MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1439



In the shouting, someone was about to rush over to Chen Fei.

However, they have not action, Xing Rui a flashing stopped in front of them, cold channel: “He is my instructor, but my friends, you want to get involved, then I first had it right then.!”

Said At the end, Xing Rui was unkind, his body burst into a sudden burst, the majestic breath whistled, and immediately oppressed the other party.

Approaching, Xing Rui is a warrior trained in the five elements team, and the strength of the realm in the late prefecture level is not much more than that of Jiang Bufan Zhao Yue.

This group of Zhao Yue’s followers and elder brothers, because the family is mainly based on official career, is more general in martial arts. Therefore, under the pressure of Xing Rui’s momentum, several people suddenly looked dull, their bodies trembling, and some could not control it.

For a time, their eyes looked at Zhao Yue. Obviously, if Xing Rui shot, only Zhao Yue could fight.

Upon seeing this, Zhao Yue looked at Xing Rui and said in a deep voice: “Xing Rui, do you know what you are doing? You are fighting against my Zhao family!”

Xing Rui said with no resignation. “I understand what I am doing. It is you Zhao Yue, do you understand what you are doing? I already said that Mr. Chen is my instructor and even my friend. If you do something with him, you are with my Xing family Enemy. ”

” You- “Zhao Yue’s eyes narrowed fiercely, almost angered.

But at a critical moment, he thought of the hidden family behind the Xing family, and finally he succumbed to it

. He shook his hand fiercely and said, “Let’s go!” Immediately, he took his follower and turned away.

Xing Rui also withdrew his breath and returned to Chen Fei.

Seeing this, Chen Fei nodded to Xing Rui, “Trouble you.”

“Instructor Chen, we are all in this relationship. What kind of politeness do you have with me?” Xing Rui laughed. “Besides, Zhao Yue is too arrogant. Relying on his status as the Zhao family, he is very upright The appearance of Ang shouted and drank to our warriors as if we were his men. ”

Chen Fei smiled, not much to say.

A Zhao Yue only, he didn’t pay much attention to it. Even for the entire Zhao family, he didn’t care much. If it really happened, it would be a big deal to show your true strength. If it still doesn’t work, it’s okay to move the old man out.

After a while, it didn’t feel interesting. Chen Fei was ready to leave.

But at this moment, the lights in the field dimmed, a burst of music sounded, and everyone looked at the center of the venue.

Chen Fei, who was about to leave, couldn’t help but be curious and asked Xing Rui: “What is this for?” Xing Rui said: “It’s

a literary performance. Otherwise, you need to stay with Master Chen after reading.”

“Literary performance?” Chen Fei was stunned, and then waved his hand, “That kind of performance that recites Bel Canto, it’s boring, I’m leaving now.”

Xing Rui took Chen Fei and smiled: “Chen Instructor, the kind you said, is Leaders like to watch the performances. The people present are all young people, and the nature they like is not that kind of performance. ”

” What kind of performance is that? “Chen Feidao.

Xing Rui said: “I don’t know the specifics anyway. Anyway, I heard them say that this time I invited people like pop singers and dancers. They are also big names, at least second-tier, not boring.”

” This– ” Chen Fei is still hesitating.

Xing Rui simply pulled Chen Fei and walked

towards the stage.

At this point, the performance has already begun. The first singer on stage surprised Chen Fei. He turned out to be a front-line singer who was often seen on TV shows.

The singer sang a song, it was indeed good, and won applause from the scene.

Then, the performers came on stage one by one. Most of them can be recognized by Chen Fei, who doesn’t pay much attention to the entertainment industry. Moreover, there are two emperor superstars.

It can be seen that the specifications of this reception are very high.

The atmosphere is fierce, and the performance is getting better.

Next, another performer came on stage. A young dancer was on the stage, but when he was in his early twenties, I heard that he won an award in a foreign competition.

The name of the dancer is naturally not as good as the previous emperor superstar. But when the performance started, the atmosphere on the scene was particularly warm.

Because, this young and beautiful dancer on the stage, the extra avant-garde clothes on her body, almost only covered the key parts, and other positions were clearly exposed to everyone.

The perfect figure, accompanied by a beautiful dance posture, immediately agitated the audience below, and the atmosphere became more and more warm.

Many of the elder brothers and younger brothers in suits and leather shoes who were just talking about each other at this moment were scarlet eyes, tearfully tearing their clothes, and clapped and shouted below.

“Take off another piece and continue to take off!”

“The movement just now, twist it again, make the movement bigger.”

“Yes, stretch your legs a bit.”


In this atmosphere, the dancers on stage finished. The next singer on stage is the same as the dancer just now. The singer is also young and beautiful, and the clothes are exposed, revealing a large white skin, dazzling.

The atmosphere below the scene became more enthusiastic and excited.

Some people even rushed to the stage ignoring the image and sang together with the singer in close arms.

This situation is really beyond Chen Fei’s expectations. This kind of scene appearing on the bar dance floor, now appearing in this high-end cocktail party, is really a bit puzzling.

“Is this appropriate?” Chen Fei frowned.

Xing Rui sighed and said: “No matter what their status is, they are all men. In this kind of thing, they are not much different from the tycoons of rogues.”

Chen Fei shook his head silently, said nothing, turned around Ready to leave.

But at this moment, the singer on the stage, under the embrace of a younger brother, directly jumped off the stage intimately, and went to the side room with a laugh.

Everyone waited for the next singer to debut.

However, after waiting for tens of seconds, there was no movement on the stage, and the crowd immediately discussed it.

“What’s going on? Why isn’t the next one on stage yet?”

“What’s the matter, the interest just got up, why was it suddenly cold!”

“I’m still waiting for a beautiful woman, just like Brother Wang, just go up and sing “!

……… In the voice of discussion, Zhao Yue frowned and said,” Go back and ask, what’s going on? ”

“Yes!” The men immediately went to the background to ask.

Soon, his men came back and came to Zhao Yue and said, “Mr. Zhao, things are clear.”


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