MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1437



Chen Fei wore a black suit and stepped on a pair of leather shoes, feeling a little weird coming in.

Under the leadership of Lin Hu, we greeted the guests who had arrived and met each other.

Although it was only a simple greeting and greeting, Chen Fei felt more tired than he was.

Because Lin Hu brought the guests he knew, not martial artists at all. But some management personnel.

A director of a martial arts association, a director of a sports bureau, and a member of the organizing committee.

One by one, combing the shiny and slippery head shape, holding a beer belly, without the appearance of a warrior, the bureaucrat greeted Chen Fei.

The committee member shook hands with a smile, praising Chen Feiqin for his hard work and good strength.

The director encouraged Chen Fei to stop arrogance and restlessness and continue to work hard to achieve better results.

What other directors patted Chen Fei on the shoulder, encouraged him to work hard, to participate in international competitions, and win glory for the country.

In a word, Chen Fei almost collapsed in a bureaucratic manner, speaking non-nutritive words.

In the end, fortunately Xing Rui and several acquaintances from the martial arts world came and took Chen Fei to the side to chat, and this was considered to relieve Chen Fei a little.

Of course, after the chat, Chen Fei also found that Xing Rui did not come here as a soldier of the Wuxing Squad, but as a member representative of the Military Warrior Management and Development Committee.

In short, this meeting, on the whole, was discussed and discussed by various official organizations and leaders.

This champion Chen Fei is really just a guest.


At 2:30 in the afternoon, the meeting officially started.

The first is the speech of the host of the meeting. A man with a big belly is holding four or five pages of manuscripts and reading on it for more than half an hour before he comes down.

Chen Fei just applauded that he had ended his torment and found out that this was just the beginning.

Next, the representative will speak, and the member will make comments.

In short, one-on-one speeches are the least, and half an hour is also a common thing. The longest, simply speaking for more than an hour.

Chen Fei sat under the stage and looked at these leaders who did not have any martial arts practice. They talked generously about the difficulties and opportunities of the development of Chinese martial arts. For construction and suggestion issues, the whole person has to be stiff in the seat, and can only squeeze a smirk and keep applauding underneath.

After suffering for several hours, by 5:30 in the afternoon, finally, the meeting was almost over.

Chen Fei, as the representative of the warrior guest, was finally called to the stage and received an honor certificate and a bouquet of flowers from the leaders. Then he nodded and accepted the encouragement from the leaders to ensure that he would continue to work hard in the future, practice well, and win glory for the country.

Finally, after taking a group photo, Chen Fei was finally relieved.

However, this is not over yet. After the meeting, everyone had dinner together in the cafeteria. The following evening, there will be a reception.

Chen Fei felt that he had suffered enough, and did not want to continue to attend the evening reception. But Lin Hu told him that the meeting knot

beam, and some leaders have returned, and the evening reception, it is their only opportunity to exchange weapons.

Therefore, Chen Fei stayed again and went to a hotel by car to attend the reception.

After the official official speech, the reception began. Although still stiff, compared to the afternoon meeting, the evening reception is obviously much easier.

On the whole, there were fewer leaders with poopy bowels on the scene, and all kinds of young and powerful warriors obviously increased.

In this environment, Chen Fei is also easier. Xing Rui and Lin Hu also took Chen Fei and kept learning about various martial artists.

Lin Hu mainly introduced some warriors with an official background to Chen Fei to recognize Chen Fei as a formal identity and impression, to avoid him becoming a kind of casual warrior who no one knows.

Xing Rui introduced Chen Fei to some of the big family warriors. Many of these families are similar to Xing Rui’s Beijing Xing family and have a background of hidden families.

Head Xing Hongqi once again came forward in person and expressed his admiration and appreciation to Chen Fei. In the discourse, there was faintly solicitation to Chen Fei. However, Chen Fei refused politely.

Halfway through the reception, the few bellied men who were left on the scene led the team and left.

Next, it is basically the world of young martial artists. These martial artists on the scene are basically those with an official background and certain martial art strength.

They gathered together to discuss the strength of martial arts for a while, to discuss the development of martial arts for a while, and to plan the future of martial arts for a while.

As the champion of the martial arts conference, Chen Fei is naturally one of the focuses on the field at the moment. Many warriors came to greet each other and greet each other.

Chen Fei greeted each other one by one politely, refused some martial artists’ solicitations, and then sat aside, preparing to take a break.

But at this moment, a footstep approached him.

Chen Fei looked up and saw a 26-year-old young man walking towards himself with a glass of wine. Behind the man, followed by a group of equally young warriors. Obviously, the man is in good standing.

“Mr. Chen, long admiration!” The other party came over with a smile and greeted him with a toast.

Chen Fei also toasted: “Hello!”

At this moment, Xing Rui came to Chen Fei and whispered in Chen Fei’s ear, “This is Zhao Yue, a member of the Zhao family in Beijing. His strength is good, and he has reached the ground. At the end of the grade, it was no worse than Jiang. ”

” Zhao Family ? “Chen Fei was slightly surprised when he heard this, and asked,” It is the Zhao Family who is related to Hu Family where Hu Fei is located. The one? ”

Xing Rui nodded and said,” That’s the Zhao family of Ouchi guards. Zhao family is the highest official status among our family of martial arts. The entire Zhao family martial arts is not bad, and its status is very good. Gao, serving in many important positions. ”

Chen Feiming nodded sharply, then looked at Zhao Yue, a sense of doubt filled his heart.

It stands to reason that he and Zhao Yue did not have an intersection, and he also played Hu Fei, Zhao Yue should not be good to himself. But now it was a smiley expression.

No matter what, Chen Fei nodded with a smile and greeted: “Mr. Zhao is good, I have also long admired.”

Zhao Yue across the road smiled and said: “Mr. Chen defeated Jiang Bufan Jiang Shao this time at the martial arts conference to win the championship, it is really Shocking! ”

” It’s just a matter of luck. “Chen Fei politely said.


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