MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1472



At this moment, almost everyone’s eyes were gathered on this unseemly middle-aged stall owner. People looked with doubts and surprises on their faces. It seemed that they couldn’t correspond to this man and the legendary dark horse genius Chen Mochi.

At the moment, the stall owner, with a straight waist, looked firmly at Jiang Rulong and said in a deep voice: “Since you recognize me, then I don’t need to dodge.”

“Just because you are the Jiang family, then today, I will kill you ahead of time to avenge the events of that year. “Chen Mochi, the stall owner, was in a state of tremendous vigor, bursting out of a magnificent atmosphere, full of fighting spirit, he would attack Jiang Rulong.

But Jiang Rulong at the moment, with a sneer on his lips, looked at Chen Mochi and said, “Chen Mochi, do you really think I’m here, is it just right?”

“What do you mean?” Chen Mochi’s face sank.

Jiang Rulong looked at the corner of his mouth obliquely and sneered, “What do you mean? I mean, this action was completely prepared for you Chen

Mochi .” After that, Jiang Rulong clapped his hands and stepped out of a figure behind him.

This figure is a middle-aged man in his forties. The man has a firm face and a cold expression. His handsome face can be seen vaguely on his face. But if you change the angle, you can see the other side of his cheek, with a few scars scared, completely destroying the other half of his face.

“Chen Mochi, do you remember me?” The scarred man glared at Chen Mochi, his voice was as coarse as sand, and it was uncomfortable.

At the moment, when Chen Mochi saw this man, his face could not be changed, and his face showed a surprised and angry look. “Jiang Han, it’s you.”

“Yes, it’s me!” This man named Jiang Han, full With an angry face, he stared at Chen Mochi fiercely and gritted his teeth. “Chen Mochi, I hated everything you caused for 20 years. Now, I have to return everything.”

“You have been hiding in Tibet like a mouse for so long, and now, I have finally forced you out.” Jiang Han said sternly.

Chen Mochi heard the expression with a stunned expression, and was surprised: “This action was all arranged by you?”

Jiang Hanguai laughed, looked at Chen Mochi with hate of revenge, and said: “Yes, all this The action, the entire exploration of the Dragon Tomb this time, was a big project set by my Jiang family, in order to force you out of Chen Mochi to report the hatred of that year. ”

” You-even-“Chen Mochi’s expression fell, With surprise.

The other martial arts around him were even more surprised, all surprised and unbelievable.

At this time, Jiang Han explained with conspicuous meaning: “Chen Mochi, you only got half of the exercises from the Dragon Tomb. Although it allowed you to improve your strength, it also restricted your cultivation. You have never been able to break through the top level Realm, enter the realm of heaven, become a master of martial arts. ”

” Because of Luo Beixi and your children, I know you must want to retaliate against my Jiang family, you will do everything possible to improve your strength. ”

“So, after I learned that the dragon tomb may be born again, I immediately sent someone to investigate, and then deliberately released the news of the dragon tomb’s birth, and also deliberately emphasized that there are magical techniques in the dragon’s tomb treasure.”

“I know , You Chen Mochi heard this news. Revenge is eager to come to the Dragon

Tomb and try to get the half of the exercises. ”

” And the result is the same. I will take the people after you get the exercises. You will have nowhere to escape when you are waiting outside. ”

” Now, knowing all this, what do you think? “Jiang Han looked at Chen Mochi with a look of revenge.


After Chen Mochi listened, his face sank like water, and his expression grew darker.

Although he did not want to admit it very much, he had to say that Jiang Han had calculated his thoughts, and this strategy also accurately captured him.

Now, there are two masters like Jiang Rulong and Jiang Han. Coupled with the help and participation of Pei Yong and other hermit families, Chen Mochi, who had escaped for more than 20 years, now feels that he has walked into a desperate path and has nowhere to escape.

Thinking of this, Chen Mochi couldn’t help but sigh. Then, the doubts and surprises and even fears in his eyes were swept away at this moment, and finally became firm and determined.

He stared at Jiang Han and Jiang Rulong, his real breath burst like a wave, and said loudly: “Twenty years, it has been long enough. The things of the year should have ended.”

“It really should be It’s over. However, you must be the one who died. “Jiang Han gritted his teeth and hated him.

Jiang Rulong waved his hand and directed the Jiang family’s men to encircle Chen Mochi and attacked him.

The battle was on the verge, and the atmosphere in the field seemed extremely tense.

But at this moment, Chen Mochi found a package and threw it to Chen Fei, his mouth whispered and said quickly: “Boy, you and I are also destined. The package contains half of the exercises in the dragon tomb just now There are my treasures for many years. ”

” You have good strength and great potential, you should not die here. Wait for the war, you take things and try your best to escape, don’t look back. ”

” Senior Chen Mochi, I-“Chen Fei Want to say something.

But Chen Mochi’s anxious words interrupted him, “No need to say anything or say anything. It is almost impossible for me to survive today. You leave with my things. I don’t ask you to avenge me after you learn, I just hope If you have a chance in the future, you can find my wife and daughter and take good care of them. ”

After talking, Chen Mochi’s face was determined, and a violent energy broke out, and he faced Jiang Han and Jiang Rulong.

At the same time, he shouted to Chen Fei: “Fly away!” The

battle broke out instantly. Chen Mochi, the pinnacle of the prefecture level, was very terrifying under the full force of the explosion. It swept over the ground like a stormy wave from the sky.

But Jiang Han, who was opposite, did not move at all. Instead, he sneered and waved his hand immediately, hitting a faint blue spirit.

Vitality condensed into a sharp blade in the air, slammed through the air, and directly cut Chen Mochi’s stormy waves, and then dissipated.

Chen Mo pool has also been back to bite, mouth oozing a touch of blood, body shaking a few times, ugly face instantly, “you -”

“ground level and the peak level early days, although only a thin line, but it has a big gap , Do you understand? “Jiang Lengwen smiled, backhanded a spur of anger, condensed into a sword, and slashed towards Chen Mochi.

Feeling the horror power of Qi Jian, Chen Mochi bit his teeth fiercely, forcing a true sense of vitality, Chao


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