MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1442



After hearing this, Zhao Donglin, who knows the other side, reprimanded: “Stupid! I usually forgot all your teachings. I was not calm at all when I encountered something. Before I understood the opponent’s hole card, I shouted. It ’s the most stupid behavior to shout and kill. ”

” But, Dad, I was beaten and my face was lost, if not— “Zhao Yue felt aggrieved.

“You’re not dead, then it’s okay. Others, come back and say!” Zhao Donglin said irritably, and then hung up the phone.

Zhao Yue was trained by his father, and he became more angry, and his resentment towards Chen Fei became stronger. He gritted his teeth and said: “Chen Fei, I remember you. The humiliation you gave me, I will definitely double it. I’ll give it back to you. ”


Chen Fei drove and sent Song Yi home.

Song Yi’s home is in a high-end community not far from the Beijing Conservatory of Music. Drive into the underground garage and take the elevator directly to the 16th floor where Song Yi is located.

At the high end of the community, there are only two opposite families on one floor.

Open the door to enter the room, the area is large, and the decoration inside is also very simple. It’s just that the things in the room are a little messy.

Various musical instruments and musical scores are scattered everywhere.

Seeing this, Song Yi couldn’t help embarrassingly saying, “I usually stay at home and want to write songs when I have inspiration. So it’s

hard to tidy up!” Chen Fei said with a smile: “It’s okay, so it fits the artist’s temperament.”

“I just A singer is far from an artist. “Song Yi shook his head, then poured a glass of water to Chen Fei, and handed over,” Chen Fei, thank you for today’s affairs. ”

Chen Fei gently shook his head and said: “It’s okay, it’s just a trivial matter, Sister Song, you don’t have to be so polite.”

Song Yi waved his hand and said: “For me, it’s not a trivial matter. I originally thought that this kind of high-end, leading the performance on the spot will be very formal, but I didn’t expect it to become like that! If it were not for Chen Fei, I would I ca n’t imagine what kind of things I will encounter next. ”

When it comes to this, although Song Yi’s tone is still plain and his expression is normal.

But Chen Fei still sees the fear and fear in Song Yi’s heart from her slightly trembling body and slightly red eyes.

Today, this matter still seems to leave some shadows on her mind.

Chen Fei saw it, put down the glass, and looked at Song Yi said: “Sister Song, let’s go to the room.”

“Ah, go to the room. You– ” Song Yi looked at Chen Fei in surprise and doubt.

Chen Fei froze for a moment, only to realize that his words were ambiguous, and quickly explained: “Sister Song, I mean. You go to the room, I will give you a massage and recuperate, it will make you feel better. I have no other meaning “.”

Healing! “Mentioning this, Song Yi couldn’t help but think of the time he met Chen Feichu.

When I traveled to Long’an to find inspiration for myself, it was Chen Fei who saw through the bracelet for himself at the time and also helped himself in the hotel.

Seeing that Song Yi did not respond, Chen Fei quickly continued: “Sister Song, I am a regular Chinese medicine doctor, with the kind of certificate. If you don’t believe it, I will show you the certificate.”

Song Yiwen said, quickly waved his hand Tao: “I don’t mean that, I certainly believe you Chen Fei.”

“Since that is the case, then trouble you.” Song Yi took the initiative to get

up and walked into the room.

Chen Fei followed.

In the bedroom, Song Yi took off his coat, revealing the close-fitting clothes inside, and immediately outlined a curvaceous curve, letting Chen Fei look a little bit intently.

The temperature in the bedroom seemed to rise with it.

Upon seeing this, Song Yi coughed lightly and said slightly: “I, what am I going to do?”

Chen Fei heard the words, and then took back his straight gaze, coughed twice, and some hurriedly said: ” This, this. Sister Song, you can just lie on the bed. ”

” Oh, is that right? “Song Yi heard the words and lay on the bed, his head buried in the pillow, and asked softly.

Chen Fei’s gaze fell with it, seeing Song Yi’s clearer figure, and feeling that his nose was a little warm.

“Don’t be cranky! Don’t be cranky.”

Chen Fei pondered in silence, then he also came to the bed, knelt beside Song Yi, and said: “Sister Song, I’m about to start massage. If you feel uncomfortable, Just tell me. ”

” Huh! “Song Yi also felt a little bit hot, feeling the breath from the men around her.

Subsequently, Chen Fei took a deep breath and rubbed the palms of both hands to make the palms warm up, and then the palms fell down and affixed to Song Yi’s back.

Although separated by a layer of clothing, at the moment of touching, Song Yi’s body shivered involuntarily.

Even Chen Fei clearly felt the trembling and could not help asking: “Sister Song, are you uncomfortable?”

Song Yi said: “No, I’m fine, you go on.”

“Well!” Chen Fei nodded, then The palms began to exert force, and Song Yi was massaged in the order of acupuncture points and meridians.

Different parts have different massage techniques and different strengths. Various frictions and kneadings made Song Yi feel that his body gradually softened.

Coupled with the continuous heat from Chen Fei’s palm, Song Yi felt his body seemed to become a dough under his clever hands, rubbed and stretched wantonly, and finally fermented and swelled, becoming soft.

At the same time, she felt her body temperature keep rising, since the skin under the thin clothes oozed out a thin layer of sweat beads. The head buried in the pillow is also sweaty at the moment, and the soft hair is attached to the flushed cheeks, giving a different charming gesture.

The heat and comfortable feeling from the body made Song Yiqing can’t help but make a cry of “ah”.

Although it was only such a slight shout, it attracted Chen Fei’s eyes, and let Chen Fei look over, and then saw Song Yi’s ruddy cheeks, and her tightly biting lips.

Suddenly, Chen Fei felt that his body and skin seemed to become softer and warmer, and his body temperature rose accordingly.

“This, this– ” Although Chen Fei tried his best to suppress some of the ideas that uncontrollably emerged in his mind, the more repressed, these thoughts became more and more powerful.

Eventually, Chen Fei felt that his breath had become hot, his eyes were also red, and his body could not control it.

At the moment, Song Yi, who was under Chen Fei, was also confused by Chen Fei’s eyes massaged, fragrant and sweaty, and a slight cries in his mouth continued to appear very tempting.

“Sister Song, me, I think–” Chen Fei’s eyes were red, and his throat felt dry.


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