MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1457



Hearing the pressure, Xing Rui, who was under great pressure, suddenly felt relieved, and looked up and quickly thanked, “Thank you Xing Shao for forgiving me for my mistakes. Wu Kang will listen to Xing Shao in the future. Xing Shao, you let me go east. Dare— ”

But Wu Kang’s faithful words haven’t been finished yet, but Xing Rui’s tone changed, interrupting Wu Kang’s words,” Offend us a few, it’s just a trifle. At that time, you offended another Big man, that’s a big deal. ”

” Ah– “Wu Kang heard it and couldn’t help but stunned. Some didn’t understand what was going on. Then he asked nervously, “Dare to ask Xing Shao, who is the other big man? I didn’t seem to offend any big people?”

“Not offended?” Xing Rui’s face sank and sneered. Then he walked directly to Chen Fei and came to Chen Fei. He bowed respectfully and greeted, “Hello, Instructor Chen!”

Behind Xing Rui, the other captains of Wuxing Squad also stepped forward to greet each other. Lin Hu and Lin Lu of the Budo League are also respectful at this moment and say hello to Chen Fei.

For a time, all these big men from Beijing just stood behind Chen Fei respectfully.

Seeing this, Wu Kang was dumbfounded. “This, this is–”

Xing Rui said: “This Mr. Chen Fei Chen is the chief instructor of our five-element team and the champion of this martial arts conference. Yes We admire the incomparable master. Now, do you know what big person you offended? ”

After hearing Xing Rui’s words, Wu Kang’s face was ashamed, and cold sweat slipped from his forehead. The whole person was completely speechless because of surprise and tension. coming.

After a moment of stunnedness, he finally reluctantly said to Chen Fei: “Mr. Chen, I, I do n’t know who you are? So, I was offended just now. Please forgive me, I will not dare next time. My Wu family will also Make compensation to Mr. Chen. Please forgive us! ”

“Because it’s me, so you know it’s wrong. That’s not me who is going to be here today, are you all right?” Chen Fei asked with a voice.

Wu Kang heard this, froze for a moment, and then immediately said: “I, Mr. Chen, I don’t mean that. I just

said–” Chen Fei ordered coldly.

“It’s too much to break one’s arms–” Wu Kang heard, instinctively retorted. But halfway through the discourse, I realized what character was standing in front of me. I suddenly looked white. I didn’t dare to say much. I gritted my teeth and pulled out a sharp blade, and directly cut off my left arm.

The rest of the classmates saw Wu Shao like this. Where there was a bit of guts to resist, he could only cut his arm with his teeth. Suddenly, the blood was dripping, and the air seemed to smell a little bit more.

Seeing this, Chen Fei nodded coldly, waved his hand and said, ”

Okay .” Suddenly, Wu Kang, like Meng Amnesty, even walked away with his men quickly.

Then, Chen Fei’s eyes naturally fell on Cai Xize and Cai Han father and son behind Wu Kang.

Just now, it was because of the two people’s seeking group that Wu Kang fell into such a situation.

At this moment, the situation was completely reversed, and Chen Fei overwhelmed the two with a crushing strength and background.

Suddenly, Cai Xize and Cai Han shivered, and their faces were full of fear. Chen Fei almost instantaneously toward them over here, Cai Caesar on a plop kneel on the ground, taking a two-edged sword, Yang high up, and shouted: “He is, I

have admitted the mistake, we are willing to break from One arm. ”

After finishing his speech, Cai Xize would cut off his arm with a sword.

But at the moment, Chen Fei suddenly said coldly: “When did I say that I will let you break your arms.”

“Mr. Chen, you just now, Wu Shao and they–” Cai Xize didn’t know how to speak for a moment.

At the moment, Cai Han’s eyes are full of expectation and excited Chen Feidao, “Mr. Chen, we are wrong. As long as you let us go, our Cai family will make compensation.

We– ” Chen Feiwen said, looking sadly. Cai Han glanced sneeredly: “You think I will lack your Cai family’s compensation.”

“This, but Mr. Chen, don’t you let us break our arms?” Cai Han didn’t recover.

Chen Fei shook his head and said, “I won’t let you cut your arm because of that kind of punishment. It’s too light for your father and son.” At

the moment of speaking, Chen Fei’s arm flew up and two bursts of energy burst out into the air , Chao Xize and Cai Han father and son raided the past.

The two felt the terrifying murderous intention, and suddenly shook with a terrified cry, quickly crying and begging for mercy.

“Mr. Chen, I am wrong, don’t kill me.”

“We are willing to do anything, as long as Chen Xian you forgive us—”

“Poo, poo” sounded twice.

Not waiting for the two to finish shouting, Chen Fei’s energy penetrated directly from the heart of the two, raised two bloods, and instantly killed their father and son, and fell into the yellow dust, blood gurgling Gush.

Last night, Chen Fei turned directly and stepped into the valley. He is about to officially start exploring the Dragon Tomb.

The people outside looked at the blood and corpses on the ground, and many of them looked pale. They were originally ashamed. At the moment, their footsteps seemed to be filled with lead, and they looked very heavy.

“Here, all the masters of this level have appeared. We of the Xuan-level martial arts have no chance at all.”

“Even the father and son of the Cai family were killed here. The danger level inside will only be higher than outside. ”

” That is, although the treasure of the Dragon Tomb is good, it still has a small life! ”

So, without Chen Fei’s knowledge, due to his shot, the number of warriors participating in the exploration of the Dragon Tomb was reduced After more than 20 people, it can be regarded as another way to reduce competition.

Walking into the valley, the surrounding mountains are towering, the trees are lush, and the sky is covered, so that the surrounding environment looks cloudy, and the temperature in the air seems to drop a few degrees.

Chen Fei walked ahead, and behind him, Xing Rui, Lin Hu and others followed closely.

In the back direction, both Mu Tianhan and Mu Qianying’s father and daughter looked at Chen Fei with surprise and shock at the moment. It seemed that they had not recovered from the shock just now.

Although the two already knew that Chen Fei was a master, he knew that he was very powerful. But they still didn’t expect that Chen Fei was such a powerful expert, not only with his skill, but also with a terrifying background.

Mu Qianying thought that she was lying in the arms of such a big master, coquettish and cute, and suddenly her cheeks were red and hot, her legs were soft, and she couldn’t move.

And Mu Tianhan could hardly open his legs at this moment, the reason is naturally different from his daughter, but the fear and fear after the heart fright. When he thought of his prejudice and drive against Chen Fei, and then thought of Chen Fei’s current status, Mu Tianhan was terrified and almost paralyzed.


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