MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1471



“You -” Xing Rui bitter bite, then stepping forward and firmly out of channels, “Jiang Rulong, even if you are Jiang family, nor acts recklessly Presbyterian is not allowed over there, I -.”

Range After Xing Rui finished his speech, Jiang Rulong frowned and waved unpleasantly: “My patience is limited. Since you are so distressed to these ants, then die with them!”

After that, Jiang Rulong gave a cold cry and gave the order Commanded: “Start to do it!” In

an instant, these masters brought by the family of the hidden gates, all running in the real breath, began to attack. In the valley, rumbling breath erupted, and the screams and fighting sounds became one.

Some warriors realized the terrible breath of the other party and could not fight. They quickly found the treasure and said, “I am willing to hand over the treasure, spare my life, spare

me– ” However, Jiang Rulong’s face was cold and cold, ” We will take the treasure ourselves! ”

Immediately, he flew the opponent away with a palm, and his neck snapped with a snap, killing him instantly.

When the battle was triggered, Xing Rui’s teeth were almost crushed. He looked at Chen Fei and whispered: “Fei Ge, let’s go!”

After finishing, Xing Rui’s operation was truly breathing, and he rushed up.

There was chaos in the valley, and the stall owner secretly pulled Chen Fei’s sleeves and whispered: “Hurry up and take advantage of the chaos now. Otherwise, we can’t walk away

until they realize that.” Chen Fei was about to speak, but At this moment, a residual shadow rushed out, screaming towards Jiang Rulong and rushed over, “Master Jiang, Master Jiang.”

“You are–” Jiang Rulong heard the call, and looked over, face Be wary.

Afterimage quickly explained: “I am Huang Feihu, Huang Feihu of the Budo League, Jiang Bufan Jiang Shao’s uncle.”

Hearing the name, the color of vigilance on Jiang Rulong’s face dissipated and said coldly: “Huang Feihu, where is the extraordinary?” Mentioning

this, Huang Feihu couldn’t help but change his face and lowered his head in a deep voice : “Jiang Shao him, he is dead. ”

What!” Jiang Rulong’s tone rose instantly, and he stared at Huang Feihu with a cold voice, “What are you saying? He is dead? How is this possible?”

“Jiang Shao was killed by someone.” Huang Feihu He quickly explained that his eyes were swept through the crowd, and he quickly locked Chen Fei and pointed it over, “Master Jiang is his, his name is Chen Fei, and Jiang Shao was killed by him. There was also a previous meeting in the martial arts He was also the one who shot against Jiang Shao. ”

” And, the treasure of the ninth level of the Dragon Tomb is on him. “Huang Feihu looked at Chen Fei with hate, and the fire in his eyes almost made Chen Fly piercing in general.

Jiang Rulong heard the words, and then his eyes immediately came to look, his expression suddenly cooled down, and then he waved his hand and pointed at Chen Feidao: “Catch him!”

Suddenly, there was a clattering sound. people.

“Little brother, it’s not that I am unjust. It’s just that this group of people is too powerful. I really have no choice but to withdraw first.” The stall owner who wanted to pull Chen Fei away together, could not help but bow his head quickly when he saw such a situation. Shrinking his neck, he leaned back and squeezed into the crowd, wanting to leave secretly.

Chen Fei understood the idea of ​​the stall owner. He is not familiar with him. When he played against Huang Feihu, it was very rare that the stall owner could help. Now the face of such life and death situation, I want to leave the stall is being

normally do.

Without saying much, Chen Fei narrowed his eyes and looked at the oncoming enemy, ready to fight.

But at this moment, beside Jiang Rulong, a man suddenly pointed and pointed at this side, and got to Jiang Rulong’s ear to say something.

Jiangru Long suddenly looking for a change, eyes locked shrink in the crowd of the stall, a closer look, then Lengheng soon, referring to the past, “Seize him!”

Moment, but also a burst of sound crashed, a group of around over Warrior , Blocked the owner’s way.

Jiang Rulong leaped in front of the stall owner, squinted at the stall owner, and then sneered: “Originally, I wanted to spend some time looking for you. But I didn’t expect that you are so lucky Be around. “The

stall owner raised his head at the moment, with a timid look, with a pleading tone:” This Master Master, I don’t understand what you are talking about. Are you looking for the wrong person, I am just a little people, how will bother looking for trouble you, I – ”

Jiangru Long sneer, looking at the stall said:” still loaded, you think, now that I have to move any sense to you? ” ”

master your honor, I, I I really do n’t understand what you ’re talking about! ”The stall owner was still confused and continued to plead.

Jiangru Long squint squinting, sighed, and said:. “Chen Mo pool, if you know you are so weak and incompetent waste really do not know, when the Los North Creek, now will regret it?”

His words had a weakness The beggar’s face changed instantly.

Ricky’s body immediately raised his nose, his head raised, his face serious, and he looked straight at Jiang Rulong, his expression hard as steel.

Almost instantly, the momentum of his body completely changed, like a broken dagger, suddenly turned into a thick and sturdy sword, and oppressed toward the river like a dragon.

At the same time, the surrounding martial artists heard the name Chen Mochi, and they were stunned for a moment, and then a burst of surprise and discussion broke out.

“Chen Mochi, how familiar is this name!”

“Of course familiar, Chen Mochi, isn’t that the dark horse champion at the martial arts conference?”

“Oh, I remembered that the lucky man who had entered the tomb of the dragon, got the treasure, and then won the championship in one fell swoop.”

“But, Was n’t it rumored that Chen Mochi was dead? How did he appear here? ”

” I remember that time Chen Mochi, Yushu was in the wind and personable. Now, is this old man really Chen Mochi? ”


The martial arts were surprised to talk about it at this moment Chen Fei was even more shocked.

Not only because of the name Chen Mochi, but also the familiar name of Luo Beixi, Chen Fei.

Some time ago, when Chen Fei and his sister Chen Ziling went to Luo’s house to find out the truth about Ziling’s parents, they learned that Chen Mochi and Luobeixi had eloped.

Now, Chen Mochi appeared in front of Chen Fei, how could he not be excited.

Moreover, if the stall owner is Chen Mochi. Chen Fei’s previous doubts and speculations can now be explained clearly.

For example, why the stall owner’s array was very similar to the dragon tomb array, and why he was so familiar with the situation of the dragon tomb. All this is because he is Chen Mochi, who once entered the Dragon Tomb.


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