MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1448



“Qianying, run away.” Mu Tianhan turned to his daughter, and then gritted her teeth fiercely, rushing towards the fierce wolf opposite.

For a time, his breath raged, and he was desperate to fight with the ferocious wolf.

However, the fierce wolf at this moment waved his hand to Mu Tianhan and ordered several men to say: “Block him!”

Immediately, the fierce wolf directly bypassed Mu Tianhan and rushed towards Mu Qianying behind him.

Seeing this, Mu Tianhan saw his eyes cracking and shouted loudly: “Ferocious wolf, you dare to move my daughter, I will kill you, kill you.” The

fierce wolf smiled and chased towards Mu Qianying, while To Mu Tianhan said: “Did you kill me? Then I will show you in person now, how do I play with your daughter.”

After that, the ferocious wolf jumped and chased Mu Qianying at a very fast speed. past.

Mu Qianying is only a 17- to 18-year-old girl. Even if she was born in the Mu Family in the province of Zedong, her strength is simply impossible to compete with the fierce wolf like a warrior. She was chased by almost blink of an eye. Come up.

Seeing such a situation, Mu Tianhan almost saw his teeth crushed and wanted to break free to save his daughter.

However, several of the fierce wolves were not vegetarians. Although the realm of strength was not as good as Mu Tianhan, under the joint force, Mu Tianhan was firmly entangled, so that he could not get away at all, only to watch the fierce wolf. Chao Muqianying pounced.

At this moment, Chen Fei also stepped forward, just in front of Mu Qianying.

Such a scene, in Mu Tianhan’s eyes, has become a deliberate obstruction of the companion of the bandit gang, Chen Fei.

At this moment, Mu Qianying, with wolves in front and tigers in front, had no room to escape.

Suddenly, a look of despair appeared in Mu Tianhan’s eyes, and he couldn’t help shouting, “Qianying,

no– ” Mu Qianying saw Chen Fei suddenly appearing in front of herself at this moment, and she was very frightened, and she was even more confused. , Fell to the ground with a click, and it was about to be caught up by the fierce wolf behind him.

So desperate time, Chen Fei approached one, leaned down, the wood Qian Ying to help up, concern and asked: “! Are you okay”

“You -” Wood Qian Ying seeing this, it touches on some stupidly Then, looked at Chen Fei in surprise.

At this moment, the fierce wolf chasing after him, gloomy and fiercely shouted: “Boy, let go of that girl, she is mine.”

“Your?” Behind him, looking at the oncoming fierce wolf, he said, “You are a gangster hiding in the forest?”

“Robber? Boy, it seems that you don’t know my name!” The fierce wolf grinned fiercely. Said, “However, there is a little guy with a gap in the teeth, but it is better than nothing. Since that is the case, then I will kill you first.”

After that, the momentum of the fierce wolf exploded, and he was facing the fiercely. Chen Fei shocked.

Seeing this, Mu Tianhan couldn’t help but be surprised. His expression was a little strange. He paused and recovered. He understood that Chen Fei was not a gangster gang. He had misunderstood him before.

Moreover, because of my own misunderstanding. This Chen Fei seems to be dying in the hands of the ferocious wolf.

Thinking of this, a glint of guilt flashed in Mu Tianhan’s eyes. However, there was not much time for him to distract from guilt, and several of the men of the ferocious wolf came under fierce siege.

Mu Tianhan can only fight hard to confront, and at the same time keeps approaching her daughter’s side.

Here, the murderous offensive of the ferocious wolf is about to fall on Chen Fei’s head.

Upon seeing this, Chen Fei shook his head gently, and said softly: “Originally, I didn’t care about you robbers who were murderous and outspoken. But since you didn’t hit my head with long eyes. Then, don’t Blame me for being unkind. ”

” Boy, he is not very capable, but he talks madly! I want to see how you are unkind! “The ferocious wolf uttered disdainfully, and the offensive against Chen Fei was not reduced in his hand.

Behind him, the little girl Mu Qianying could not help but screamed out, and said to Chen Fei: “Big brother, you run away. He is a ferocious wolf, a prefect at the prefecture level, you are not his opponent, run away quickly.”

Chen Fei. He turned his head to look at Mu Qianying and smiled: “It’s just a prefecture-level middle-aged warrior, rest assured, I’m

fine .” During the speech, Chen Fei took a hand and greeted the attack of the fierce wolf.

“Boom”, the two’s attacks collided together.

Almost everyone, including the fierce wolf Mu Tianhan and Mu Qianying, thought that after this collision, Chen Fei definitely lost.

But the next scene surprised them.

Because, after the collision, Chen Fei still stood at the same place without any movement. On the contrary, it was the fierce wolf on the opposite side. His body was shot directly and flew out, backed more than ten meters, and finally caught the tree next to it, which stopped.

Suddenly, everyone couldn’t help but be surprised.

“What’s the matter? The fierce wolf was beaten back.”

“That kid, is it a master?”

“What the hell happened just now? How could this happen!”


The sound of surprise, sank fierce wolf eyes, glared fiercely Chen Fei, teeth and said: “.. Boy, you succeed annoyed me next, I want the real thing, you’re dead”

voice hardly ever, The energy of the ferocious wolf burst out violently, the violent real breath, turned into a ferocious hungry wolf in the forest, roaring and roaring, passing through the trees and flowers, with a fierce killing intention, and rushed towards Chen Fei .

This time, the strength of the mid-level realm broke out completely, the hungry wolf roared all the way, and the surrounding trees and flowers were blown by the strong wind that the hungry wolf jumped. Some branches are even broken directly, the strength is shocking.

“Go to death!” The fierce wolf looked at Chen Fei scarletly, very fiercely.

At this moment, Chen Fei’s eyes narrowed, looking at the offensive of the fierce wolf, his right hand was raised, his index finger and middle finger were combined into a sword, and he chopped off in a volley.

In an instant, the fierce Qijian fell into the sky and swept across the center of the hungry wolf’s body. A red ray of light flashed through, and the vicious hungry wolf breath split directly into two halves, then burst with a click and dissipated in the air.

After the hungry wolf, the fierce wolf who came from the shock, the body suddenly settled in place, shocked. From the forehead to the bridge of the nose to the neck, a thin red line penetrated.

Then, with the red thread, the body of the ferocious wolf was directly divided into two halves, and it fell to the ground with a click, and the blood flowed out.

The fierce wolf, a villain who has been violent in Ze province for decades, actually died in this forest and died in the hands of Chen Fei.

For a time, almost everyone on the scene was stunned. Watching this scene in disbelief was completely stunned.


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