MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1460



Chen Fei was very close to the entrance of the Dragon Tomb, and was almost one of the first few people who rushed into the Dragon Tomb. Therefore, when Chen Fei entered the Dragon Tomb, the first thing that caught his eyes was the darkness.

However, after running Zhenyuan’s breath for a while, Chen Fei could see the scene in the Dragon Tomb.

At this moment, Chen Fei looked around and found that he was in a huge and humid stone chamber, surrounded by huge slate, wet with moss, and some even oozed out water, ticking ticking Falling down, it is especially clear in the empty stone room.

However, Chen Fei did not observe too much. After destined to go in one direction, he quickly rushed past. Behind him, Xing Rui and others followed.

After walking in the passage for more than ten minutes, Chen Fei came to a huge empty stone room. On the walls on all four sides of the stone room, there is a passage entrance. Except for the entrance where Chen Fei came in, the other three entrances were all black, and there was a damp and strong aura breeze in it, making it impossible to judge which entrance should be entered.

Just when Chen Fei stopped and hesitated which entrance to enter, the person behind had already chased over. One of the leaders was Huang Feihu and the Jiang family.

With the leadership of Huang Feihu, a master of this class, in front of them, almost no one dared to stop his way. Therefore, a group of people almost rushed over.

Rushing into the stone chamber, Huang Feihu instantly came to Chen Fei, stopped in front of him, Shen said: “Want to escape? Do you think, in my hands, can you escape?”

Chen Fei wrinkled Frowning, he looked at more and more warriors behind him and said to Huang Feihu: “I’m not escaping, but I don’t want to waste time on you.”

“Waste time! What a crazy boy.” Huang Feihu frowned. When the palm of your hand is raised, you must shoot at Chen Fei, “Since that is the case, then I will kill you so that you can never waste time.”

Upon seeing this, the people around Chen Fei were all tense.

Xing Rui jumped out first, running a real breath, wanting to resist Huang Feihu’s palm for Chen Fei. Lin Hu and Lin Lu also stood up and shouted to Huang Feihu: “Uncle Huang, you can’t move Mr. Chen.”

“You guys, get away!” Huang Feihu looked fierce and stared at several people fiercely, “Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude , Kill you all together. ”

” Mr. Huang-”

” Uncle Huang-”

Although a few people were under the pressure of Huang Feihu’s strength, they felt a little uncomfortable and difficult to resist. But they still clenched their teeth and wanted to resist Huang Feihu’s attack for Chen Fei.

At this moment, Chen Fei stepped forward and said to them: “Xing Rui Linhu, thank you. However, you can leave it and leave it to me.”

” But- ” several people looked worried. .

Chen Fei turned to smile at them and said, “Relax, deal with him, I have no problem.”

“Speaking wildly!” Huang Feihu had not spoken yet, and Jiang Bufan first sneered with sarcasm.

Huang Feihu narrowed his eyes, looked at Chen Fei, and said, “It seems that I won’t kill you today. I will not be able to gain a foothold in the martial arts world.”

Chen Fei shook his head, didn’t say much, but just called Huang Feihu After beckoning, he was standing on his back with his hands behind his back, completely unmoved.

Upon seeing this, Huang Feihu’s face sank, and his expression was even more angry. With a scream, he slashed towards Chen Fei with a murderous palm.

Chen Fei saw this, his eyes narrowed slightly, and he would fight against Huang Feihu’s move when he was running.

However, at such a critical moment. Suddenly, the three black shadows flew over and shot together, bursting out a strong energy, blocking Huang Feihu’s move.

At this time, everyone on the scene was stunned, looking at the three shadows in surprise.

Even Huang Feihu squinted slightly, with a dignified color in his eyes. Not many people can block their blows. Although the opponent was a team of three, the strength is still not to be underestimated.

And the background of Chen Fei, who can call these three masters, seems to be worth reconsidering.

Chen Fei, who was preparing to shoot at the moment, was also slightly surprised by the shot of the three. However, as soon as he looked at the three, he immediately recognized them.

They are none other than Chen Fei, who was conquered in Beijing by Situ College, Situ Kong, the head of the Skeleton Society in Beijing, White Claw, and the black gods.

Both Situkong and the Black God are at the mid-level realm level, while White Claw is even better, reaching the post-level realm level. Under the union, it is understandable to block Huang Feihu’s move.

Moreover, plus Xing Rui, who is behind the prefecture-level realm behind Chen Fei, and the rest of the captain of the five-element squad and Lin Hulinlu, who are all prefecture-level mid-realm.

The forces led by Chen Fei seem to be stronger than Huang Fei’s extraordinary forces.

Although in Huang Feihu’s own view, the combination of Chen Fei’s people cannot be his own follow-up. But the forces behind them are a bit troublesome.

For a time, Huang Feihu hesitated.

And at the moment when Huang Feihu hesitated, the huge stone chamber shivered fiercely, and then spun up.

Many people have just been thrown out by the huge force generated by the rotation before they have responded.

Some unfortunate warriors were thrown directly against the hard wall, and their heads and heads were broken and their hands and feet were broken. Some are even more unfortunate, hitting key parts such as the head directly and killing them instantly.

Of course, some people were directly thrown into a channel and disappeared quickly.

Chen Fei stood in the center and was not thrown out for a while. But Xing Rui, Lin Hu, White Claw and others behind him were caught off guard and were thrown out.

Fortunately, they have good strength. While being thrown out, they took real breath one by one, adjusted their direction, and finally avoided the wall and were thrown into different channels.

However, in just a few minutes, there was a call in the stone room. Next, the only people left were Chen Fei and Huang Feihu.

Huang Feihu saw a grin at the corner of his mouth, and looked at Chen Feidao: “Now, no one can help you to stop the move! Next, you only have a dead end.”

After that, Huang Feihu will attack Chen Fei.

Chen Fei frowned, ready to fight.

But at this moment, Chen Fei suddenly saw a faint flash of light in the rapidly rotating channel. One of the light patterns gave Chen Fei a sense of familiarity.

Not wanting to miss this opportunity, Chen Fei had no choice but to fight Huang Feihu. Looking directly at the flashing channel, the figure jumped and rushed straight in.


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