MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1473



However, just when Chen Mochi’s words just fell, Jiang Rulong on the other side gave a sneer and waved his hand: “Kill the people of the Jiang family, want to go? Do you think it is possible? Take him up, don’t kill, I will slowly torture him and let him know the consequences of offending my Jiang family. “In

an instant, more than ten Jiang Jia martial artists surrounded Chen Fei.

Seeing Chen Mochi’s appearance, a look of anxiety and despair appeared on his face.

But at the moment, Chen Fei was indifferent, and he didn’t mean to escape at all. Instead, he stepped up.

“Boy, you–” Chen Mochi was surprised and worried when he saw this.

Chen Fei smiled at him and said, “Senior Chen, don’t worry. With me here, they can’t kill us today.”

“Crazy man!” Jiang Rulong and Jiang Han sipped at the same time, “Kill him!”

In an instant, almost all of the ten Jiangjia martial artists were in the presence of a prefecture-level realm, and a true vigor broke out together, launching a fierce attack on Chen Fei.

Many warriors were so frightened that they were so pale that they couldn’t imagine that if they were in that position, they might be blasted into scum.

But when almost everyone thought that Chen Fei was dead, Chen Fei, who was indifferent, waved his hand casually, throwing out a few gasps, as if shooting like a bullet, and banged a few times. All of the true spirit offensive was blocked.

This– ” Seeing this, the Jiang family couldn’t help but look pale, with a surprised look on his face.

Jiang Rulong shouted again: “Kill him!” At that

moment, the dozen or so Jiangjia martial artists had no reservations at all, and the figure was mixed with true breath, like a shell, rushing towards Chen Fei.

Seeing this, Chen Fei narrowed his eyes slightly, his palms condensed the breath of truth, and shot more than a dozen palms against the attacking warrior.

A burst of applause came out and shot on the Jiang Jiawu. Then, with a scream, the elite warrior of the Jiang family, in the face of Chen Fei’s applause, couldn’t stop one of them. It seemed that he was hit by a shell and flew out with blood spitting out blood. He fell heavily on the ground, and there was no more sound.

Such a scene really surprised everyone, and looked at Chen Fei with surprise, full of shock.

The voice of discussion buzzed with it.

“This Chen Fei, is it so powerful?”

“Isn’t it that he defeated Jiang Fanfan, only the strength of the later stage of the prefecture level? Why is it so powerful now? At least the strength of the prefecture level peak!”

“This, maybe he has Hidden may also be. ”


” However, that’s how! In the face of the Jiang family, his solution has long been doomed. ”

” With Jiang Tianlong and Jiang Han two masters in the world, he will definitely die. Now the The action is just the struggle before death. ”

” It’s just a pity, so old, such a master. But to die in the hands of the Jiang family, it is really a loss for our Chinese martial arts circle! ”

” Oh, in this hidden door of the Jiang family In front of the great forces of the family. A genius who is not yet mature, what is it! ”


Jiang Rulong at the moment, his face is also dignified. He stared at Chen Fei, snorted coldly, his expression extremely dissatisfied.

Jiang Han at this time

His face was not good-looking either. He looked at Jiang Rulong and said, “Don’t play. You shoot directly and kill him!”

Jiang Rulong nodded, stepped out, walked towards Chen Fei, and his breath began to surge. ” It seems that I have underestimated you just now. It would be your honor to let me kill myself. ”

” Remember this moment, it is the hidden family-Jiang Rulong! “Jiang Rulong’s voice was cold and proud, as if The domineering spirit can easily crush Chen Fei.

At this time, almost everyone else on the field had the same idea as Jiang Rulong.

Only Wu Feimeng Huang Feihu, who was previously injured by Chen Fei, looked dignified at the moment, his eyes flickered, and he seemed a bit worried.

He Huang Feihu, a high-ranking martial arts alliance, was himself a warrior in the early stage of the Celestial Realm, but at the time in the dragon tomb, he was injured by Chen Fei, and finally escaped by accident.

That shows that Chen Fei’s strength is definitely not just at the level of the realm, at least to the level of the realm of the heavens, absolutely not to be underestimated.

Therefore, at this time, he was worriedly reminded: “Mr. Jiang Rulong, this kid has strange strength. He once suppressed me in the dragon tomb. You need to be more careful

, he– ” However, in the face of Huang Feihu’s reminder, Jiang Rulong was not at all. Without

paying attention to it, he glanced at him obliquely and said coldly: “Don’t use your worldly martial arts realm to compare with the mysterious family martial arts realm.” Jiang Rulong’s words are, in a way, no problem . All aspects of the hermitage’s martial arts and martial arts are almost completely superior to the secular martial arts forces. Therefore, it is normal for the warriors of the same realm to be better than the secular warriors.

But anyway, Huang Feihu is also a master of martial arts league. Jiang Rulong regarded him as worthless, but he was still too arrogant.

Hearing this, Huang Feihu couldn’t help but feel an uncomfortable feeling, but he obviously didn’t dare to confront the Jiang family. So I can only bury the resentment in my heart, withdraw my body, and leave secretly.

No matter what the outcome of the next battle, he left early, almost the best choice.

At this time, Jiang Rulong didn’t care about Huang Feihu’s words, the true spirit of the heaven-level realm burst out into a thick cloud, and he went directly over Chen Fei’s head.

It was like a huge mountain overhanging his head, which would fall down at any time and kill Chen Fei.

This horrible coercion, almost without hands, brought an inexplicable deterrence to people, and made many weak martial artists paralyzed and unable to move.

“Boy, die!” Jiang Rulong’s face was proud and cold, and he waved his hand, and the air in the air was as majestic as the mountains, and banged down.

Seeing this, Chen Mochi immediately felt very anxious and wanted to rush over to save Chen Fei. But he just wanted to move. Jiang Leng sang, and his figure was like electricity, and he directly came over and stopped Chen Mochi’s way. “You are all dead and thinking about others! It’s too ridiculous!” There is

no other way. Chen Mochi couldn’t care about Chen Fei on the other side, but could only gritt his teeth to resist Jiang Han’s offensive.

The two heaven-level masters were dispatched together, and the coercion of terror struck. The ending seems to be doomed at this moment. No one will believe that Chen Fei and Chen Mochi can win.

But at a critical moment, Chen Fei looked up at the courage above his head, and said lightly: “Is this the strength of the hidden family? Is this the case?”

“Boy, when he is about to die, he also talks wildly.” Jiang Rulong shouted coldly.

“Did I whisper? You will know it soon.” Chen Fei snorted, raised his right hand, and slightly raised his fingertips.


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