MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1461



Behind him, Huang Feihu saw Chen Fei’s movements, his eyes chilled, and immediately chased in. “Boy, where do you want to escape?” After

entering the channel, Chen Fei felt that everything around him was rapidly retreating, everything Became blurred. After a few minutes or so, the surrounding space came to a standstill, and Chen Fei also stood on the ground, observing the surrounding environment.

This is a small space built entirely from mountain stones. The stone walls are weather-beaten, with traces of years. Moss grows in the cracks, and even a little damp water flows out.

On one of the walls, there is an arched texture, which at first glance looks nothing special. But if you look closely, you can find that the texture of the stone has been specially treated, and when matched, it forms a special pattern.

Seeing this pattern, Chen Fei felt more familiar. He immediately approached the past, and the true breath of his body spread over the stone wall, and suddenly the special pattern on the stone wall was excited and shining, which stirred up a majestic real breath.

Feeling this breath, looking at the flashing lines on the stone wall, Chen Fei immediately understood. This should be a special formation. Only by breaking the formation can the stone gate be opened and the treasure can be found inside.

As Chen Fei was about to get closer and watch the formation on the stone wall carefully, a cold wind came from behind him.

Chen Fei instantly felt a dangerous breath striking at him. His hair was standing upside down, his muscles were tight, and his strength exploded in an instant. His body was like a spring pressed to the extreme, and he was instantly ejected.

Just when Chen Fei’s body just flew out, a fierce energy, like a blade, wiped the clothes behind Chen Fei, and finally hit the back wall, cutting the thick and strong stone directly into a deep A gap of tens of centimeters. This shows the power of this trick.

Chen Fei landed on the floor, turned around, and looked in the direction where Qi was flying.

In an instant, he found a familiar figure, not someone else, but Huang Feihu who came after him.

Huang Feihu’s surprise attack missed, the corner of his mouth raised slightly, and stepped towards Chen Fei, “Unexpectedly, you can avoid me this move, but it is somewhat beyond my expectations. No wonder you dare to be so arrogant, it turned out to be a bit Strength! ”

” However, even if it falls into the hands of Huang Feihu, you still have only one way to go. “Huang Feihu’s mouth showed a cold smile, and he stepped closer to Chen Fei step by step.

Chen Fei’s eyes were slightly cold, and he looked at Huang Feihu who was approaching him. Without fear, he said lightly: “I wanted to kill me? You are not qualified!”

“Boy, still arrogant!” Huang Feihu snorted. To Chen Feidao, “Boy, are you still fooling around? The helpers around you have been separated from you. Without them, how can you stop my attack.”

After that, Huang Feihu’s breath was surging and violent, like a whirlwind. , Crazy towards Chen Fei bombarded away.

Seeing this, Chen Fei shook his head and said lightly: “Carving insect skills.”

Immediately, he waved his hand casually, hitting a red-red true elemental breath, whistling, and rushed towards Huang Feihu’s whirlwind breath. It seems to be a sharp blade, directly smashing Huang Feihu’s whirlwind breath, instantly vanishing into nothingness.

Huang Feihu, who was originally confident and ready to kill Chen Fei, could not help but reveal his astonishment. The expression on his face sank and stared hard at Chen Fei.

However, he immediately glanced down and took a shot here. His momentum was stronger than before, and he once again attacked Chen Fei fiercely. “Boy, I don’t believe this trick, you can still take it.”

Chen Fei is about to Against Huang Feihu ’s move, the whole space suddenly shook, and then a thick, mechanical-like sound echoed throughout the stone room, “Someone has crossed, the first tomb of the dragon tomb. The distance from the dragon tomb treasure, also Eight levels left. ”

Hearing the words, Chen Fei’s heart moved, and he looked at the flashing and shiny formation on the stone wall, and immediately inferred what was going on.

It should be that the entire dragon tomb is divided into nine levels, and only through the nine levels can the final treasure be obtained. Most of the intruders were divided into different places by the rotating stone chamber just now, allowing everyone to start from the same starting point and go deeper and deeper. In the end, who can get the treasure depends on who is capable.

Thinking of this, Chen Fei suddenly had no intention of entangled with Huang Feihu. I came here for the treasure. If someone broke through the nine barriers in advance and took away the treasure, then I would come here in vain.

Thinking of this, Chen Fei flashed, avoiding Huang Feihu’s attack. His eyes were fixed on the stony path of the stone wall, and his brain ran quickly, looking for lines and methods to break the array.

Although this method looks complicated, it is very simple after sorting out the rules. However, in more than ten seconds, Chen Fei found the cracking pattern of the formation method, and immediately operated the real breath, injecting it according to the pattern of the broken pattern, sketching a complicated and beautiful pattern.

When the pattern was completed, the stone wall shivered fiercely, and then slowly opened a stone door along the arched pattern, and a dark passage appeared.

Upon seeing this, Chen Fei did not hesitate to get into the passage.

Huang Feihu behind him heard the sound just now, and also froze for a moment, then figured out what was going on, and immediately wanted to follow Chen Fei into.

But as soon as he reached the entrance, he was blocked by a beam of light. Suddenly stopped Huang Feihu outside.

It seems that the cracking of this entry method must be done by yourself, no one else can do it.

Thinking about this, Huang Feihu focused his attention on the entrance array and began to study the method of cracking.

The formation of the first pass is naturally not a problem for Huang Feihu, a celestial warrior. About half a minute later, Huang Feihu successfully broke through the formation and entered the channel.

However, when he entered, Chen Fei was gone.

Huang Feihu suddenly felt annoyed, his eyes cold, his teeth coldly said: “Boy, you can’t escape for a while. When I catch you, that’s your death.”

But said Chen Fei at the moment, breaking the first level After entering the passage, there is a small stone chamber in front, and some weapons are placed under the surrounding stone walls. It seems that it should be a reward for passing the first level.

It’s just that these weapons are all rusty and have no sharp edges, which doesn’t make much sense to Chen Fei.

Therefore, Chen Fei continued to move forward without delaying time. It didn’t take long for him to hear the thick mechanical sound just now, and someone broke the second level.


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