MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1474



In an instant, a slender energy burst from Chen Fei’s fingertips, as if a thin line shot into the air.

In contrast to the huge and majestic overcast mountains, this thin line appears extremely small and fragile, and seems negligible.

But when the thin line touched Jiang Rulong’s cloudy mountains, a shocking scene happened.

The majestic majestic mountain of Zhenyuan was penetrated directly by the thin line, then burst with a blast, shattered in the air, and turned into a raindrop of true Yuan in the sky, and fell down.

“This, how is it possible?”

“What the hell happened? Why did Jiang Rulong’s offensive burst?”

“Then Chen Fei, what did he do!”


Just when everyone was so surprised, Chen Fei kept moving and stepping forward Moving forward, he lifted his right hand above his head and immediately took a picture.

In an instant, a layer of terrifying true spirit breathed together, forming a huge palm in the air, and banged and shot towards the river like a dragon.

Feel the terror of coercion breath, at the moment Jiangru Long also really shocked, surprised everywhere, “This is how is this possible? What you do in the end?”

“I let you know, what is called a real division of Wu Daozong Power. “Chen Fei’s voice was thick.

The giant palm in the air was photographed by rumbling, like a huge five-element mountain falling from the sky, and Jiang Rulong, the grand monkey, should be pressed under the mountain.

Jiang Rulong escaped unavoidably, and quickly ran the real breath, condensed on his arms, and raised his hand to carry this terrifying coercion.

But when the giant palm touched him, Jiang Rulong knew how naive his thoughts were. The horrible coercion was not something he could resist.

That magnificent force, he had only seen in the top few hidden monsters of the old family.

Now, this force, but appeared in Chen Fei such a young man who, to his surprise, it was very puzzled, “You in the end what people? Your strength, is come from?”

Filled with doubt, when Jiang Rulong There is no chance to know the answer. The giant palm of terror in the air was directly banged down and squashed Jiang Rulong into a vague flesh.

One move, one palm, actually killed a master of heaven.

This result was unpredictable to everyone, and all looked at Chen Fei stunned, shocked, and stayed in place.

Jiang Han, who had just pushed Chen Mochi back to nowhere, turned his head to look at the situation around him, and he was startled and shuddered with surprise. “How is it possible? Jiang Rulong was killed by you. This, this is impossible-”

“Nothing is impossible!” Chen Fei said coldly, and then moved his palm, then shot towards Jiang Han.

Jiang Han suddenly felt the horrible coercion, his face changed greatly, and he turned and fled.

But Chen Fei lightly touched his fingertips, bursting into Jiang Han’s body with great force, and suddenly let him move. He could only stand on the spot and wait for the death to die.

Just when Jiang Han was almost desperate to close his eyes, Chen Mochi on the side suddenly shouted, “Wait a minute, keep him alive.” At the

last moment, Chen Fei stopped and looked at Chen Mochi suspiciously.

Chen Mochi explained to Chen Fei: “I have some questions to ask him, very important questions. So I

hope– ” Chen Fei heard the words and immediately understood Chen Mochi’s thoughts, which should be about his wife and daughter. So little hand, right hand gesture changed, in the air

The giant palm immediately changed into a slender rope of true vitality, binding Jiang Han.

The Jiang Han Chen Mo to the pool, then Chen Fei eyes a turn, look to the other side of Bae Yong et al., Cold channel: “? You also need to do my hands”

before extremely arrogant Bae Yong et al., Now completely listless , to see Chen Fei eyes towards his opinion, could not help but shuddered, then waved their hands and said:. “no, no, we do not need to leave immediately, immediately!”

immediately, these hidden door family Bae Yong large and small, With his own team, he fled away.

When leaving, a group of people couldn’t help but feel terrified.

“That guy, his strength is too terrifying, and he must have reached the level of heaven, and he is a martial arts master.”

“More than that, his strength has reached at least the mid-level of Tianji, and even the realm of late-level.”

“He doesn’t By the age of thirty, there is such a level of strength, which is terrifying. Fortunately, we did not work with him just now, otherwise, if we   think of it-”


Thinking of this, a lot of cold sweat oozes from the back of many rich and poor, and the spine feels a share Coolness. Among them, the most feared is the most arrogant Pei Yong just now.

Now thinking of the situation of just talking back to Chen Fei, he was sweating a lot, and he was terrified. At the same time, the resentment against the Jiang family deepened.

“Jian Han and Jiang Rulong are doing good things! They said let us share the treasure together, but we were used as guns.”

“That is, it is clearly his Jiang family to calculate Chen Mochi . But he took us to build momentum for him ”

” As a result, we got nothing and almost shot to death by a master! ”

“Not only that, this time the incident was exposed, and the Presbyterian Church will definitely be dissatisfied.”


Thinking about this, this group of hidden family members can’t help but become more dissatisfied with the Jiang family, and one by one hates their teeth. .

On the other side, Huang Feihu, who had escaped in advance, felt the terrifying coercion coming from behind, and the sound of exclamation and screaming, the whole person’s heart was pulled up, fortunate in his heart, fortunately, he ran fast, otherwise, he died May be yourself.

Thinking of this, he escaped faster, and almost forced out all the real breath, running wildly.

In the Dragon Tomb Valley, all the family members of the Yinmen family were withdrawn, and the remaining warriors suddenly breathed a sigh of relief.

It’s just that they all looked at Chen Fei, and they didn’t dare to leave without Chen Fei’s permission.

Chen Fei eyes swept away, opening Chen Sheng said: “..? You can leave Today, however, things buried in the heart gave me to understand what I mean.”

!. “I understand some tight-lipped,”

“He is at ease, even if I was to die, it will not spill the beans. ” ”

Mr. Chen you are our savior, we will not be good deed goes unpunished. ”


Chen Fei heard this, nodded and said:.” it, you leave it ”

suddenly , The group of warriors left excitedly. Although many people have died, almost all of them who have been here have entered the dragon tomb and obtained the treasure. They can leave the treasure smoothly at this moment, which is naturally very exciting.

Mu Tianhan and Mu Qianying mixed in the crowd, shocked at the moment, and looking at Chen Fei looked very complicated.

If they said before, they have underestimated Chen Fei’s strength and identity. So now the strength Chen Fei has shown has completely exceeded their imagination, and that is the realm they can’t expect.


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