MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1458



Coming into the valley, a centrally visible two-story building suddenly appeared on the ground.

If you take a closer look, you can immediately see that this small building is all made of huge bluestone blocks, which are stained with moss and stains.

In the center of one side, there is a stone door more than two meters high, with a faint red light lingering on the stone door.

It is hardly necessary to guess. When the monks saw this scene, they could immediately guess that this abrupt building was naturally the legendary dragon tomb.

At this moment, there are also many warriors surrounding the dragon tomb, almost as many as three or four hundred people. Most of them are well-known warriors, and more warriors are around the periphery, pointing at the dragon tomb, and discussions have started.

Chen Fei was naturally in the outermost position due to his later arrival.

After looking at the dragon tomb inside, Chen Fei stepped into it. Behind him, Xing Rui, Lin Hu and others followed.

Further positions are Mu Tianhan and Mu Qianying’s father and daughter. Seeing the two, the instinctive step followed.

However, Chen Fei noticed their movements and turned around and said, “You are here!”

Mu Yanhan was shocked, with a strange color on his face, and then bowed and apologized to Chen Fei. , “Mr. Chen, we were wrong in the past. I apologize to you, I hope to take care of

you—” Chen Fei waved his hand before the end of Mu Tianhan’s words: “Master Mu, what I just said did not mean that. ”

That–” Mu Tianhan froze for a moment.

Chen Fei explained: “Master Mu, I mean, if you and Qianying continue to compete for the dragon tomb treasure, I am afraid there will be danger. And I cannot protect you on this occasion. It means, for your safety, you stop here, this is the best way. ”

Mu Tianhan heard the words, and there was a trace of regret on his face. However, his expression soon relieved.

After all, their father and daughter were able to get to this point, and even said that they were able to survive, which is already very lucky. It’s not time to greedy for more things.

So the father and daughter thanked Chen Fei, and then took the initiative to retreat to the back position.

Chen Fei left Mu Qianying with an amulet, which could help her to block the three tricks of the masters at the ground level.

There were many people in it, and Chen Fei broke in, which naturally caused a lot of dissatisfaction. The people on the scene are all warriors, and when they are angry, they will start fighting.

However, when they turned around and saw Xing Rui, Lin Hu and others who were behind Chen Fei, they were dumbfounded. They quickly withdrew their fists and retreated aside.

Later, the former warriors took the initiative to make way, and Chen Fei and his party came to the middle of the valley.

Looking at the corner of the dragon tomb exposed on the ground of the valley, Chen Fei’s eyes were attracted involuntarily.

While Chen Fei was going to get closer and carefully observe the Dragon Tomb, a group of people suddenly appeared in front of Chen Fei, blocking Chen Fei’s way.

Chen Fei raised his head

and looked at the coming person, his eyes suddenly cold. Because, no one else was in front of him, it was Jiang Bufan who was injured by Chen Fei in the final of the Budo Conference.

However, at the moment, Jiang Fanfan’s breath was full and strong, and he seemed to be even stronger than when he was at the martial arts meeting.

If Jiang Fanfan at the time was the first to enter the realm of the late prefecture level, then now he may have stabilized in the realm of the late prefecture level. The breath on his body was obviously stronger.

“It’s you! What do you want to do?” Chen Fei was slightly surprised, and then looked at Jiang Bufan, and said indifferently.

Jiang Bufan was carrying six people behind him at the moment, all wearing the uniforms of the Jiang family. The true spirit of his body was surging, all of them were prefects. Just looking at the posture, I knew that the Jiang family attached importance to the Dragon Tomb incident.

At the moment, Jiang Bufan bought the words to Chen Fei, his expression was very angry, and he gritted his teeth and said: “What do you say I want to do? The hatred at the martial arts conference, I can remember Jiang Fanfan clearly.”

Chen Feiwen said He raised his eyebrows and said dismissively: “If you want to take revenge, just come. But this time, Donghua Shao is not here. If you want to live again, you will not have that good luck.”

” You– “When it comes to this matter, Jiang Bufan’s expression can’t help but be dimmed, and the expression is even more angry and angry.

After all, at the martial arts conference, he was defeated by Chen Fei, and was almost killed. Eventually, he relied on Shao Donghua, the master of his martial arts league, to take a violation.

With the end of the Budo Assembly, these rumors have already spread in the Budo world. His reputation as Jiang Fanfan was also greatly affected, which made Jiang Bufan very unhappy, and his hatred towards Chen Fei became stronger.

The strong hatred immediately filled Jiang Bufan’s eyes with angry fire, he gritted his teeth, and waved his command to command his men: “Give me, kill him!”

Suddenly, Jiang Bufan’s six followers behind him All of them were dispatched in unison, and there was a real vitality in his body, so he had to deal with Chen Fei.

Xing Rui, Lin Hu and others behind Chen Fei showed no signs of weakness. Almost while the other party was moving, they stepped out and released the true breath of their bodies, confronting the Jiang family.

“Want to move instructor Chen, let’s go through our level first?” Xing Rui took the lead and stared at Jiang Fanfan fiercely, his tone was not polite.

Lin Lu also stood up at the moment and looked at Jiang Bufan: “Jiang Fanfan, you have passed the matter of the last martial arts conference. This time, don’t go too far.”

Jiang Bufan did not expect these people to be Chen Fei. Speaking backed up, he bowed his head and thought, his expression was a bit ugly.

The six of his classmates are the elites of the Jiang family. The strength of the prefecture level is a master at any place. But now, Xing Rui, Lin Hu and others around Chen Fei are at least the strength of the prefecture-level middle stage.

If they really fight against each other, his Jiang family will not necessarily win.

Thinking of this, Jiang Bufan’s expression could not help embarrassing and helpless.

Xing Ruimin sharp catch to this point, sneer, disdain: “.. Did not have the guts do not try to be brave, joke Chen instructors you please,”

said a group of people surrounded Chen Fei, go directly to the entrance of the tomb Chaolong In the past.

Jiang Bufan saw him behind him, hating his teeth, and wishing to swallow Chen Feisheng alive, but there was no way but to watch helplessly at the moment.


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