MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1466



Hearing the sound, Chen Fei turned around and looked at it.

Immediately, he saw a group of people such as Xing Rui rushed towards here in panic.

“What’s going on?” Chen Fei asked involuntarily.

Xing Rui took the lead and screamed while running, “Instructor Chen, run away, there are traps in the dragon tomb, we run away.”

Hearing Xing Rui’s call, Chen Fei noticed that Xing Rui Behind the batch of people, a true spirit like a sharp sword roared out.

Tuo’s voice cut through the air and shot at this group of people with terrifying killing intent.

The stone room is narrow, and there are many people inside. Under crowded conditions, many people have no space to avoid the air sword that is coming behind him.

In desperation, the warriors behind him can only run their true spirits one by one, blocking themselves behind and wanting to carry this terrorist attack.

But the next scene made them more alarmed.

Many warriors in the middle and late stages of the Xuan level, the condensed True Elemental Shield, under the burst shot of this Dao Qi Sword, seemed to be paper-like and penetrated directly. The sword shot into the body of the warrior and instantly killed seven or eight warriors.

With the threat of life, the fleeing crowd is even more crazy. A gritted man who ran desperately ahead, some warriors who really had no room to escape, gritted their teeth, and even directly attacked the people around them, blocking the other person from their human shields and the air swords coming from behind.

Under such circumstances, the entire scene was in chaos, the air sword roared, the warriors fled wildly, and the ongoing fighting, as well as the blood and screams splashing into the air, turned the entire stone chamber into a chaotic and cruel hell .

At this moment, Chen Fei couldn’t help but look down at this situation, and hurriedly rushed towards this group of martial artists, and at the same time shouted loudly, “Calm down for me, don’t kill each other again.”

But, Many people are completely crazy about the threat of death. Where can I hear Chen Fei’s words, killing their eyes one by one, furiously fleeing and fighting.

Almost in the blink of an eye, three or four people were injured and fell to the ground. The blood had already flowed to Chen Fei’s feet.

Upon seeing this, Chen Fei glanced down, looking at a few warriors who were still fighting frantically. With a move, they passed directly through the crowd and rushed past, thumping a few times, blocking their attack.

“I told you to stop attacking, haven’t you heard it?” Chen Fei glared at the few people who had killed red eyes, and snorted sharply.

Several people at this moment were almost driven into madness by fear and death. Faced with Chen Fei’s questioning, their eyes were scarlet and roared.

“Stop the attack? Don’t you let us wait for death?”

“What do you count, you let us stop the attack and we stop!”

“Go away and go, don’t stop us from escaping. Your kid wants to die, go by yourself Die, don’t drag us down. ”

………… In the

voice, several people glanced at the air sword behind him, and there was a touch of anxiety on their faces, and they directly went to Chen Fei and wanted to defeat Chen Fei.

But at the moment they were ready to start, Chen Fei’s eyes narrowed, his right arm moved, and an afterimage was drawn. Before people even reacted, they heard a few crackling sounds, and then the menacing warriors fell to the ground in wailing, full of pain.

Chen Fei

Looking down at them from a condescending position, his eyes were cold and coldly said: “I am Chen Fei! Now, my words, do you listen?”

Hearing Chen Fei’s name was not only the people on the ground, the other people around him, his face It also showed a surprised look, looking at Chen Fei could not help but look strange.

Chen Fei looked around the crowd and said in a

deep voice : “Everyone calms down, don’t panic, let alone kill each other. As long as we work together, there will be a solution to the problem.” Xing Rui Lin Hu and others, listening to Chen Fei After speaking, he immediately stood beside Chen Fei and agreed with him.

“Chen instructor was right, it does not stress.”

“This is some strange things, everybody calm down.”

“Do not kill each other up. In this way, damage will only be our own.”


face For such a lineup, as well as the deterrent Chen Fei’s outrageous shot just now, the scene became quiet.

But Chen Fei still saw the flashing eyes in the eyes of many warriors, and the dreadful eyes that they kept glancing past behind.

“The big talk is nice, but the danger is coming. The ones who stay behind are not us ordinary warriors.”

“Now don’t flee, are we all standing here waiting to die?”

“That is, you want to die yourself, don’t bother us , We don’t want to. ”

………… The

low voice made Chen Fei’s eyes light, turned to look at the air sword that was coming behind him, stepped out directly, and then shot out with both hands.

Seeing this, before the warrior suddenly showed a very surprised expression, the argument was louder.

“What is Chen Fei doing? Does he want to block those air swords?”

“This is not possible. The power of air swords, we have all seen it just now. Prefects will be crippled even if they are shot, and the power is really It’s too big. ”

” That’s just the power of an air sword. Now dozens of air swords are shot together. The power can even reach the level of heaven, which he can’t block. ”

” Hide behind, don’t be shot. , Otherwise it will definitely die. ”


When almost all the martial artists did not believe in Chen Fei, the true air breath shot by Chen Fei’s palms was like a thick wall, and the booms met those dense air swords.

Suddenly, there was a crackling sound, the air sword was like rain and hail, slamming Chen Fei’s Zhenyuan wall. The tremendous energy seems to tear it up instantly.

However, after a while, the seemingly crumbling wall of the True Element finally turned out to be unharmed and not penetrated at all. All the air swords were blocked by Chen Fei. None of the warriors behind him was shot.

Such a situation suddenly made these martial artists stunned, and looked at Chen Fei with shock, eyes full of surprise and gratitude.

After a short period of consternation and silence, cheers erupted from the scene.

Thanks again to Chen Fei, and was surprised at Chen Fei’s strength, and also asked Chen Fei for help. Various sounds mixed together, making the scene appear noisy and noisy.

Chen Fei didn’t care about it, but looked at the front with deep eyes, watching the direction of Qi Jian shooting. The dark passage seemed to contain a ferocious beast, which made Chen Fei’s brows wrinkle involuntarily. “Why did these air swords appear? How did these warriors gather here? All this ,what is the problem?”


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