MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1436



“Tan Shan, why are you here?” Hu Fei, who was lifted up by someone, couldn’t help but look surprised when Tan Shan came over.

Immediately, Hu Fei said, “What do you want us to do?”

Tan Shan squeezed a smile on his face, and looked at Chen Fei, then said to Hu Fei: “Hu Shao, I know this Mr. Chen. Hu Shao asked me to give me a face. Let ’s sit down and talk about it. ”

” Give you a face? “Wen Yan, Hu Fei’s face sank, stared at Tan Shan, and sneered.” Tan Shan, you really think of yourself as a person! What the hell are you, asking me to save your face. ”

Tan Shan did not expect Hu Fei to be so determined that he had no room for negotiation, and he even scolded himself directly. When he got up, he couldn’t help but say in a deep voice: “Hu Shao, this Mr. Chen is my sister’s instructor, and his strength is extraordinary, you have to think about it clearly.”

“What kind of thing is he, Lao Tzu knows himself.” Hu Fei scolded. , “Isn’t it just a warrior? In front of my Hu family, what is it.”

“Tan Shan, if you know now, just go away and don’t care about Lao Tzu’s affairs. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude, even you Fight together. “Hu Fei shouted angrily.

Tan Shan did not expect such a result at all. His face fell, his mouth moved, and he was about to say something.

But at this time, Chen

Fei came over and said to Tan Shan: “I understand the Tan family’s intentions. Let me know the next thing.” After that, Chen Fei stepped forward and looked at Hu Fei, “You Very confident, look down on the warrior? ”

Hu Fei said with a sneer:” The Zhao family is called a warrior. Your kind of thing, what kind of thing, is just a thug thug. Other people tout two sentences, you really take it seriously Now. ”

“I tell you, in front of the real dignitaries, your kind of things is not worth mentioning. My Hu family can find a batch of your kind of things just by moving your fingers.” Hu Fei said proudly, looking towards Chen Fei looked very disdainful.

Chen Fei’s eyes narrowed and his voice gloomy, “Really? Then I will show you how powerful the warrior is.”

Hu Fei heard the words and waved his hand to the bodyguards around him: “If you give me a hard fight, if you don’t win, you will You do n’t have to be in the martial arts world, do you understand? ”The

bodyguards trembled all over, knowing that Hu Fei was not kidding, his face became serious, and he gritted his teeth to attack Chen Fei one by one.

Seeing this, Hu Fei stood aside with his arms folded, his face proud.

But soon, he couldn’t laugh.

Because, the twenty bodyguards he brought in Chen Fei’s hands seemed to have become young children without the power of chickens. Under Chen Fei’s offensive, there was no resistance.

With a crackling sound, Hu Fei’s bodyguards were all knocked down to the ground, crying and wailing one by one, losing their fighting power.

At the moment, Chen Fei stood indifferently, without any injuries, and the whole person was very relaxed.

He looked at Hu Fei, “Are there any backers? Take it out!”

Hu Fei didn’t expect it to be such a result, his face was stiff and his expression was unnatural, “You, how can you beat so many bodyguards? “On the

side, Tan Shan, a group of rich and young, was also shocked and shocked.

While before he

had heard from Tan Chen Fei in Yamaguchi is very powerful, but also a team of instructors of the five elements, but also the Qianlong List first existence. But for Chen Fei’s true strength, they have no idea.

And now, after seeing Chen Fei easily resolve the more than 20 bodyguards above the Xuan level of the Hu family, they only know how terrible Chen Fei is.

For a time, this group of riches could not help but take a breath, showing a look of horror and fear on his face.

Even the rich and young who spoke for Liu Yi just now were terrified at this moment. They were lucky in the dark, fortunately they didn’t offend Chen Fei, otherwise they would suffer.

At this moment, the shocked Hu Fei looked at Chen Fei approaching him, his face showing fear, and his voice trembling, “You, don’t you come!”

Chen Fei stepped forward, “Don’t come enough? You were not just Do you want to teach me? Why are you afraid now? ”

Hu Fei panicked:” I tell you, my Hu family is a relative of the Zhao family. Do you know Zhao Yue? That is my cousin. You dare to move me My cousin will not let you go, nor will the Zhao family let you go. ”

Wen Yan, Chen Fei frowned, shook his head:” Can you say less of this nonsense? There is really nothing Nutrition. ”

After finishing, Chen Fei lifted Hu Fei, clicked twice, interrupted his legs, and then threw it out of the bar directly.

Then, Chen Fei, a group of people, left the bar with a mighty gaze, and left the bar.

After the party ended, the next day, Lin Hu and Chen Fei made a call, “Mr. Chen, are you free tomorrow?”

“What’s wrong? What’s the matter?” Chen Fei asked.

Lin Hudao: “Mr. Chen, this is the case. Although this martial arts conference is over, the related ceremony is not over yet. There will be a post-match symposium and awards ceremony tomorrow. As the champion of the prefecture-level contest, It’s a key guest. ”

” Symposium, awards ceremony! And these things? “Chen Fei was not very interested.

Lin Hu quickly explained: “Mr. Chen, this is the case. Although our martial arts alliance is a loose martial arts organization jointly organized by martial artists, it is still supervised by the relevant state departments. So, to a certain extent, we It is also an official organization. ”

” Therefore, this kind of post-match discussion forum is indispensable. Although it may be boring, many leaders of relevant departments and members of large families will attend. ”

” Their attendance is also considered to be Recognition of the official identity of our martial arts is a promotion of our martial arts. This still has a very positive effect. Therefore, my master and his elderly, I hope you can come to participate. “Lin Hudao.

“Zhu Lao has spoken. Since that is the case, then I will go to participate tomorrow.” Chen Fei said.

“Well, then I’ll help you with the formalities.” Lin Hudao immediately hung up the phone.

At noon the next day, after having lunch, Lin Hu personally drove over to pick up Chen Fei to attend this seminar.

Chen Fei got on the bus, and an hour later, a group of people came to a building that was not tall.

Although the surface of the building is not very good, when you enter it, you can find that the decoration inside is still very delicate. Although not gorgeous, it is neat and generous.

The seats are lined up, covered with flannel, and a row of red tables are also placed on the rostrum. At the top, a banner was hung with the words “Symposium of the National Martial Arts Conference of the Budo League”. Looking at it as a whole, it has the style of a Chinese leader meeting.


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