MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1462



Chen Fei’s face suddenly sank, his feet were faster, and he ran forward.

It didn’t take long for a small stone room to appear in front of it, similar to the entrance at the first level just now. On the stone wall, there is also an arched pattern, and the stone lines in the pattern also form a complicated formation.

“This is the second hurdle.” Chen Fei saw this, and his heart moved. He immediately began to observe the formation and at the same time pondered the formation.

About a minute later, Chen Fei’s eyes flicked, a flash of light flashed, and then immediately turned into the True Aura, along the specific lines, injected into the stone wall.

Soon, the light turned on, forming a special pattern. The formation was cracked, and the stone door rumbling opened.

Without any hesitation, Chen Fei jumped into the passage behind the stone gate.

After a certain distance, some rewards such as weapons and herbs appeared. Chen Fei glanced at him, and he made a big move to put all the things he could use into his pocket, and then moved on, starting to break through.

However, when Chen Fei didn’t expect it, when he came to the third gate, the thick and mechanical sound rang again, reminding someone that the third gate had been broken.

After a slight pause, Chen Fei immediately seized the time to break through. A few minutes later, he successfully broke through the formation and entered the channel.

In this way, Chen Fei broke all the way, put away the reward items, and then rushed for the next break.

The formation of each level is more difficult than the previous one. But for Chen Fei, it is not too much of a problem. After careful consideration, he can break through.

Moreover, the way to break through, although the thick and mechanical prompt sound has been ringing. That also means that someone is faster than Chen Fei.

However, Chen Fei did not panic, because at this moment he has broken the fifth level. Although it still lags behind the unknown character, the time interval between the two is getting smaller and smaller.

Breaking through this fifth level, Chen Fei’s voice sounded in less than a minute.

Moreover, the formation of this fifth level is already very complicated. Chen Fei cracked it and thought for more than ten minutes. The next four levels will only become more and more complicated, and Chen Fei will catch up with each other.

In this regard, Chen Fei is very confident, after all, his knowledge of formation, but with the old man on Tianwu Mountain to learn. The old man once boasted that in this world, there is no way he can’t crack Xuanyuanjiangshan.

Although the old man is usually unreliable, Chen Fei never doubted the strength of the old man.

In this way, Chen Fei ran along the channel, and finally came to the entrance of the sixth pass, ready to break through.

But at this moment, the thick and mechanical voice sounded, “Someone has crossed the sixth level, and there are three levels from the Dragon Tomb Treasure.”

Hearing this sound, Chen Fei could not help but shocked, his pupils twitched, reveal Surprised.

Judging from the speed at which the two broke the line just now, although the opponent’s formation level is very high, it should be lower than that of Chen Fei. Otherwise, Chen Fei will not be kept close.

But in the sixth hurdle, the opponent’s speed was unexpectedly fast, which really made Chen Fei a little unexpected.

However, Chen Fei was not immersed in shock, but quickly recovered and began to study the formation of the sixth pass, preparing to break through.

This time,

Chen Fei was shocked when he saw the pattern on the stone wall of the sixth pass.

Because of the formation on the stone wall, Chen Fei was very familiar with it, and it seemed that he had seen it before.

After thinking a little, Chen Fei immediately remembered. The texture pattern of the sixth hurdle was very similar to the one he had cracked at the stall at Yangui Lake.

Thinking of this, Chen Fei couldn’t help but whip up, “That booth owner, and the four formations he made me break through. Isn’t it related to the Dragon Tomb?”

Almost instinctively thinking of this in his heart, Chen Fei felt The trip to the Tomb of the Second Dragon seemed not so simple.

However, there was not much time to think about it. Chen Fei fixed his eyes on the pattern of the sixth pass, and found the solution in less than ten seconds. After all, this formation method is very similar to what I once cracked in the stall. Although some details are different, they are the same root and the principle is the same, so the cracking speed is fast.

After breaking through the sixth level, Chen Fei continued to rush to collect the reward items and quickly rushed to the stone wall of the seventh level.

A closer look, as expected, the pattern formation on the stone wall is still very similar to one of the four formations on the stall.

Without any hesitation, Chen Fei immediately began to think about breaking through.

Just as Chen Fei thought about it, the prompt sounded again, and someone broke the seventh level.

“Is this mysterious barrier-breaker the stall owner, or his intimate person?” Chen Fei thought about it, but the speed of the break-through was not much affected, and he quickly thought about it.

In less than a minute, Chen Fei successfully broke through the battle and successfully crossed the seventh hurdle.

Then there is the eighth hurdle. Once again, similar patterns make Chen Fei almost certain that the vendor who set up the stall at Yangui Lake was not a layman.

The eighth level was broken and the opponent was still leading, but Chen Fei was less than ten seconds ahead.

Immediately, the final level, the ninth level, is reached.

It is still a pattern similar to the original small array method, but this time there are a lot of changes.

Chen Fei did not waste time, immediately staring at the pattern formation, and began to think about breaking up.

After about five minutes, Chen Fei’s eyes lit up, his hands moved together, a ray of true spirit was injected into the formation, drawn into a complex and beautiful pattern, and finally flickered, the formation was broken.

At the same time, a thick and mechanical voice sounded again, “Someone broke through all nine tombs of the Dragon Tomb to find the treasure of the Dragon Tomb.”

Almost at the moment when the last stone door opened, Chen Fei flashed and rushed directly into the passage.

This time, the black lacquered passageway was not long. Chen Fei leaped over a distance, and soon noticed a piece of light in front of him. The whole person rushed out, and his eyes suddenly lit up. A huge hollow appeared in front of Chen Fei.

The hole is very high, and there is a cave at the highest point, from which the sun shines.

Directly below, there is a crystal clear waterhole. In the center of the waterhole, there is a blue stone slab protruding from the water. Above the stone slab, there is an old wooden box one meter long.

Seeing this, Chen Fei’s eyes lit up, “This is the Dragon Tomb Treasure!”

Just as Chen Fei was about to rush towards the treasure, a black hole suddenly appeared on the other side of the cave. , And then a figure rushed out.

Upon seeing this, Chen Fei immediately became alert, his muscles were tight and his vitality was ready to go, ready to fight at any time.


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