MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1440



“Say, what’s going on?” Zhao Yue said.

Immediately said: “It was a female singer in the back who was in a mood, saying that she was too exposed and did not want to go on stage like that, so she was delayed.”

Wen Yan, Zhao Yue immediately frowned, slapped a palm on the table, and said angrily “What? Hu Tianwang has performed in front of her, what kind of thing is she?”

“Does she know what the occasion is? Do you know who we are? Dare to pick and choose. Let me bring people up, I I want to see her on stage immediately. “Zhao Yue angered.

The men nodded quickly and said, “Yes, Master Gong. I will let Song Yi take the stage immediately.”

At this time, Chen Fei, who had got up and was about to leave, heard the word “Song Yi”, his eyes cold, and his steps Suddenly, it was set in the distance.

“Song Yi?” Chen Fei frowned, when Zhang Qiuyue said at the dinner yesterday. Sister Song Yi was rehearsing an important performance, so she couldn’t come.

“Could it be that this is the reception for Song Yi Song’s rehearsal?” Thinking of this, Chen Fei could not help but chuckled.

Thinking of the exposed performances of the female singers and dancers just now, as well as the oiling of the crazy men below, Chen Fei suddenly looked down and walked directly towards the stage backstage.

“Instructor Chen, where are you going–” Xing Rui couldn’t help but see it, but then he followed.

Chen Fei strode meteor and walked to the back of the stage, he saw many stars who were busy preparing. Among them, many of Chen Fei’s familiar faces are the first- and second-tier stars that often appear on TV.

At the moment, they, especially the beautiful female celebrities, are dressed in exposed clothes one after another, practicing songs, and they look a bit strange.

Seeing this, Chen Fei couldn’t help but the scene in which Song Yi was forced to put on these clothes to perform on stage, and the pace suddenly increased faster.

When he came to the door of the locker room, Chen Fei heard the sound of squabbling and arguing before he walked in.

“Do you know what occasion this is? What kind of dignitaries are present? Change clothes immediately and go to the show.” This is the voice of a man crying.

Immediately, the voice of a woman sounded, “I can perform on stage, but I won’t wear this kind of clothes. When you rehearsed, you didn’t mention this kind of thing.”

“Everyone’s emperor superstars performed, you exposed What about it? ”

” I don’t care about anyone else, I don’t wear it anyway. You force me and I leave. ”

” You refuse to act, and your future star journey will be over. ”

” Then I won’t be a star. ”

” You , You stop for me. In this performance, you have to perform, and you have to perform without performance. I   ’m not

talking to you anymore, this is an order. ” ” I

don’t— ” ” Toast without eating fines, come, Hold me for her and take off your clothes! ”

” Woo-let go … ”

Hearing these sounds outside the house, Chen Fei couldn’t help it any more, just banged and kicked the door of the dressing room. , Rushed into the house.

At the first glance, he saw several men pressing a woman, tearing her clothes. The women struggled desperately, but it was impossible to be the opponent of these men.

And this woman is none other than Song Yi.

“Go away!” Suddenly, Chen Fei roared and strode forward.

“Who are you? You want to do–” Before

waiting for the other party’s words to

finish, Chen Fei snapped a few times, smashed them to the ground, and then took Song Yi up and took off his suit jacket Putting Song Yi on her shoulders and comforting: “Sister Song, I’m here, it’s okay.” Song Yi, who was terrified,

was full of tears on her face . She was surprised and excited to see Chen Fei coming. Chen Fei, you, why are you here? Me,

I— ” Chen Fei said in a deep voice:” Relax, with me, no one would dare to treat you to Sister Song. ”

At this moment, a follower rushed in, Seeing the situation inside, he immediately pointed to Chen Fei and said, “Who are you? What are you doing, hurry up—”

“Go!” Chen Fei kicked the man away.

“Dare you dare to hit me, I tell you, I’m Huang Gongzi.” The other party reported from the door, but he didn’t say much. He was kicked by Chen Fei and passed out.

Then, Chen Fei hugged Song Yi and stepped away.

However, the two didn’t go far, and they saw a group of people walking towards this side in a mighty way, led by Zhao Yue and Zhao Yue.

Seeing the scene in front of

him , Zhao Yue’s eyes dimmed and said coldly: “It’s you again.” Behind Zhao Yue, a group of brothers also shouted.

“What do you mean by the surname Chen? Bad our performance.”

“What are you doing to face all of us?”

“Damn, I’m finally seeing a rise, and I’m disturbed by a little interest.”

… …

Chen Fei cold look at these people, Chen Sheng said: “.. Songjie is my friend, she said she did not want to show it, I’m going to take her away”

! “Oh,

just an actor, airs. we will give performances, she is a blessing, dare to pick and choose, what count. ”


call During the drinking, Zhao Yue gloomed, looked at Chen Fei, and said: “I don’t care what your relationship is. But this performance, if I don’t go on today, it’s hitting Zhao Yue’s face. I absolutely don’t allow it ”

” Then I will hit your face, how about it! “Chen Fei hugged Song Yi, came in a big step, and was about to leave.

Zhao Yue snorted coldly, “Stop him!” At the

moment, there was a loud clatter. Many martial arts masters and young men, as well as bodyguards, all looked serious and stopped in front of Chen Fei.

Chen Fei glanced and said coldly: “Stop me, die!”

“The arrogant thing, the old man is the major Liu family, I will stop you today, I think you dare to–” Out, arrogantly stopped in front of Chen Fei.

Chen Fei was not polite, and didn’t give him the opportunity to finish talking, he kicked it directly.

With a “bang”, this kick directly kicked out the major Liu family. He slid in the air for more than ten meters, finally hit the wall heavily, and then fell to the ground, the chest, has been sunken Going in, the whole person was seriously injured even if he didn’t die.

In this way, everyone could not help but let the eyes of the scene sink, and his face was shocked.

“You actually did it!”

“That’s Liu Shao, how dare you—”

“Do you know how much misfortune you have done?”

………… In a cry, Chen Fei glanced at him and said sharply, “Who else wants to stop me?” ”

Suddenly, many people were silent, and quickly backed away a few steps, not daring to look at Chen Fei’s eyes.

Chen Fei snorted and hugged Song Yi, and continued to move forward.


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