MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1447



“Slain me? I’m afraid you don’t have this skill.” Chen Fei was really a little angry. He didn’t make any mistakes in Qiu.

“Why, kid. You want to do it with us. I tell you, here is the team of the Mu Family in Ze province. Uncle Mu is a warrior in the mid-level realm. Cai Han is also a warrior in the late-level realm. Let’s weigh your weight! “Cai Han said arrogantly, his body exploded, and his attitude was about to start.

“Mid-level at the prefecture level!” Chen Fei snorted coldly, did not put the strength of the other party in his eyes, and immediately prepared to start.

But at this moment, suddenly, a young woman’s coquettish cries sounded, “Dad, help!” At

this sound, the middle-aged man was surprised, turned his head and shouted, “Qianying, are you okay? ”

Thereupon, there was a messy noise over there, a burst of breath, and the sound of broken trees, with a scream.

“Master, it’s not good, there are robbers attacking.”

“Homeowner, someone attacked here.”


Hearing this, the middle-aged man’s eyes sank and he quickly turned and rushed over there, shouting: “Protect Miss, you must protect Qianying.” In the

cry, the middle-aged man rushed over there with two men.

Here, Cai Han and the rest of the people looked at Chen Fei, revealing apathy, and said: “You really are a gangster, kill him.”

Suddenly, the person under him, directly Attacked Chen Fei.

Seeing this, Chen Fei opened the other party with a palm and sneered: “Are you a fool? If I were a gangster, I would have attacked a long time ago.”

“The kid is still quibbling and killing him.” Cai Han shouted. , He also shocked with a long sword.

Chen Fei stared at Cai Han with a chill in his eyes

. ”

You— ” “Boom!” Chen Fei shot Cai Han out and lay in the grass and spit out a bloody face, his face was instantly white. .

Chen Fei stepped forward, standing in front of him, looking at him from a condescending look, his eyes cold.

“No, don’t kill me. I’ll give you whatever you want. It’s okay if you want me to join you against Mujia, I can—” Cai Han had no bones, Chen Fei hadn’t even spoken, he himself The clothing has softened.

Seeing Chen Fei, his eyebrows were cold. If the misunderstanding that Chen Fei was just Cai Han’s stupidity and being too careful, then the rebellion now directly proves his ugly character.

This kind of boneless guy with three swords on both sides is a shame for the warrior.

Chen Fei did not want to kill such people, lest he would dirty his hands. Moreover, if Chen Fei kills him now, on Mr. Mu ’s side, he may become an accomplice to the bandit gang, and he will not be able to solve the misunderstanding at that time.

With a cold snort, Chen Fei ignored Cai Han, but flashed his figure and rushed towards the war group over there.

When Chen Fei arrived, the fighting was fierce. Mu Tianhan’s strength in the middle of the prefecture level was indeed impressive. He knocked down several robbers at once, but the other party’s personnel were obviously more than them.

An endless stream of people is added to join the Mu Family

The consumption of this, the team of more than a dozen people, has now lost more than half. Almost all of the rest were wounded, and their combat effectiveness declined a little bit.

Behind Mu Tianhan at the moment, there was a girl who looked like a 17- or 18-year-old girl. The girl had a sweet face and a pair of big eyes, but she was full of fear.

Obviously, this woman should be Mu Qianying, Mu Tianhan’s daughter.

The robber also clearly identified Mu Tianhan’s weaknesses, and continued to attack Mu Qianying, making Mu Tianhan distracted from protecting his daughter.

In this way, facing the attack of the robber gang, which was also in the mid-level of the prefecture level, Mu Tianhan responded with some difficulty, and the wounds on his body gradually increased, and blood spewed out.

Behind his father, seeing Mu Qianying in such a situation, he couldn’t help but look scared and pale, and couldn’t help saying: “Dad, you give them things to them. Let’s go back, we won’t go to the Dragon Tomb.”

Wen words, the robber chieftains Gee smile, opening:. “? wood Tianhan your daughter you are right now exploring the tomb of the dragon token pay out, I’ll let you leave, how about”

wood Tianhan heard this, but His face froze, his expression more serious.

Although the robber leader said so, when he started to attack, it was a bit fierce, no weight weakened.

The daughter’s idea is correct. If you have the opportunity, you are willing to hand over the token to save yourself and your daughter’s life. But the daughter was still too naive and underestimated the brutality and viciousness of these robbers.

Mu Tianhan can guarantee that even if he surrenders his token, the other party will never let himself go.

Because, the leading robber is a ferocious wolf.

This fierce wolf, on the side of Zee province, has become famous more than 20 years ago. After fiercely killing a family of seven at that time, he fled into the mountains, learned a martial art, and gathered a group of people to do a great job.

The person who fell into his hands had almost no livelihood, which can be said to be extremely cruel.

“Qianying, this guy is a ferocious wolf. If we don’t resist, there is absolutely no way to live.” Mu Tianhan yelled, and the opponent shouted, “Everyone listens well, the other party is a ferocious wolf. , There is only one way to die. So, next, we can only fight hard, there is no other choice. ”

Hearing the name of” Ferocious Wolf “, the rest of the Mu family was obviously a little scared, A shocked look appeared on his face. Then he gritted his teeth one by one, preparing to desperately, but his body shivered involuntarily.

The ferocious wolf on the opposite side heard a regretful look, sighed, and said, “Oh, what a pity! You even recognized me, and originally, I said to have fun with you. Since it is so , Then I can only kill it. ”

” I fight with you-“Mu Tianhan gritted his teeth, struggling to attack.

But at this time, the ferocious wolf’s eyes turned to fall on Mu Tianhan’s daughter, his eyes rolled, his tongue licked, and he laughed, “This is your daughter, really young and tender! If it tastes, The taste should be very good. ”

” Ferocious wolf, you dare to move my daughter, I will kill you. “Mu Tianhan shouted.

The fierce wolf hey, blocking Mu Tianhan’s strenuous blow, his figure pulled towards Mu Qianying and smiled: “Kill me, then you need this skill!”

“Little girl, don’t worry, uncle, don’t you?” Will kill you. When the time comes, I also want you to have fun with your uncle! “The fierce wolf licked his tongue and looked at Mu Qianying with a chuckle, scaring the little girl.


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