MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1441



Zhao Yue saw this, his face was heavy, and his expression was somber. He looked at Chen Fei and shouted: “Stop me.”

Chen Fei stopped and looked at Zhao Yue, coldly saying: “You want to die too. ”

You are looking for death!” Zhao Yue gritted her teeth and stared at Chen Fei, coldly, “Before, you rejected my proposal. Now, you take our performers in public again. And my cousin Hu.” Do you really think I do n’t know about flying things? ”

” Now, I ask you to give me a satisfactory statement, otherwise, you don’t want to leave here. “Zhao Yuedao.

“Satisfied statement!” Chen Fei snorted, and then suddenly launched a punch to Zhao Yue. “Is this statement satisfactory?”

Zhao Yue did not expect Chen Fei to dare to take the initiative to himself. Startled, quickly dodge.

Originally, he thought it was easy for him to avoid the attack at the later stage of his prefecture level. But after the action, he realized that Chen Fei’s punch seemed simple, but it was very fast, and the angle was tricky. For a time, he could not avoid it. He could only gritt his teeth to resist.

“Bang!” With

a bang, Chen Fei’s fist and Zhao Yue’s arm touched together.

Zhao Yue felt a tremendous force strike, and the whole person retreated back involuntarily, staggering, almost not falling to the ground. The arm that blocked Chen Fei’s fist was now black and trembling, apparently already injured.

Zhao Yue glanced down at his Wu Qing’s arm, and then his arm was behind his back, full of anger, gritted his teeth and shouted: “Give me, grab him.” In

an instant, a few times, Zhao Yue flashed a few behind him Year man came.

All of them exude a good momentum, the realm of strength will not be weaker than Zhao Yue. Obviously, these people are Zhao Yue’s bodyguards.

Four or five prefecture-level bodyguards attacked together, and the kind of momentum was immediately oppressed, almost seeing Chen Fei surrounded, there was no room for dodge.

When the other rich and young sons around me saw it, they could not help but point and talk.

“This Chen Fei, after the martial arts conference won the championship, it floated, and even confronted with Zhao Gongzi!”

“It is completely a matter of finding death, no way, ha ha!”

“The Zhao family is not only a huge force, but the Ouchi guard family for many years , The strength of martial arts is not a joke. ”

” It is not a wise choice to offend Zhao Gongzi for a play! ”


Seeing the grim situation, the expression on Xing Rui’s face also became cold, and his teeth came out, He whispered to Chen Fei: “Instructor Chen, let me help you. If we lose, I can call my dad.”

Zhao’s strength, even Xing Rui, had to worry.

However, Chen Fei at the moment did not take them into consideration. Slightly said to Xing Rui: “Xing Rui, don’t bother. Dealing with a few stray dogs, I just hit it, there is no problem.”

“Finding dead things, dare to speak loudly!”

“Destroy him!”

“Dare to insult me Zhao Family, you want to die. ”

… …… In a

scream, the Zhao family’s bodyguards swarmed up and attacked Chen Fei.

They are all battle-hardened veteran with

close and is very familiar with under attack, Chen Fei hardly any space left to dodge, what will be surrounded Chen Fei up.


One person made a noise, and the rest of them all moved, neatly impacting Chen Fei, with a fierce killing intention in the move.

Chen Fei narrowed his eyes slightly, his eyes dimmed, and immediately snorted, “Carving insects!”

Then, the whole person moved, like a lightning bolt, traveling between several bodyguards, giving them no reaction After a crackling, all these bodyguards were knocked down to the ground.

Immediately, hands behind Chen Fei, condescending look at them, Chen Sheng said: “?. This time you have to fight, even if I have mercy hands, then blame me kill to see blood.”

Several bodyguards each other After a glance, he bowed his head and retreated away.

Chen Fei glanced, looking for Zhao Yue’s figure, but found no trace. When I asked the people next to me, I learned that Zhao Yue felt awkward after the bodyguards were at a disadvantage just now.

Upon learning of this, Chen Fei could not help but sneer. “This Zhao Gongzi, it’s slipping fast!”

Then, Chen Fei hugged Song Yi and strode meteor away from the hotel.

The other people in the venue, looking at Chen Fei at the moment, were all filled with surprise and a little fear, and there was no contempt at all.

After all, the person Chen Fei just defeated was Zhao Yue’s bodyguard. Those warriors who were in the later stage of the prefecture level, under the joint attack of the four, were defeated by Chen Fei.

Such a result really surprised them.

“Then Chen Fei, his strength is even stronger than we estimated!”

“According to the current situation, he is very likely to have reached the top level of the prefecture!”

“The ground level peak of less than thirty years old, this is definitely a top-level master. It is also very possible to enter the heaven-level realm in the future and be listed in the Shenlong List!”

“According to the martial talents, your words are no problem. He offended the Zhao family now, plus the Jiang family who offended at the martial arts conference. Chen Fei can say that he offended the two martial arts forces. Do you really think that the Jiang family and the Zhao family will make him better? ”

” This- — ”

… There

was a lot of discussion in the clubhouse, but at this time, Zhao Yue sitting in the car going home was very gloomy.

He was the son of Zhao Family, the genius of Ouchi’s guard family. He was rejected by Chen Fei first, and then beaten and beaten by him. This kind of thing was a great shame to him.

“I can’t bear this kind of thing. I can’t bear it anymore.” Zhao Yue was furious and reached out his phone, and got through his father’s phone. “Dad, I’m Zhao Yue, there is something, I …”

Give the matter to the phone the other end of the father Zhao Donglin said it again later, Zhao Yue indignant and said: “.. dad, this matter, we must look to the guy Zhao little color otherwise, I Zhao’s face it disgrace”

phone that In the head, Zhao Donglin was silent for a while, and then said in a deep voice: “You said that Chen Fei defeated your four bodyguards alone, and Xing Rui was speaking to him next to him?”

“Well, that’s it.” Zhao Yuedao Then, he was somewhat dissatisfied and said, “So what? The Xing family is connected with the Yinmen family, but the Xing family in Beijing is not really a hermit family after all. Besides that, Chen Fei’s strength, I have all the Zhao family masters, kill him still It ’s not an easy time. ”


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