MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1449



The first reaction came from the men of the ferocious wolf. When they saw the death of the boss, they still had the mentality to continue fighting. They immediately turned and rushed towards the depths of the forest, preparing to escape.

But Chen Fei would let them run away, like a figure of electricity, turned into a residual image, shuttled through the dense forest, and finally a few times, all the gangsters were killed.

After doing this, Chen Fei returned to the distance, took up the stunned Mu Qianying, and brought him to Mu Tianhan, and said, “Your daughter is fine.” The

shocked Mu Tianhan, this is After recovering, he hugged her daughter quickly, comforting her for a while.

Then, he was very grateful to Chen Fei, “Thank you, thank you so much, I really do n’t know what to say.”

And when he thought of the misunderstanding of Chen Fei, Mu Tianhan was very guilty. I apologize: “This little brother, I’m really sorry for the matter just now. I misunderstood you and regarded you as a gangster bandit. I should be guilty of death, little brother. They are willing to bear. ”

Chen Fei waved his hand, but he didn’t take it seriously, and said lightly:” It’s okay, I just passed by. In the future, you should be more cautious. ”

After that, Chen Fei turned and left.

Upon seeing this, Mu Tianhan quickly shouted: “Brother, you should go to the Dragon Tomb too. Otherwise, you stay and go with us. This late night dense forest is not very safe.”

Chen Fei turned his head and said: “You think, Would it be safer for me to stay with you? ”

Wen Yan, Mu Tianhan choked, and then realized this. Chen Fei’s strength is even stronger than him. Security issues do not need him to worry about.

So, Mu Tianhan quickly waved his hand and explained: “Little brother, I don’t mean that. I just wanted to say that my Mu family hasn’t thanked you yet, so I want to go together and thank you very much.”

The little girl Mu Qianying also stood up at the moment. She looked at Chen Fei happily and said: “Big Brother, you just saved Qianying, I want to thank you very well. Just go with us, you Don’t worry, we won’t drag you down. ”

Looking at the cute girl’s pleading look, Chen Fei really hesitated for a moment, turned around, and nodded:” Well, since that’s the case, I’ll be with you– ”

However, before he finished, a loud noise ran from behind, and a voice hurriedly sounded,” Uncle Mu, I’m here, I’ll bring people. Are you all right? Qianying is all right

Right ? ” Hearing the voice, everyone’s eyes turned and suddenly saw Cai Han with six or seven people hurried towards this side.

Cai Han saw Mu Tianhan and Mu Qianying standing here safely and couldn’t help but burst of joy and walked over quickly. But immediately, he saw Chen Fei standing aside, and suddenly looked, pointing at Chen Fei, exclaimed, “How are you here? Uncle Mu, why is this gangster gang here.”

Immediately, waiting for Mu Tianhan opened his mouth, and Cai Han shouted to the six or seven people behind him, “Dad, this guy is a robber, grab him.” In

an instant, a middle-aged man with several men behind him rushed towards Chen Fei violently. , It is necessary to attack.

Seeing this, Chen Fei’s eyes dropped, and there was a flash of anger in his eyes.

Seeing this, Mu Tianhan froze for a moment, then quickly shouted: “Stop, hurry

. Brother Cai, don’t do it, this is a misunderstanding.”

Mu Qianying also rushed to Chen Fei and spread his arms to block Chen In front of Fei, he pouted vigorously and said, “Big Brother is not a bad person, don’t do it.”

Seeing Mu Qianying protecting Chen Fei, Cai Han couldn’t help but flash a different color, and said: “Qianying, you don’t know. This guy is a companion of the bandit gang, he just beat me just now. Don’t be fooled He was deceived. ”

” Big brother is not a bad person, he is my life-saving benefactor. You must not hurt him. “Mu Qianying yelled.

“Qianying, why are you–” Cai Han saw this, his expression ugly.

By this time, the wood-day Han walked over, opening: “.. Xiao Cai, this is a misunderstanding, things are just misunderstood little brother is not a gang of robbers, but our savior,”

“wood brother, which What the hell is going on? “The middle-aged man Shen Sheng opposite asked.

Immediately, Mu Tianhan recounted the matter just now, describing how critical the situation was, how desperate he was, and finally Chen Fei shot abruptly and how to save himself and his team.

After listening to it, the person on the opposite side couldn’t help but be surprised, frowning more than ever, with the expression of surprise and doubt on his face.

Cai Han even had an expression of disbelief, and said, “How is this possible? He killed the ferocious wolf. That’s the ferocious wolf, the master of the mid-level prefecture. Could it be that they played together and wanted to Fool us! ”

Mu Tianhan heard that Chen Fei’s face was a little dull, and he hurriedly explained:” This is not fake. The body of the ferocious wolf is still over there. If you don’t believe it, you can check it out. ”

Cai Han and his team walked over with frowns, checked with a flashlight, and confirmed the identity of the fierce wolf. The expression could not help but condensed. He gazed at Chen Fei from time to time, with a look of doubt and suspicion.

However, when the facts are in front of them, the other party can’t say much.

Next, Mu Tianhan began to heal the wounded and heal, while sitting down to rest.

Cai Han leaned to Mu Qianying’s side, looking for comfort and wanting some comfort. But Mu Qianying ignored him at all, instead he took the initiative to get close to Chen Fei, held Chen Fei’s arm excitedly, and started chatting chatteringly.

In the twitter of the little girl, Chen Fei can also understand their general information.

Mu Tianhan Mu Qianying is a member of the Mu Family of the Budo Family in Ze Province. By chance, the Mu Family got a pass to enter the Dragon Tomb, so he led the team and wanted to explore the Dragon Tomb. Get benefits.

Cai Han and the group of people behind him were from the Cai family in Ze province. The Cai family is also a family of martial arts. Although its strength in martial arts is worse than that of the Mu family, in recent years, the Cai family has developed fully in shopping malls and officialdoms. This time I also got a pass token to explore the Dragon Tomb.

As the young master of the Cai family, Cai Han was also very fond of Mu Qianying, the young lady of the Mu family. So he didn’t follow his own team, but instead acted with Mujia in order to get in touch with Mu Qianying and gain her heart.

It was only when he encountered a robber attack that Cai Han panicked that he quickly sent a special signal to summon the team led by his father, Cai Xize, on the other side.

So, what happened just now.


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