MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1459



At this moment, a mellow middle-aged man’s voice rang in Jiang Bufan’s ears, “Don’t you have any trouble?”

Jiang Bufan couldn’t help but stunned, and immediately looked up at the past, suddenly There was a surprise expression on his face, “Uncle Huang, are you here?”

This uncle Huang is in his early forties, wearing a beige robe, smiling, walking in the wind, giving people a gentle and gentle feeling, It feels very comfortable.

“Extraordinary, what’s the matter with you? The tomb of the dragon is about to open. Why are you so worried.” The uncle Huang Shi Xiang Xiangfan asked with a smile.

Jiang Bufan heard the words, and his face was suddenly not very good-looking. He glanced at Chen Fei, and then said the cause and effect of the matter again.

After listening to Uncle Huang, his face suddenly sank with a low tone of voice: “A champion of a martial arts convention, he dared to be so arrogant. How dare he do to my genius disciples in the martial arts league. It ’s too much, you know. More stunning than him, but eventually disappeared. ”

” Unusual, go, I will take you to meet them. “Uncle Huang waved and walked towards Chen Fei immediately.

Jiang Bufan heard the words and suddenly showed surprise on his face, immediately following Uncle Huang’s footsteps.

At this moment, Chen Fei had already approached the dragon tomb, so he had to investigate carefully and find a way to open the dragon tomb.

But at this moment, Jiang Bufan’s voice rang again, “Chen Fei, I’m here.”

Hearing the voice, Chen Fei turned and looked at Jiang Bufan, his mouth raised, revealing a sneer: ” Is it time to die again? ”

Immediately, Chen Fei looked up and saw the middle-aged man beside Jiang Bufan, his face slightly condensed, and continued:” It turned out to have found a helper? What is this time? ”

“Chen Fei, you are bold, this is me–” Wen Yan, Jiang Bufan’s expression was furious, almost screamed at Chen Fei.

But halfway through, he was caught by Uncle Huang. He took a step forward himself, his mouth slightly raised, his eyes scanned, looked up and down Chen Fei, then snorted softly, said: “The strength of the late prefecture level to the top level of the prefecture level, at this age, there is this kind of Strength, indeed, potential is not bad, no wonder you are so arrogant? ”

Immediately, Uncle Huang’s tone dropped, and his voice changed into tone:” However, the potential is the potential, whether it can develop into strength, that is still a huge question! ”

Chen Feileng Voice said: “Then you don’t have to worry about it.”

Chen Fei’s real strength has already reached the peak of the heavenly level, but he used the special exercises taught by the old man to hide his real cultivation as the realm. Then, according to your own situation, properly reveal your cultivation behavior.

At this martial arts meeting, he defeated Jiang Bufan at the later stage of the prefecture level. So he showed his strength from the late prefecture level to the top level of the prefecture level, which is what Chen Fei said in the mouth of Uncle Huang.

In the face of Chen Fei’s cold attitude, Uncle Huang narrowed his eyes, his breath burst out, and directly oppressed Chen Fei and their group, suddenly making this world seem to become heavy.

Feeling this pressure, Xing Rui immediately stepped out and said: “Instructor Chen is a valuable guest of my Xing family. When Mr. Huang starts, it is best to think about it!” The

Uncle Huang heard the words and waved his hand. Suddenly, he pushed Xing Rui aside and said at the same time: “What is the matter, let

your father Xing Hongqi tell me that you are too tender.”

Xing Rui was pushed away and Lin Hu stepped forward. His face was right: “Uncle Huang, Mr. Chen is a distinguished guest of my master and his elders, I hope you will be merciful.”

“Do you still know to call me Uncle Shi?” Uncle Huang snorted and stared at Xing Rui. “In that case, then you should listen to my order now and go. As for Zhu Lao, I will give him an explanation.”

Yes . ” After talking, Uncle Huang waved his hand again and waved Lin Hu aside.

Upon seeing this, Chen Fei narrowed his eyes slightly and fixed his eyes on the middle-aged man.

At this moment, Lin Lu came to Chen Fei and introduced Chen Fei quickly and whispered, “His name is Huang Feihu, he is a member of our martial arts league. Because he once visited the same teacher as Shao Donghua. So, Jiang Fanfan has a close relationship with him. ”

” Moreover, this Huang Feihu has great strength. It should have reached the level of heaven now, and we can’t resist it. “Lin Lu reminded Chen Feidao nervously.

Chen Fei smiled and softly said:. “Day state level only, no big deal,”

then, Chen Fei stepped forward, look to Huang Feihu, opening: “? Mr. Wong is what I enlighten you,”

Huang Feihu squint squinting, staring Chen Fei, Chen Sheng said: “?? I know the identity and strength, dare so arrogant to say I really do not know you are brave good, or say you are stupid good” ,

“no matter what, Next, you will pay a price for your ignorance. “Huang Feihu said coldly, then he slapped Chen Fei.

Chen Fei felt the pressure of the master of the heaven, raised his arm, and also inspired the true spirit, he had to deal with Huang Feihu’s attack.

For a time, the two vigorous forces surged and they were about to collide.

The people around felt the horrible coercion, their expressions changed, and they retreated back and forth to escape.

However, at this critical moment, suddenly, a loud noise spread throughout the valley and attracted everyone’s attention.

Everyone looked at the sound, and saw the dragon tomb stone door that was still shining with red light. At this moment, the hole was completely open, and a strong and intoxicating aura came out of it.

After slightly stunned, almost all the martial arts around him exclaimed.

“Here, this is the tomb of the dragon!”

“The tomb of the dragon is open, rush!”

“It’s not too late to seize the treasure of the dragon’s tomb.”

………… The warriors from all walks of life who were worried and cautious just now, along with the dragon’s tomb The opening of the car completely ignored others, and all of them rushed in and rushed into the dragon tomb.

Seeing this, Chen Fei didn’t even want to continue fighting with Huang Feihu. After turning around, he pulled out a residual image and rushed towards the entrance of the Dragon Tomb quickly.

“Make excuses and want to escape? Do you think you can escape?” Huang Feihu snorted, then jumped up and quickly rushed into the dragon tomb.

Upon seeing this, Xing Rui, Lin Hu and others, as well as Jiang Bufan’s Jiang family and others, all moved, and rushed into the Dragon Tomb quickly.

For a time, the whole valley became lively.

Hundreds of warriors, the crowded collision at the entrance of the crazy Chaolong Tomb, the sound and light of various battle bombardments also sounded, shaking the whole valley trembling.


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