MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1464



Just when Chen Fei considered how to ask the stall owner, the stall owner said first: “Some things, I conceal that you are not malicious, but it is good for you, please understand.” The

other party said this After serving, Chen Fei wouldn’t question him. After collecting all the treasures in the wooden box, the two of them began to go to the outer layer of the Dragon Tomb.

When the two walked out of the ninth level, the stone wall behind them made a clicking sound, and then there was a booming explosion inside, although they did not see it.

But Chen Fei and the stall owner can still be sure that the space at the ninth level of the Dragon Tomb is probably closed to death.

Immediately, the two went on to go outside. After crossing the eighth level, we came to the seventh level, and there was a booming sound again.

This time, at the seventh level, Chen Fei saw a few acquaintances at a glance.

The most eye-catching one is Huang Feihu, who has been killing Chen Fei just now. Beside Huang Feihu, Jiang Bufan and the rest of the Jiang family do not know when they will come together with Huang Feihu.

When Chen Fei and the stall owner came out, they were still studying the formation on the stone wall of the seventh pass.

As a result, when Chen Fei and the stall owner appeared, there was a booming explosion, and the formation they were studying also changed, and turned into a completely different pattern than before, making Huang Feihu and his team give up their efforts.

Suddenly, Huang Feihu almost exploded, and immediately saw Chen Fei appear, and his angry eyes turned to Chen Fei almost immediately.

“It’s your kid!” Huang Feihu stared at Chen Fei gloomy.

Jiang Bufan’s face was also full of hate, “Boy, you can’t escape for a while. You don’t have a helper around you this time, I see where you are going!”

After finishing his speech, Jiang Pangfan proudly summoned the Jiang family thugs, approaching Chen Fei step by step, and directly encircling Chen Fei.

Huang Feihu also

sneered : “Boy, you broke into the last level! Hand over the treasures you got inside, I can spare you a life.” Jiang Bufan sneered aside, his gaze moved, and he caught another the side of the stall, suddenly airs was feeding and said: “and you, old man, go away over, obediently handed the treasure otherwise, I do not blame Jiang extraordinary rude..”

stall heard this, look for a Shen, a cold expression appeared on his face. However, instead of directing his hands, he set his sights on Chen Fei.

At the moment, Chen Fei, watching Huang Fei, Hu Jiang, and others waiting, shook his head and said, “Follow me! I didn’t have time to worry about you before, but now, I’m free.”

“So, then you , All give

me— ” ” Go to death! ”

Chen Fei’s tone suddenly changed suddenly, his body exploded suddenly, set off a whirlwind in the space, and the shock hit Huang Feihu and Jiang Bufan etc. .

The other party didn’t expect Chen Fei to explode in such a sudden, nor did he expect Chen Fei’s outbreak to be so powerful and terrifying. The storm-like breath of true energy struck, like countless tiny steel needles, plunging into the body fiercely.

Some of the weaker Jiang Family Fighters, under such a violent breath, did not have any power to fight back at all, and passed out in agony.

Jiang Bufan’s appearance, his proud face instantly filled with consternation and fear, “How can

you–” Chen Fei’s figure was like electricity, and he rushed to Jiang Fanfan with his fingertips. Severely spitting, like a sword in the sky, to split Jiang Fanfan in half, “You, damn it!”

Feeling the terrible killing intention from Ling Ling, Jiang Bufan was really afraid, and quickly turned around to flee, trying to avoid Chen Fei’s attack.

At the same time, he also turned to Huang Feihu for help. ”

Uncle Huang , help me quickly.” Huang Feihu looked at him, his eyes wide, his body with a strong breath, like an armored car, fiercely rushed towards Chen Fei, “Boy, how dare you!”

Chen Fei didn’t pay attention to Huang Feihu’s threat and the offensive offensive, aiming at Jiang Fanfan, Qi Jianling volley, like a mountain.

“Boom!” A

strong breath, like a storm, directly submerged Jiang Wufan’s screams.

After a while, wait until Huang Feihu rushes over. Jiang Bufan has turned into a murky flesh and blood, and he can’t see any human form at all, let alone live.

“Boy, you, you actually killed Jiang Bufan.” Huang Feihu’s eyes were scarlet, staring at Chen Fei with strong hatred and killing intent.

A bit of blood was oozing out of his biting teeth, and the whole person seemed to turn into an angry beast, fiercely killing Chen Fei.

Under extreme anger, Huang Feihu broke out of the strength of the early realm of the heavenly class, and the strong atmosphere enveloped the entire stone chamber with horrible coercion.

Even the stall owner hiding in a corner felt the terrible coercion at this moment, could not help but reveal a look of surprise, could not help but exclaimed: “Heavenly master!”

“What the hell did your kid actually offend A master of heaven? “The stall owner shouted to Chen Fei with a surprised and tragic face.” Don’t you kid me, you kid! ”

Chen Fei was indifferent, glanced at the direction of the stall owner, and said: “Relax, it’s just a warrior in the early days, I haven’t put it in my eyes, it won’t hurt you.”

“Your boy, it’s time for this, and he’s still whispering.” The stall owner pouted, and at the same time broke out the breath of truth, and rushed to Chen Fei’s position. Grasshopper, no one can escape. I will spare this old life and help you! “In the

voice, the main body’s shape shocked, a violent true breath burst out, set off a small Cyclone storm.

The stall owner’s offensive surprised Huang Feihu with a surprised look on his face, “The top of the prefecture, I didn’t expect you to be a master!”

“However, the top of the prefecture is still only at the prefecture level, distance Heaven-level realm, there is a qualitative gap. You, not my opponent, get away! “Huang Feihu snorted immediately, snapped a palm, and stormed fiercely to the stall owner.

The breath of Huang Feihu’s slap shot collided with the stall owner’s breath, making a strong popping sound, and then banged the stall owner back to the bomb, letting the stall’s mouth show a touch of blood , The expression on his face also dignified.

After a strike, Huang Feihu non-stop action, immediately turned to Chen Fei, sneered and shoot beat up, “Boy, you’re next up.”

Rumbling sound, strong Zhang Feng sped to the impact from the front towards Chen Fei .


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