MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1470



After explaining to Chen Fei, Xing Rui’s eyes returned to Pei Yong again, staring at him and said: “Pei Yong, do you really want the entire Pei family to be targeted by the elders for the so-called dragon tomb treasure? ”

” Doing so, it’s not good for yourself, for your entire Pei family. You leave now, and all these things can still happen. ”

Pei Yong narrowed his eyes when he heard Xing Rui’s words. Squinting, there was another silence, and then the corners of the mouth were widened, and suddenly opened his mouth and smiled, “You are threatening me? Do you really think that you can overturn my Pei Yong and my Pei family by yourself. It is a joke! ”

Xing Rui heard the words, his expression changed, Shen Sheng shouted:” Pei Yong, do you really want to be obsessed? You may be better than me, your Pei family may be better than my Xing family. But as long as you dare to take action, the elders will be there It must not be concealed. When the time comes-”

” No need to be the time! “Pei Yong directly interrupted the cutting-edge words, and grinned,” I will kill you directly now, and nothing will happen to the elders! ” ”

” you – “Xing Rui surprised a moment, I did not expect Fang was so vicious, and his face sank, and he gritted his teeth, “My family is very aware of the matter of my adventure in the Dragon Tomb. It is impossible for you to kill me and conceal the whole thing. It is impossible for the elders to hold you back. The responsibility of the family! ”

” Really? “Pei Yong sneered, and then took another step and said,” Even if you can’t hide it, it’s no big deal. ”

” What do you mean-“Xing Rui was surprised and puzzled, his eyes cold.

At this moment, a few cold voices sounded again.

“Xing family is just a child of the secular branch, Pei Yong, you told him so much to do, just kill it!”

“Pei Yong, don’t bother to hurry, act now!”

“It’s just a group of ants, just shoot it to death, why bother so much!”

… In the

words, everyone’s attention was involuntarily attracted and looked at the source of the sound.

Immediately, they saw several men in their thirties and stepped up to Pei Yong.

These men all looked dazed and disdainful. But the breath on his body was very scary, with a kind of oppressive momentum. Moreover, behind them, each brought a group of imposing warriors.

“Hey, what’s going on?”

” Are you coming again? It doesn’t look weaker than Pei Yong, who are they?”

” What do they want to do!”

………… In

a cry of surprise and doubt, Xing Rui His eyes fell on several people, his face changed instantly, and he exclaimed: “Huang Tianjiang, Sun Zhongyu, Hu Lie … How do you guys appear here?”

Listening to Xing Rui’s surprised words, Chen Fei also Can’t help but look over, with a puzzled look on his face.

Xing Rui’s face was iron blue, and he gritted his teeth and said, “They are all members of the hidden family. Their family and strength are similar to the Pei family. I originally thought that this action was only a private act of the Pei family, but I did not expect it. It turned out to be a joint action of several of their families. If so, it would be troublesome. ”

Hearing this, the martial arts could not help but change their complexion. The

hope that had just been born was immediately extinguished again at this moment, and the expression was ugly.

But the matter was not over yet. At the moment, Pei Yong looked at Xing Rui, who was looking stern, his lips raised, and sneered, “Are you afraid? Is it not over yet?”

Immediately, he clapped his hands and turned to shout in a respectful tone: “Uncle Jiang, please come out!” The

voice just fell, a middle-aged man who looked only forty years old, slowly stepped out , Walked towards this side.

Everyone could hardly feel the fluctuation of breath from this man, but Pei Yong and other brothers and sisters of the hidden family, but respectful to the man, took the initiative to make way for the man to come in.

Seeing the appearance of this man, Xing Rui’s face was already iron blue, and at the moment he directly showed a look of terror, and his body shivered. “Jiang, Jiang Rulong. He, how can he appear here?”

The martial arts including Chen Fei Hearing this name, I was puzzled, and I didn’t understand why Xing Rui was so sick.

Xing Rui explained quickly and whispered: “I just said that the hidden family is also classified as strong or weak. Our Xing family can be regarded as a third-rate family. The Pei family is slightly better than our Xing family, but still belongs to the third-rate family range. ” ”

and the river home, but our first-class direct high, belongs to the category of second-class family, the strength stronger than us part of it. ” ”

and, in this Jiangru Long Jiang home among the also well-known genius. just fifty At the age of one, he broke into the realm of heaven and became a master of martial arts. ”


Hearing this, many martial artists directly took a breath of breath and showed a horrified look on their faces.

Just now, the pressure that the third-rate hermit family of Pei Yong brought to everyone is enough, but now, there is another person of the second-rate hermit family, and also a person of the martial arts master level. This pressure is raised again, and these warriors are directly allowed. Feeling desperate.

Even Xing Rui’s expression at this moment is very ugly, and his expression is variable.

If you say that Pei Yong just now, Xing Rui can also catch the name of the Presbyterian Church to deter them. Now, with the emergence of Jiang Rulong, Xing Rui’s road is almost cut off.

Even if this matter was exposed to the Presbyterian Church, there were Jiang families coming out, as well as the joint operation of several families such as Pei, Huang and Hu. At that time, I am afraid that even if the Presbyterian Church begins to pursue the matter, the final result will only be taken carelessly, with a symbolic punishment, and there will be no substantive punishment.

Therefore, at the moment, Xing Rui’s heart became deeper and deeper, and came to Chen Fei, whispering: “Instructor Chen, the situation is critical. When the war starts and you have a chance, leave quickly.”

“I’m holding in front They. Although my strength is definitely not invincible, but I am a member of the Xing family after all, they should not kill me. “Xing Rui looked at Chen Feidao solemnly.

Hearing this, Chen Fei couldn’t help but burst into a warm current and patted Xing Rui’s shoulder. Then he said: “Relax, there will be nothing if I am here. From now on, you will be my brother, no longer need to call me Chen Instructor, just call me Fei Ge.”

“This-” Xing Rui For a moment, a smile appeared on his face. But then his expression sank again, and he continued to worry, “Feige, but– ” Before he finished, Jiang Rulong and Pei Yong talked with each other to understand the course of things. Looking at this side, it fell on Xing Rui, proudly said: “Look at the face of the Xing family, we can let you leave. Get out!”


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