MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1467



Suspicious in his heart, Chen Fei began to inquire about these martial artists coming.

It stands to reason that the strength of the warriors is different, and the nine tombs of the dragon tombs are different. They should not all be gathered here. Therefore, there must be another reason.

When asked about this, many warriors are also confused, and they can’t tell what is going on!

However, the general situation is very similar. When Chen Fei and the stall owner took away the treasure of the Dragon Tomb, and when the Dragon Tomb heard the sound that the nine levels had been broken, the warriors who were still breaking through the barriers found that the stone chamber they were in had started to change. A channel appears on one side.

There is nowhere else to go, they can only follow the passage forward. Unconsciously, finally somehow came together here. Before they could figure out what was going on, the stone chamber changed again, and a gas sword began to explode in the stone wall behind them, attacking them.

In order to survive, the group of people began to run away, ran along the channel, and finally came here, and there was the scene that Chen Fei had just seen.

After learning these things, Chen Fei frowned deeper.

The change of the dragon tomb is really puzzling. If it is said that the previous nine levels were all levels already arranged by the owner of the Dragon Tomb.

Then the follow-up attacks on the warriors have brought them all together in one place, and it is unlikely that the owner of the dragon tomb arranged it in advance. After all, the owner of the Dragon Tomb has a history of at least hundreds of years. It is impossible to anticipate the future and make such an arrangement.

Bewildered, Chen Fei frowned.

Suddenly, he glanced at his eyes and thought of a figure, he quickly walked past.

He didn’t think of anyone else, it was the middle-aged stall owner.

Just now, Chen Fei was still speculating that the stall owner seemed to be familiar with the Dragon Tomb and knew a lot about it.

“Can you tell me what the hell is going on? Why would the Dragon Tomb suddenly launch an attack to gather everyone here?” Chen Fei looked at the stall owner and asked.

The stall owner looked at Chen Fei, slightly silent, and then whispered: “Boy, I know what you are thinking. But what I can tell you is that such a thing is beyond my expectation. I thought that this kind of thing would still happen in the Dragon Tomb. ”

” Don’t you know? “Chen Fei frowned, hearing a serious expression.

The stall owner sighed and explained: “I know, maybe you don’t believe me, maybe you will doubt me. But what I said is true, I know something about the Dragon Tomb, but what happened today, I know nothing about me -. ”

ranging from stall to speak to finish, this time, before Fangxing Rui somber stepping back to look at Chen Fei, the channel:” Chen instructors, bad. ” ”

how Is it? “Chen Fei asked aloud.

Xing Rui pointed out the position of the mouth and whispered: “The stone chamber passage has changed. This stone chamber passage has been completely blocked. We can’t find the way out now.”

Wen Yan, Chen Fei frowned, quickly walk Walked forward to the entrance just now. At this moment, it has become a thick wall, and I can no longer see the appearance of the passage.

Checked it in other locations and found no exit.

Suddenly, the atmosphere in the entire stone room was suppressed. Many warriors’ expressions were panic and their eyes flickered, and the whole person was already on

the verge of collapse.

Even Chen Fei couldn’t figure it out at the moment, “How could this be?”

In thought, Chen Fei suddenly thought of something, stepped over, searched on the ground, found a little blood, and finally disappeared at a wall.

Upon seeing this, Chen Fei smiled at the corner of his mouth, and said aloud to the warriors: “Don’t worry, there must be an exit in this stone room. We must be able to go out. You don’t need to worry.” The

reason why Chen Fei is so sure is because of the stone room at the moment Among them, there is no figure of Huang Feihu.

You know, he injured Huang Feihu just now, and was about to kill him. As a result, they encountered the martial arts and the pursuit was interrupted. Looking at the result now, Huang Feihu has disappeared.

If Huang Feihu can disappear, it means that there must be a way to leave, so Chen Fei is so confident.

In the eyes of many warriors suspecting, Chen Fei came to the wall where the blood stains disappeared, and operated the true breath, photographed on the wall.

The thick wall thrilled, but it was still very strong, showing no signs of breaking open.

Upon seeing this, many warriors’ expressions were even more pessimistic and almost collapsed.

But at this time, Chen Fei narrowed his eyes, stared at the stone wall, a smile appeared at the corner of his mouth, and said to himself: “So this is the case! In this case, we can definitely find a way out.”

Wen Yan, everyone turned their heads to look around, only to find that On the wall that Chen Fei bombarded, a complicated array pattern appeared.

Chen Fei stared at the formation for a while and thought about it. After a quarter of an hour, his hands turned into a real breath and began to sketch the formation.

With the final confluence, the formation flashed a layer of light, and the thick walls boomed and an arch appeared.

“Sure enough!” Chen Fei saw it, with a smile on his mouth, and walked into the arch with the lead.

Everyone behind them followed immediately.

In this way, almost the same situation as when entering the dragon tomb. Chen Fei led a group of warriors to break through the formations one by one and march forward.

Finally, when the last formation was cracked by Chen Fei and the arches rumbling on the wall, Chen Fei’s mouth showed a smile and sighed, saying: “After this level, you should be out of the Dragon Tomb. “After

hearing this, all the warriors all smiled excitedly, followed behind Chen Fei, walked through the passage together, looked at the light that appeared in front, and stepped out.

The channel is not too long, but when the martial artists came out of the channel, they were very excited and howled.

“It’s finally out!”

“We’re out of trouble and we’re safe.”

“Mr. Chen, thank you so much.”

“Mr. Chen, how offended before, please forgive me .”


a joyous and excited atmosphere Among them, suddenly, there was a slightly surprised sound, “Hey, I didn’t expect so many of you to come out, but it really made us a little surprised!”

Hearing this, all the soldiers on the scene could not help but be surprised Qi Qi turned his head and looked at the voice far away.

Then they saw a man in his thirties, wearing a black uniform, with his hands behind his back, and walked towards them with an evil smile in the corner of his mouth.


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