MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1446



After listening, Chen Fei understood.

He nodded, thanked him, and then walked into the virgin forest.

Upon seeing this, the other party could not help shouting, “Brother, what are you doing?”

“Hurry up!” Chen Fei looked strange.

The other side said: “Brother, are you dead?

Hurry up at this time?” Chen Fei wondered: “Isn’t it late? Is the worm, snake, beast in the virgin forest, a warrior to me, not too big? Threatening! “The

other party could not help but patted his head and said:” Brother, I really don’t know whether to say you are brave or reckless. You are not afraid of insects, snakes, birds and beasts, but the people inside, you must be afraid. ”

” People? “Chen Fei looked surprised and puzzled.

The other party immediately explained: “This time, there were quite a few people who heard the news of the opening of the Dragon Tomb. The people who came to the scene were not just us disciples who were repairers and Xiaozongmen. There were also some evil people and evil sectmen   Here

they come. ” ” They are hiding in the forest, and take this opportunity to rob and kill the passing soldiers. Those people are fierce and fierce. They have already had seven or eight people dead in the forest before. ”

” It’s so late now You go in by yourself, do n’t you find yourself dead? ”The other said,“ Stay there for a night and wait for tomorrow morning. We have many people, let ’s go in together. ”

After listening, Chen Fei understood that there were still Wicked robbery.

However, he was not worried about this. After nodding, he said, “Thank you for your kindness. However, some little hair thieves are not my opponents.”

After that, Chen Fei got into the primitive forest. There is no fear at all.

The people behind could not scream, but when they saw it, they could only sigh and sigh with emotion.

“This kid is too reckless.”

“Ah, it’s still too young, I don’t know if the rivers and lakes are sinister!”

“This guy is too fierce


……… in the

voice of discussion, Chen Fei has penetrated into the virgin forest.

Undeveloped virgin forests, lush vegetation, vines everywhere, and various insects and beasts hidden in the vegetation, it is very difficult for ordinary people to walk.

However, for Chen Fei, it had little impact. He exuded a layer of true breath on the surface of his body, the wind under his feet, and quickly marched through the virgin forest.

At this moment, people are scarce, and Chen Fei does not have to worry about someone perceiving his strength and identity, so the speed of travel is even faster.

After running for more than an hour in the virgin forest, Chen Fei did not meet the gangster villain they just said.

Suddenly, Chen Fei saw a light in front of him. A figure was swaying under the light, and it appeared to be about ten people in size.

“Is this the robbers? No, it’s such a high-profile.” Chen Fei was puzzled, and then he was about to change his direction a little, and walked around from the side.

After all, Chen Fei did n’t want to do anything wrong, wasting his time.

But just when Chen Fei adjusted his direction and was about to detour from the left.

The team found Chen Fei here, flashing the flashlight

A long photo was taken, and at the same time, bursts of cheers.

“Who is there?”

“Stop it for me.”

“Stop, otherwise we will attack. ” “Send

someone to see, maybe a robber.”

Someone rushed to the other side in the cry come.

Seeing this, Chen Fei stopped and said, “I’m not a robber, I just passed by.”

“Why don’t I look like when I pass by?” A middle-aged man had walked to Chen Fei’s body during the speech Less than fifty meters away, the lights shone brightly towards Chen Fei.

Behind this middle-aged man, four young people in their twenties were all wearing the same uniforms. It seemed that they should be a force.

Chen Fei heard the words and said: “I really passed by. I just came in from the outside. If you don’t believe it, you can contact the people outside to ask for news.”

“Huh, contact the people outside. You know there is no signal in the virgin forest. Contact people outside. I think you are clearly a guilty conscience. “A young man with a sword-brown star screamed in anger, dissatisfied with Chen Fei’s attitude.

Chen Fei silent, then frowned a little impatient, the channel:. “! You believe it or not I do not care, we kept themselves I go from here, not dealing with you, which can always be right,”

finished , Chen Fei turned to the left, ready to leave.

When the middle-aged man led by the other party saw this, his face was a little soothed. The light came on, and he wanted to witness Chen Fei leave.

Chen Fei stepped forward, preparing to accelerate away.

But at this moment, the man

with the sword eyebrow star just suddenly shouted: “You stop me, don’t leave.” Chen Fei stopped, frowned, turned his head and looked over, coldly said: ” What do you mean? I do n’t bother you anymore, you still want to stop me? Are you deliberately finding fault? ”

At this moment, even a middle-aged man with a fraction of his face has some doubts and looks at the young man who makes a noise And he said: “Cai Han, what do you mean?” The

young man said to the middle-aged man: “Uncle Mu, although this kid said that he and our well water do not make river water, it seems to have little contact with us. But He was probably sent by a bandit gang to explore the wind. If he was allowed to go back and reveal our whereabouts. When the bandit gang surrounded him, we would be in danger. ”

Wen Yan said, the middle-aged man’s face changed, his face changed There were also some doubts and worries, and he looked at Chen Fei alertly and hesitated.

Cai Han, the man with the sword and eyebrows, saw this. Before the middle-aged man spoke, he first commanded: “Hands, grab him.”

Then he explained to the middle-aged man: “Uncle Mu, this kind of thing, We must be cautious, not afraid of 10,000! Even if this kid is not a gangster, we will apologize. But once he is really a gangster, we let him go, it ’s bad. Ah! ”

Wen Yan, the middle-aged man’s expression became more and more vigilant. He looked at Chen Fei and said,” This little brother, we are from the Ze Family Mujia. For security reasons, you are still with us Let’s go. ”

Chen Fei saw this, frowned, and said in a cold voice:” Unfounded suspicion, you should stop people. You are too much! ”

” Stubborn boy, Uncle Mu’s words are already polite. Do n’t know what ’s wrong, otherwise, we ’ll kill you directly, it ’s not a big deal. ”Cai Han was very arrogant towards Chen Feidao.


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