MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1476



But Jiang Han still licked his tongue and continued with a laugh: “I not only played with her, but later, I got bored. I threw her to my men and let them fall for fun. In the end, Luo Beixi was live by them It ’s fun to play. ”

” Right, and your daughter. It was n’t long before it was born! It ’s pink and pink, but it ’s lovely. It ’s just a pity that I hit it on the stone and became a ball Meat sauce, in the end, you ca n’t even see the face, it ’s really haha— ”

” I’m going to kill you, kill you! “Chen Mochi couldn’t help it anymore, his eyes were scarlet, his body was soaring, with a strong Strong killing intent, shocked Jiang Jiang away.

Jiang Han at the moment, with a evil smile on his mouth, closed his eyes and seemed to have been waiting for it all along.

Seeing that Chen Mochi was about to kill Jiang Han, but at this moment, Chen Fei jumped in front of Jiang Han, blocking Chen Mochi’s attack.

“What are you doing?” Chen Mochi was surprised, and then looked at Chen Fei gloomy, full of anger.

Chen Fei said, “Senior, calm down, don’t be fooled by this guy’s lies.”

“Lies?” Chen Mochi looked at Jiang Han for a moment.

Jiang Han at the moment was also a little surprised by Chen Fei’s sudden shot. Then he said, “I’m talking about facts, haven’t you heard enough of Chen Mochi? Otherwise, I’ll elaborate more and let you hear, how did we play with Luobeixi at that time. That taste is really Yes, I still have a fresh memory now, the skin, the touch, and the firmness, it is— ”

Hearing this, Chen Mochi’s calm eyes just broke out almost immediately.

But at this moment, Chen Fei said again: “Senior, I am not sure about other things. But one thing I can be sure is that your daughter is not dead.”

“My daughter is not dead? How do you know? “Chen Mochi was surprised.

Chen Feidao: “About this point, I will tell you about it in detail later. Now, let us tell him the truth!”

After finishing, Chen Fei turned to look at Jiang Han, his face was serious, and he said in cold voice: ” I deliberately said the words just now and deliberately irritated the senior. I am afraid it is because you know that you must die. So before you die, you must also cause psychological damage to the senior and make him regret it for life. Am I right? ”

Jiang Han blinked. After a moment, he smiled and said, “Boy, haha, you will make excuses for Chen Mochi. If he is willing to deceive himself to live, I don’t care. Anyway, it is not me but his wife and daughter who died.”

“You– “Chen Mochi was so furious that he could hardly bear the killing intention in his heart, so he had to deal with Jiang Han.

However, Chen Fei narrowed his eyes at the moment, his palms were wiped in the clothes, and a pair of silver needles were drawn, which were held at the fingertips, and said coldly: “It seems that you will not tell the truth without giving you lessons ”

” What do you want to do! “Jiang Han felt nervous for a while.

“You will soon know.” Chen Fei said coldly, and then flicked his fingertips, constantly piercing the silver needle into Jiang Han’s skin.

At the beginning, Jiang Han didn’t respond much, but it didn’t take long for his face to become more and more red, and there was a cry of pain in his mouth.

Chen Fei until the time of the last one silver needles into, Jiang Han has been a pain rolling on the ground, the mouth

uttered the sound of howling like a beast and Tonghu, “pain, my pain. Kill me, let me Go to death, fast— ”

Chen Fei’s eyes are cold and his expression is cold,” Kill you, that’s too cheap for you. By the way, my set of acupuncture methods will continue to bring you pain, but it won’t It will make you dizzy. According to previous experience, if you want to die alive, it will take at least half a month. ”

” How do you want, choose for yourself! “Chen Fei arms around his chest, a cold tone.

Hearing this, Jiang Han thought that he would have to endure this pain for half a month, then he was dumbfounded and could not bear it anymore, shouting out loudly, “I’m telling the truth, I’m telling the truth, just pull it out Silver Needle, hurry up! ”

Chen Fei heard that and paused for a few more seconds. When Jiang Han was almost mad, he pulled the Silver Needle out of him.

“Let’s say, what was the real situation at that time?” Chen Feiju looked at Jiang Han condescendingly and said coldly.

Jiang Han glanced at Chen Fei, and he shivered involuntarily, then bowed his head and said, “The situation I just said was made by me.”

Hearing this, Chen Mochi’s eyes changed, and the expression on his face said Whether it is happy or not.

Jiang Han continued: “At that time, Chen Mochi covered Luo Beixi and his daughter away. After we chased Chen Mochi for some time, we found that Luo Beixi disappeared, so we sent someone to pursue from another direction.”

“Later, we chased Luobeixi reached a mountain forest, and at that time forced her to a mountain stream. I also said at the time, as long as Luobeixi was willing to follow me, I could let their mother and daughter go. ”

” But Luobei Xi was very determined and did not accept my conditions. He took his daughter and jumped into the mountain stream. ”

” What! “Hearing this, Chen Mochi was almost angry again.

Jiang Han saw this and quickly continued: “This is not the result I thought. After they jumped off the cliff, I immediately took people to the mountain stream to find, but I didn’t find their trail.”

“Later, I sent Renshun Looking for clues all the way down the river. Finally in a village downstream, we found the coat of Luobei Creek and the traces of footprints on the river bank. It was only after the footprints left the bank that they were broken, and no clues could be found. ”

“However, according to these clues, it is almost certain that they should not have died. At least, Luobei Stream did not die, otherwise it would be impossible to leave those footprints.” Jiang Han said.

Chen Mochi heard the words, his face changed, and there was a hint of Qi Ji in his eyes.

At this time, Chen Fei added: “I can almost be sure that your daughter is not dead.” After

hearing this, Chen Mochi was struck with a look, looking at Chen Fei, full of doubts and expectations. He asked: “Brother, why do you say that my daughter is not dead? Do you know something about her?”

Chen Fei nodded and said, “I do know some things.”

Immediately, Chen Fei will most likely be Chen Mochi’s daughter told Chen Mochi. Of course, Chen Fei did not elaborate on specific matters and identities, only that there was such a person beside him.

Even so, after listening to Chen Mochi, the whole person was very excited, and his eyes were shining with expectant light. The whole person was a little excited, “Really? Is this true? My daughter is still alive, she is still alive, I , I– ”


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