MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1475



At the moment, Mu Tianhan sighed deeply in his heart, which was quite regrettable. He seemed to be lamenting that he missed an opportunity to hold his thigh.

But then, he shook his head again and recovered. Because he knows that the gap between his Mujia and Chen Fei is too huge. It is not a realm of existence at all. It is a great chance to get to know each other, and he should not have any more points. Thought about it.

The original lively little girl Mu Qianying, looking at Chen Fei at the moment, also had some sadness and regret. Even if she didn’t quite understand what a hidden family and martial arts master, she could feel the huge gap between herself and Chen Fei.

The kind of goodwill hidden in the heart of the little girl, which had just sprouted, was also shattered by this huge distance at this moment.

With a sigh, the father and daughter left here. When they left this time, the two could not imagine how they would see Chen Fei again.

Almost all the people at the site of the Dragon Tomb were cleaned. Even Xing Rui, Lin Hu and others, Chen Fei did not let them stay longer. After a few words, they were asked to leave and go back to Beijing.

So, in the lively Dragon Tomb Valley just now, only Chen Fei, Chen Mochi and Jiang Han were left.

Chen Fei carried Jiang Han with one hand and said to Chen Mochi: “Senior, do you want me to keep this life for Jiang Han? Is there anything wrong?”

Chen Mochi nodded, looked at Jiang Han, and said to Chen Fei: “I want to ask Some of his affairs in the

past were related to my daughter and wife. ” Mentioning this, Chen Fei couldn’t help but moved, thinking of the life experience of the younger sister Chen Ziling. Although it is almost certain that Chen Mochi is the father of sister and sister, Chen Fei did not mention this matter before asking about Chen Ziling.

He clicked on Jiang Han, and then Jiang Han threw it to Chen Mochi, saying, “Senior, what do you want to ask, you can start!”

After talking, Chen Fei turned and stepped away.

Seeing this, Chen Mochi shouted to Chen Fei, “You don’t need to leave, Brother Chen Fei. Since my identity has been exposed, there is nothing to hide from the events of that year. If you are interested, sit down and listen.”

Chen Fly nodded and sat on a stone beside him, looking coldly and deterringly here.

Chen Mochi squatted down, looked at Jiang Han in front of him, took a deep breath, and pressed down the excitement in his heart, and said: “Jiang Han, in the past, for a little face, my family of three broke down. Now, You fall into my hand, do you have anything to say? ”

Jiang Han heard, snorted, and gritted his teeth:” A little face, I tell you, this is not a question of face, but my Jiang’s family, my Jiang Han’s dignity Question. You robbed my fiancee and took the title of my martial arts championship. Do you think this is just a small problem? ”

Chen Mochi heard the words, his expression dropped, and he said in a deep voice:” Jiang Han, the champion of the martial arts conference I came from defeating you with my strength, I am fair and honest. As for the fiancee, it is even more ridiculous. Beixi she never wanted to marry you, she loves me with my heart, my love Together, He Tan said to snatch away. ”

” The Luo family was already engaged to my Jiang family at that time. You suddenly appeared and snatched Luo Beixi. This is not a horizontal knife and love. What is it. “Jiang Han gritted his teeth.

“Emotional matters do not come first. Then, the so-called engagement of the Luo family and the Jiang family is just the meaning of the two of you, and she never agreed to Beixi.” Chen Mochi shook his head.

“I don’t care if she agrees or not, when you took Luo Beixi away from my wedding, it was true. That made my Jiang family and Jiang Han lose face, and made me the laughing stock of everyone. All I must find it all back. “Jiang Han stared at Chen Mochi with hatred.

Chen Mochi sighed a long time, shook his head, and then his eyes became colder. “In your eyes, feelings are just an addition to face, and telling you these is completely playing the piano with cattle.”

“On the other hand, even if I was then There is a place in Beixi that I’m sorry for. But you chased us for a year, and eventually killed my family, this is too much. “Chen Mochi said in a deep voice.

Jiang Han heard the words and laughed, “Isn’t you dead if your family is broken? You are not dead yet. I’m not satisfied with Jiang Han. I’m Jiang Han because of you, I lost the championship, hurt my cheek, and was taken away. The fiancee became the laughing stock of everyone’s mocking. ”

” For so many years, it is my biggest wish to chase you down Chen Mochi and watch you die in front of me. ”

Chen Mochi looked at the greasy and crazy Jiang Han with a dumb expression. Then he shook his head and sighed, his eyes a little complicated.

Jiang Han is no longer the same as Jiang Han at that time. Jiang Han at that time can be said to be the arrogant of the heavens and the gentle and suave. Both in appearance and strength or in the world, they are the top youngsters in the capital, and everyone is the focus of attention.

But because of the engagement, he became paranoid and even crazy, and now Yan Ran has become a madman full of hatred.

Chen Mochi knew that with this kind of Jiang Han, there was no need for him to chat deeply.

So he looked down and said directly: “What happened to Beixi and my daughter? What happened to your Jiang family at that time?”

Jiang Han heard his words, his eyes narrowed, and he squeezed through the teeth between his teeth with a smile. A few words came out, “Luo Beixi and your daughter, of course, are dead. Do you still have expectations for Chen Mochi?”

“You–” Chen Mochi’s face sank and his eyes changed.

Jiang Hanao continued with a smile: “Otherwise, I will tell you how we killed them at that time. At that time, your soldiers fled in two ways, but our chasers still chased Luobeixi and you. Daughter. ”

” I gave them the opportunity at that time, as long as Luobeixi confessed your whereabouts, and followed me back to the Jiang family, I can spare her life. ”

” Unfortunately, that woman is too stupid, or use In your words, it’s too infatuating. She rejected me, so I’m welcome. ”

” Guess, how did I deal with her at that time! “Jiang Han licked her tongue and looked at Chen Mochi with green eyes .

Chen Mochi’s expression was somber, he had thought of something, his voice was cold, he stared at Jiang Han fiercely, and said, “You shut up!”

“Haha, why not, dare not listen. Then I have to tell you!” Jiang Han Xiao said, “I have to say that although Luo Beixi has a daughter with you, her figure and appearance are still very good. At that time, I stripped her directly and played her again and again in front of me. ”

” Shut up— “Chen Mochi’s eyes have started to redden.


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