MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1450



After some healing, the injured personnel settled down. Mu Tianhan looked at the time, and it was not too early. He was ready to greet everyone and continue his journey.

But at this moment, Cai Xize made a glance at Mu Tianhan, called him aside, and started talking in a low voice.

“Brother Cai, you asked me to come, is there anything?” Mu Tianhan looked at Cai Xize strangely.

Cai Xize, with a dignified face, lowered his voice and said to Mu Tianhan: “Brother Mu, don’t you really suspect this?”

“Brother Cai, what are you talking about?” Mu Tianhan asked.

Cai Xize glanced in the direction of Chen Fei and warned: “Brother Mu, don’t you think. This kid named Chen Fei is too coincident?”

“Hey, Brother Cai, are you doubting Chen Fei?” Mu Tianhan Road.

Cai Xize said: “Brother, think for yourself, this time for the purpose of keeping the token of the Dragon Tomb secret, you purposely led the team to go to the night, just to avoid people’s eyes and ears. But in the end, I still encountered a gangster gang, and still the strongest Ferocious gang. ”

” And what happened is that at this moment, Chen Fei suddenly appeared and rescued you. Don’t you think that all this is too coincident? ”

” This-“Mutian Han Wenyan couldn’t help but stunned, “Brother Chen Fei saved us and killed the ferocious wolf. There should be no problem.”

“Brother Mu, when did you become so naive? Is it okay? If he is sent by other forces? Or, he has other purposes? For example, can you guarantee foolproof against Qianying? ”

” Again, one is so young, less than thirty years old. The young man. But he has the strength to kill the ferocious wolf. Do n’t you think it is doubtful? ”Cai Xize whispered aside.

“This, no. He doesn’t seem to have to do this.” Mu Tianhan shook his head.

Cai Xize said, “Brother, you still underestimated the importance of the Dragon Tomb! This time the Dragon Tomb is opened. In order to get an opportunity to explore, the major martial arts forces in Beijing have broken their heads. The martial arts forces in our place , How hard it is to get a quota, you and I all understand it. ”

” A qualification to explore the Dragon Tomb is very precious. In order to get this qualification, what others will do, we have to guard against Ah! “Cai Xize looked at Mu Tianhan’s eyes.

“Moreover, it is getting closer and closer to the beginning of the Dragon Tomb. Those who do n’t get the pass token will be more and more crazy. At this critical moment, Brother Mu, you ca n’t come at all, you must hit 120,000 points. Spirit, keep vigilant at all times! ”

These words have slowly moved Mu Tianhan, making his expression hesitate, thinking about it, and looking at Cai Xize, said:” Brother Cai, according to your meaning, I should— — ”

“ This way— ”Cai Xize made a slashing gesture with his knife on his neck.

Seeing this, Mu Tianhan quickly shook his head: “This, this is not enough. Brother Chen Fei has just saved us anyway. I can’t do anything that will revenge.”

Cai Xize immediately said: “Brother Mu, you can’t give up, then At least drive him away, not stay around, otherwise it is too dangerous. ”

” This, this– “Mu Tianhan still hesitated.

At this moment, Cai Xize pointed to Chen Fei and said to Mu Tianhan: “Brother Mu, you look over there. It

only took a long time for Qianying to be so intimate with the kid. Brother, you don’t care about yourself, but also Think more about Qianying, you can’t hurt her. ”

Mu Tianhan turned his head and looked at her daughter holding Chen Fei’s arms, laughing and laughing, her eyes flashed with worry, and nodded to Cai Xize, whispering: “I understand what to do. I will tell you Chen Fei drove away. ”

Cai Xize heard the words and nodded,” Brother, this is the right choice. ”

Immediately, the two turned and walked back. Cai Xize pulled his son Cai Han to say something. But Mu Tianhan looked toward Chen Fei with a strange look.

Wood Ying Qian came to see his father, smiling, said: – “Dad, you want to come off you go with me and Chen Big Brother, we just talk a lot, it can be interesting Chen brother, us?”

Unequal After the daughter’s words were finished, Mu Tianhan took her daughter’s hand, pulled her behind him, and then looked at Chen Fei, with a sullen face: “Mr. Chen, I have something to do and I want to talk to you alone.”

Chen Feijian By the time Mu Tianhan walked towards himself, he already knew what was going on. After all, although the dialogue between Cai Xize and Mu Tianhan was covert, Chen Fei heard it clearly.

Suddenly, Chen Fei’s face sank, and his voice was cold and said: “The wooden house owner is no longer in trouble. I leave without worrying about the wooden house owner.” After

hearing the words, Mu Tianhan couldn’t help but be surprised, and his face was amazed. He seemed a little surprised, but he didn’t expect Chen Fei to know his intention in advance.

Qian Ying wood touches, slow for a while came to understand the meaning of two of dialogue, suddenly excited again, “? Chen Big Brother, why do you go ah,”

Chen flew channel: “I do not go, some people do not trust.”

Speak At that time, Chen Fei looked at Mu Tianhan.

Mu Tianhan’s expression was a little ashamed, and his head was not looking pretty.

Seeing this, Mu Qianying took his father’s arm and questioned, “Dad, what are you doing? Brother Chen is our life-saving benefactor. We haven’t thanked him yet. Why did you rush Brother Chen?

” Qianying, you go first, this matter, I will explain to you clearly. “Mu Tianhan said.

“No, I have to. No, I will not let Brother Chen leave. Dad, you can’t chase Brother Chen away.” Mu Qianying had a temper.

Seeing this, Mu Tianhan had just made up his mind.

At this moment, Cai Xize and Cai Han came over.

Cai Han leaned to Mu Qianying and said: “Qianying, you don’t want to be wayward. At this time, the relationship is important, not when you are playing with temper.”

“What’s the relationship? What does it have to do with Brother Chen?” Mu Qian Grumbled dissatisfied.

Cai Han said: “We both have the Dragon Tomb pass token, what it means, you don’t know.”

Mu Qianying froze for a moment, and then aftertaste the meaning of each other, “You nonsense, Brother Chen He ’s a good person, he ’s not going to hit us with the pass token. Besides, even if Brother Chen really wants the pass token, he is the life-saving benefactor of our wooden family, and we give the pass token to Brother Chen. Pay back. ”

” Qianying, the preciousness of the pass token, you can’t understand it, but you can’t talk nonsense. “Cai Han heard it and said.

“I’m not talking nonsense, I’m serious. Dad, you give the pass token to Brother Chen, we will not go to this Dragon Tomb.” Mu Qianying looked at his father Mu Tianhan seriously.


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