MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1455



Just when almost everyone looked nervously and curiously about what would happen next.

At the last moment when he was about to step into the Dragon Tomb area, Chen Fei figured out his pass and threw it to the guard.

The guards immediately determined the authenticity of Chen Fei’s pass token, and immediately retreated, making way to make a gesture of asking to let Chen Fei step into the Dragon Tomb area.

Upon seeing this, the nervous people just now felt a little dumbfounded at the moment.

They had been expecting Chen Fei to break into the Dragon Tomb area. As a result, there was a big battle with the guards. However, Chen Fei even took out a pass token and entered the Dragon Tomb area.

For a time, both the Cai family father and son and the Mu family father and daughter were a bit dull.

Mu Qianying smiled into Chen Fei’s arms and hugged him, screaming Brother Chen with a smile and tears in his eyes.

Mu Tianhan felt more embarrassed now and then. After all, he was provoked by Cai Xize, thinking that Chen Fei may plot his own pass token, take extra precautions against Chen Fei, and even drive him away.

As a result, Chen Fei itself has a pass token, and he has no intention of plotting his token at all.

Here, after Chen Fei and Mu’s father and daughter greeted each other, they walked towards the Cai family’s father and son.

When the two of them were surprised, their expressions became nervous, and they stepped back a few steps, their voices shaking.

“You, what do you want to do?”

“I tell you, you can’t do anything casually in the dragon tomb area without permission!”


Chen Fei nodded and said indifferently: “I naturally know these rules, but there is still an hour before the opening of the Dragon Tomb. When the time is up, I can start.”

“One hour, I can still afford it .” Yes. “After that, Chen Feixie looked at the father and son of the Cai family with a smile.

The two suddenly felt a chill flow from the spine, and the whole person seemed to have fallen into the ice cave, and they were cold and frozen in place.

They have already seen the strength of Chen Fei. With the skills of their father and son, they could not be Chen Fei’s opponents.

Thinking of this, the two immediately became anxious. They want to dodge and avoid Chen Fei.

But the vacant land on this side was so large that the location of the dragon tomb deeper was not open. After going out of the fence, it was impossible to enter. It was almost inevitable.

There is no way, but time passes by one minute and one second, an hour, and it will not be long before elapsed.

Finally, when the time came, the guard announced aloud, “Now, it ’s time to open the dragon tomb, explorers, you can enter the valley and explore the dragon tomb freely.”

“Of course, before exploring, we treasure you to explore the dragon tomb. There are risks, please ask for your actions. “As

soon as the words fell, a group of people rushed towards the valley, ready to take the lead.

However, Chen Fei was not in a hurry, instead of rushing to the valley, but went to Cai Xize and Cai Han father and son.

When the two saw Chen Fei approaching, the expression on their faces suddenly became tense, and their steps retreated.

But the valley entrance is only so wide distance, the two quickly pushed to the rock wall at, never

have escape route.

“It’s time, now, I can start.” Chen Fei’s eyes were cold, his palms breathed up, and he would bombard them.

Cai Xize and Cai Han father and son, seeing a terrified look on his face, his body shivered. Seeing that there is no way to avoid it, I can only close my eyes and bear everything.

But at this moment, Cai Xize noticed that a fashionable young man with a group of people walked past them not far away, imposing.

Suddenly, Cai Xize’s glasses lit up and quickly shouted: “Wu Shao, help, help us.”

Hearing the call, the fashionable young man dressed up turned his head around and looked at Cai Xize with a look of surprise on his face. The color, “Uncle Cai, what’s the matter with you? Did you have any trouble?”

At this moment, Cai Han, who opened her eyes and heard Wu Shao in front of her, was also excited.

This Wu Shao is called Wu Kang and is the son of the most powerful Wu family in Guanghai province. Cai Xize had visited the Wu family several times, and had several business cooperations with the Wu family. The two sides also knew each other.

The strength of the Wu family, whether in martial arts or commercial power, is stronger than that of the Cai family. Therefore, Cai Xize and Cai Han, who were almost desperate at the moment, saw Wu Kang passing by and immediately grabbed this life-saving straw and began to ask for help.

Wu Kang can only be somewhat impressed with Cai Xize and Cai Han, and the relationship is not so deep. But after all, he is a partner of his own family, and Cai Jiazai province is also a good mix. Making more friends is not a bad thing.

So, Wu Kang raised his hand, stood still, and listened to Cai Xize and Cai Han’s quick story.

After listening, the young man Wu Kang and Wu Shao looked at Chen Fei and looked at Chen Fei up and down. Nothing special was found in him. Then he waved his hand and said a command tone: Uncle Cai and Cai Han are my friends of Wu Kang. Just take a break for this incident today. You leave! ”

In Wu Kang’s view, such a trivial matter is not difficult at all. After all, he is a major Wu family, representing the face of the Wu family, this face is still there.

But this time, the result was beyond Wu Kang’s expectations.

Chen Fei looked at Wu Kang, who was standing in front of himself, frowned, and then said coldly: “What are you, what are you qualified to order me? This matter, it’s none of your business, go.”

Wen Yan , Wu Kang’s expression chilled instantly.

The vast crowd of horses and horses crowded around Wu Kang, his expression immediately became gloomy, one after another, and he came under pressure to Chen Fei.

“Boy, do you know what you’re talking about?” Wu Kang glared coldly at Chen Fei, his voice cold, “I will give you a chance, kneel down, and apologize to me, I can spare you.”

Chen Fei heard that, with a disgruntled face on his face, he stepped out directly and said coldly: “I said who dares to spoil my things, I will let him pay the price.”

After that, Chen Fei even wanted to dial directly Wu Kang’s classmates attacked Cai Xize and Cai Han.

In an instant, Wu Kang’s expression was very gloomy, and his anger was swelled. He shouted, “Kill him!” There was a loud clatter , and the twelve or twenty people brought by Wu Kang, moved in an orderly manner, and surrounded Chen Fei…

The situation on the ground suddenly became tense, and the battle was on the verge.


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