MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1452



Someone said, “They don’t care about the situation on the fence side. As long as they have the token, they will let you in. As for how you got the token, they don’t care at all.”

“There is such a thing! “Chen Fei was really surprised. Looking at the people who were by the fence, waiting to be checked into them, they all looked nervous and showed vigilance.”

Just now, Chen Fei thought they were nervous because of the Dragon Tomb. Now that I heard about it, I realized that they were worried that someone might snatch the token in their hands.

Thinking of this, Chen Fei did not rush to take out his token. Although he was not worried about robbing, he did not want to cause more trouble.

In this way, Chen Fei walked towards the entrance of the fence, waiting for the inspection to enter the Dragon Tomb area.

However, Chen Fei, who was waiting, suddenly heard a crisp voice, “Brother Chen, you are here too!”

Immediately, Chen Fei saw the little girl Mu Qianying ran towards herself with excitement. .

“Qianying, are you here? Are you going to enter the Dragon Tomb area?” Chen Feidao said.

“Well, my dad and Uncle Cai are in line in front.” Mu Qianying Qiaoshengsheng said.

Looking at the front, Chen Fei found that not far away in front of him, Mu Tianhan and Cai Xize really waited here.

When Chen Fei looked over, they also found Chen Fei. Suddenly, their faces sank.

Cai Han rushed over immediately, leaned over to Mu Qianying, and said: “Qianying, you stay away from him. He may not have good intentions.”

“Cai Han, what are you talking about, Brother Chen is a good person, you Don’t wrong him. “Mu Qianying stared at Cai Handao.

Later, Cai Xize frowned, and said to Mu Tianhan around him: “Brother Mu, that guy is here again. It wouldn’t be such a coincidence. If it was a coincidence in the forest before, is it a coincidence now?”

“This–” Mu Tianhan’s face sank, his expression dignified.

Cai Xize reminded here: “Brother Mu, you have also seen the boy’s strength, which is very good. If he snatches your token at this time, I am afraid it is impossible to prevent!”

“There is Qianying, she is too simple, if it is Being used by that guy, Brother Mu, you’re in trouble. ”

Mu Tianhan heard the frown more and more, stepped over and said to Mu Qianying:” Qianying, come here. ”

” Dad, I want to be with Brother Chen. Mu Qianying pouted.

Mu Tianhan gave Chen Fei a vigilant look, then grabbed Mu Qianying’s arm and said, “It’s our turn, you come, don’t delay time.”

“But, Dad-” Mu Qian What does Ying want to say.

Cai Han persuaded on the side, “Qianying, you don’t want to be self-willed. You have seen this on any occasion. Our situation is not safe. It is very likely that someone will snatch the token. Do you want you to let you Dad, are they in danger? ”

” I, but— “Mu Qianying was a little embarrassed.

Seeing this, Chen Fei said with a smile: “Xian Ying, you go first. I’m behind, I can enter immediately, without waiting for long.”

“Well, Brother Chen, that’s all right. After I went in, it was Waiting for you inside! “Mu Qianying looked at Chen Fei seriously.

Chen Fei nodded seriously.

It was Cai Han’s unbelieving expression, with a mocking tone: “It’s really addictive, thinking that I really have a token and can enter the Dragon Tomb area! Ha ha!”

Chen Fei ignored Cai Han’s mocking, just Quietly waiting in line to enter the Dragon Tomb area.

At this moment, it was their turn to Mu Tianhan and Cai Xize.

The faster they approached them, the more cautious their expressions were. Because, at the entrance of the fence, there is a high incidence of robbing. If the other party takes advantage of the unsuccessful robbing and then immediately passes the inspection to enter the Dragon Tomb area, the robbed person can only do nothing.

This has happened several times before. It is really because of this, the more the last moment, the more nervous everyone is.

Chen Fei also noticed that some people hovering around the entrance, as Mu Tianhan and Cai Xize took out the tokens, they also obviously approached the entrance to the past.

Seeing this, Mu Tianhan and Cai Xize were nervous and pinched the token in their hands, looking dignified and alert.

Seeing that they were going to be close to the entrance, those who wandered could not bear it anymore. After launching the real breath, they would have to rush to snatch the token.

Upon seeing this, Cai Xize shouted loudly, “We are from the Mu family and the Cai family in Ze province. Are you sure you want to do it?”

Such a shout revealed their identity. Most of the people who were ready to do it were really shocked, stopped and retreated.

After all, the Mu family and the Cai family are well-known in the province of Ze, and even if they succeed in the snatch, they may face revenge from the two. Therefore, almost according to most people who wanted to snatch, Wen Yan dispelled the idea of ​​snatching them.

Seeing such a situation, Mu Tianhan couldn’t help being relieved, and a smile appeared on his face. It seems that he can successfully take his daughter through the inspection and enter the Dragon Tomb area.

But at this moment, the mutation suddenly emerged.

Cai Xize, beside Mu Tianhan, flashed a strange color in his eyes, suddenly reached out his hand, and grabbed the token in Mu Tianhan’s hand.

When Mu Tianhan noticed Cai Xize’s actions, it was too late. Cai Xize had snatched the token in his hand, and then slapped it on Mu Tianhan’s chest, flying him out.

Mu Tianhan was attacked by this kind of attack, and he didn’t expect it. The whole person

was stunned. He looked at Cai Xize with an incredulous face, and his mouth was filled with blood . Uncle Cai, why are you doing this? ”

Cai Xize sneered:” Why? This is a precious pass token, each one is worth a lot of existence. I only have one on hand, and if there is one more, I will not Too much. ”

” You, you are too much. Thanks to my dad trusting you so much, you Cai family even attacked us secretly. “Mu Qianying’s face was full of anger.

Tianhan wood everywhere at the moment is angry, scarlet eyes glared Cai Caesar, teeth and said: “.. Caesar Cai, loss I will look at you as a brother, but you treated me I will kill you”

feel of wood Tianhan who broke with a real sense of terror, Cai Xize turned his face and gave his son Cai Han a token, saying: “Quickly bring people into the Dragon Tomb area.”

A token, in addition to the holder, can also bring three Companions enter together.

Now Mu Tianhan is angry, Cai Xize is thinking about the safety of his son Cai Han, let him enter the Dragon Tomb area in advance, in order to ensure safety. After all, in the Dragon Tomb area, you can’t attack at will without permission.


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