MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1443



Song Yi heard Chen Fei’s cry, turned her head, and saw Chen Fei’s cheeks, and her bloodshot eyes, suddenly understood Chen Fei’s thoughts at the moment.

After all, she is a mature woman of twenty-seven or eighty years old, and she has been in the entertainment industry for so many years. How can she not understand her charm as a woman and understand Chen Fei’s impulse now?

To some extent, she feels good about Chen Fei. From the first meeting in Longan City, to the later Dongyang Entertainment Company meeting, Chen Fei helped her a lot.

Moreover, from a secular point of view, whether Chen Fei is in the power of money or force, it is definitely a top-notch existence. To match her with Song Yi is absolutely worthy.

Coupled with the modern era, not to mention the stars, many ordinary people are very open.

What happened to her and Chen Fei seems to be a matter of course.

However, in the faint, Song Yi still feels that there is no such point between the two. Moreover, Song Yi is also aware of the fact that Chen Fei is married.

Thinking of this, Song Yi couldn’t help but say: “Chen Fei, don’t be impulsive. Sister Song understands your current situation, but, we are not here yet. Can you calm down?”

Chen Fei looked at Song Yi at this moment His eyes were red, and he felt his body explode. Although Song Yi’s words made the reason in his mind feel wrong, he kept reminding himself to stop his movements.

But at the moment Chen Fei’s body seemed to be out of control. The constant surge in the body and the impact of hormones made Song Yi, who was already beautiful and moving, now appear particularly tempting in the eyes of Chen Fei.

It was an impulse derived from instinct, which made Chen Fei unable to suppress it at all. Panting in his nostrils, Chen Fei pressed Song Yi’s shoulders with both hands and pressed down directly.

Song Yi, a woman, above power, naturally cannot stop Chen Fei, a top-level warrior.

Chen Fei was directly pressed on the bed, feeling a huge body pressed down on himself.

“Chen Fei, do you really want to do this to Sister Song? If you do this, we will never be friends again.” A flash of disappointment flashed in Song Yi’s eyes. famous.

She did not expect that Chen Fei, who had always been calm and restrained, would do such a thing to herself.

At this time, the ending seems to be doomed, and there is no room for a turn. Song Yi closed his eyes, tears falling down his eyes, ready to helplessly greet the first time he had never thought of.

“Sister Song, I want you!”

At this moment, Chen Fei’s body was hot and his eyes were scarlet. The whole person was almost burning.

The fierce erotic shock made Chen Fei almost lose his sanity, completely unable to control his body, and pressed down hard.

However, at the critical last moment, a “ding dong” doorbell suddenly rang.

This clear voice appeared exceptionally loud in the big house, and surprised both of them in the bedroom.

Chen Fei’s movement was suffocated, and the movement stopped.

Song Yi, who closed her eyes, also opened her eyes at the moment, and heard the bell ringing outside for a while, and then thought of something. She suddenly changed her face, pushing Chen Fei desperately in front of her, panicking: “Not good Chen Fei, get up soon, you get up soon. ” R />   Although Chen Fei was still looking hot and congested and bloated at the moment, the sound outside, still let Chen Fei gritted his teeth to control himself. Alright? ”

Chen Fei refused to take a moment exposed in front of the scenery, Song Yi rush to finish it in bed clothes, put on the fast side, while on the Chen Fei said: “.. Chen Fei, you quickly get dressed up and my dad is coming.”

“What , Your dad! “Chen Fei heard this, and even though his heart was hot, he couldn’t help but get dressed up quickly.” Sister Song, why did your dad come to you? ”

Song Yibai gave Chen Fei a glance and appeared Voice said: “That’s my dad. Of course he will come to me. Moreover, my dad is very busy and hasn’t met me for almost half a year. Some time ago, he called me and said that the work ended in a few days and would be on vacation Come to see me. ”

” This, this— “Chen Fei was a little unimaginable. If Song Yi’s father saw himself lying on his daughter’s bed naked, would he split himself.

Quickly dressed, Chen Fei hurriedly walked outside.

But at this time, the bell had been ringing for a while, no one came to open the door, and then there was a key sound outside.

Song Yi was even more alarmed. “No, my dad has the key to my house. He is going to come in.”

She quickly said to Chen Fei while wearing her own clothes: “Chen Fei, wait for my dad to ask, Just say you are a staff member of our company, come to talk about work-related matters, do you understand? ”

” Oh, I know! “At this moment, Chen Fei was also in a panic, didn’t even think about it so much, and quickly put on clothes.

Finally, when the two finally got dressed and came to the living room, the door opened with a click.

Then, Chen Fei saw a middle-aged man in his fifties or sixties, with a pair of thick glasses, came in with a big bag.

The man came in and saw Song Yi standing inside the house, “Xiao Yi, are you in the house? Didn’t you hear the doorbell just now? Why didn’t you come and open the door for me.”

“Dad, I, I–” Song Yi was still thinking about the reason.

At this time, Song Yi’s father’s eyes turned to Chen Fei, and his eyes suddenly fixed. The eyes under the thick spectacles looked sharp, and the tone of voice changed a bit. “Xiao Yi, this

is– ” Song Yi gave Chen Fei a look, and then explained: “Dad, this is my company’s The staff, come and talk to me about the work. ”

” Oh, are you? “Song Yi’s father looked at Chen Fei and said,” Did you change a new agent? I remember being a woman before. ” ”

Song Yi quickly explained:” He, he is not a broker, but the company has something to do with the staff who came over temporarily. ”

” Oh, that’s it! That’s also your colleague Xiaoyi. I bought a lot of vegetables, This comrade, why not stay and have a meal together! “Song Yi’s father invited.

Chen Fei very guilty conscience, where dare stay for dinner, and quickly smiled and waved and said:. “Thank you, uncle, I still do, but also to go back and deal, do not eat, thank you for your kindness,”

“all night, the company also Something. Xiaoyi, is your company so overwhelming overtime? Looking back, I have to talk about it. “Song Yi’s father said.

Song Yi quickly explained: “Dad, no. It’s a temporary little thing in the company, which is usually not the case.”

“Yes, uncle, I said goodbye.” Chen Fei didn’t dare to stay, he quickly waved goodbye and left quickly .


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