Lin Zhongyue of the Lin Family of Zhongyinmen in Jianghankou. This can’t be determined.

After a pause, Chen Fei continued to ask: “About four or five months ago, Lin Zhongyue brought back a young woman named Lin Qiuhan, do you know about it?”

” This– ” Jiang Han shook his head “I don’t know about this matter. It’s just that in the past six months, the Lin family has been extremely active and has more contact with the outside world. There are many more people entering and leaving the Lin family. Perhaps there is this Lin Qiuhan!”

Hearing Jiang Han’s inability to confirm, Chen Fei was slightly disappointed. Then he continued to ask: “You said that the Lin family has been unusually active in the past six months. What does that mean?”

Jiang Han explained aloud: “The biggest difference between our hidden family and the secular family is the word ‘hidden’. In general, the activities of the hidden family are relatively low-key. Even if you want to participate in the activities of the secular world, you will not directly participate in it. Instead, you will establish new forces or support the existing forces of the secular world to serve yourself. ”

Chen Fei Hearing this, nodding, can understand this. The Xing family where Xing Rui is located should be in this form. The Yinmen Xing family established a new Beijing Xing family in the capital for secular activities, but secretly retains contact with the Yinmen Xing family.


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