MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1456



Cai Xize and Cai Han, who were nervous and worried, suddenly smiled when they saw such a scene.

They had originally asked Wu Shao to come forward to help, but they didn’t expect that Chen Fei was too inexplicable to do something against Wu Shao. Now, he offended Wu Shao, and Wu Shao will certainly not let him go.

After Wu Shao resolved Chen Fei, the concerns of the two of them naturally disappeared.

Thinking of this, the expression on the two people’s faces suddenly became excited, and could not wait to see the scene where Wu Shaojiang Chen Fei defeated.

At this time, Wu Shao’s men surrounded him and prepared to attack Chen Fei.

Chen Fei narrowed his eyes, shook his head gently, and said, “It’s not your business. But since you are looking for your own death, then I’ll do it for you.”

Just when this battle was about to strike, suddenly A cold drink accompanied the sound of footsteps.

“Who let you do it! Give me your hand.”

Wu Kang, who was drunk with a vengeful expression, turned his head and screamed: “Who dares to take care of Wu Kang’s affairs and find death right? ”

next to Caesar and Cai Cai Han father and son, and also looked over, I come to find about seven or eight people, where the speaker is the top of a 31-year-old, burly young men.

Upon seeing this, Cai Xize and Cai Han suddenly looked like dog legs and shouted for Wu Kang.

“That guy, who are you? Did you eat the bear heart leopard gall? Did you dare to take care of Wu Shao’s affairs, find death?”

“I tell you, this is Wu Kang Wu Shao of Wu Family in Guanghai Province. Dealer, if you are interested, just go away on your own. ”


The two thought that if they broke out Wu Shao’s identity, this group of people would retreat with difficulty.

But I did not expect that the result was exactly the opposite of what they thought.

After hearing this, the group of people all showed a disdainful smile, and the leading young man even sneered, looking directly at Wu Kang, “Wu Kang Wu Shao in Guanghai Province? I want to see if he can have How powerful it is, dare to do it to us. ”

Wu Kang at the moment, Wen Yan’s expression cooled down, looked at the young man leading the other party, his eyes were cold, and he threatened:” Dare you talk to me like this, knowing what will happen Aftermath? ”

” I’m going to see, what can be the consequences? “The young man put his hands on his chest, did not take Wu Kang’s warning at all, but approached Wu Kang.

Seeing this, Wu Kang looked very gloomy. He waved his hand and called to deal with Chen Fei’s men. He ordered and said, “Give me, let them be settled first.”

Suddenly, Wu Kang’s men whistled The group of people approached the crowd, and the battle was about to begin.

Upon seeing the young man, arms across their chests release, mouth revealing a touch Xiexiao, looked behind him toward the opening:. “I really did not expect that someone in which we dare to yourself”

“Yes ah If that’s the case, let’s move ahead and exercise our muscles in advance, which is considered to be an early practice to explore the Dragon Tomb. ”

” Come on, let’s do it! ”

Wu Kang suddenly became angry when he saw the other person’s fearless appearance. a fiercely waving, ordered his men and said:. “give me on, severely beat today, too many guys ungrateful, even I dare to offend, is simply seeking death.”

battle imminent, the surrounding onlookers, At this moment, there was also excitement, one after another, and the expression was excited.

“It’s really a good show today, one after another!”

“That is, first, the kid’s angry and angry Cai family offended Wu Shao again. Next, it was this group of people who also did not know how good or bad, and even dared Take care of Wu Shao’s business. ”

” Haha, let’s see. Offended Wu Shao, no one can run away. Wu Shao will ask them to settle the accounts. ”

” I’m looking forward to it and want to know how Wu Shao taught them. ”

…… …

As soon as the war between the two sides was on the verge, someone in the crowd suddenly exclaimed, “Then, that good acquaintance, he, is he not Xing Shao?”

“Xing Shao, what Xing Shao? Who is more powerful than Wu

Shao ? ” ” That’s too much to say, of course it is Xing Shao! Xing Rui Xing Shao, that is the captain of the Golden Team of the Five Elements Team of the Linglong Organization Headquarters. The Men’s family has a great connection. ”

” What is that Xing Shao in the capital. He, he actually appeared here. ”

” If that was Xing Rui Xing Shao, wouldn’t those people behind him be big men. ” ”


a time, not People exclaimed again.

Wu Kang’s face also changed, his expression a little surprised, he quickly waved to stop his follower. Then, He looked nervous watching Xing Rui, the channel: “Are you really Xing Xing Rui less?”

Xing Rui heard this, a write-mouth, revealing a hint of sneer, then opening:. “I was on the Xing Rui, I will introduce you to my friends again. ”

Then, Xing Rui pointed at the person behind him and began to introduce them one by one.

“This alliance is a martial arts apprentice Zhulao Zhu Kui-shan, Lin Hu and Lin deer.”

“This is the team captain Linglong five elements of wood squad Lin book.”

“This is the team captain of the five elements of water Linglong squad Tanbing Jie.”

… ……

When the names like Lei Guan’er were spoken by Xing Rui, the people around them were all stunned. Looking at the group of people in disbelief, they were almost scared.

“Here, these are all great people!”

“And, they are all great people from Beijing. Now, Wu Shao mentioned the iron plate.”

“Finished, Wu Shao really suffered this time, and even offended these people.”

“Unexpectedly, I originally thought that Wu Shao won it. But unexpectedly, these people actually …”

Which of Kang’s expression was surprised and embarrassed even after much discussion. The expression on his face changed for a while, and finally forced to squeeze out a smile, and walked to Xing Rui in front of them, nodding and apologizing: “Yes, I’m sorry, I’m really sorry. I don’t know the identity of the distinguished guests and offended everyone.”

“For this, I sincerely apologize and apologize to you for admitting your mistakes.” After that, Wu Kang bowed deeply, full of nervousness.

Xing Rui heard Wu Yan and looked at Wu Kang in silence.

This inexplicable pressure and silence made Wu Kang’s face more and more ugly. On the lowered forehead, the sweat droplets ticked down and felt a great deal of pressure.

Just when Wu Kang could hardly bear the pressure and fell, Xing Rui finally said, “Actually, you offend us. For us, it’s just a trivial matter, and we don’t care.”


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