MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1434



Chen Fei moved his eyes and waved his hand: “It seems that he doesn’t know what’s wrong if he doesn’t give him a lesson.”

After that, Chen Fei struck a spur of anger, and immediately snapped Liu Yi’s left. The leg was broken. Let him make a very howling howling.

In the sound of howling, Chen Fei clapped again, interrupted the other leg, and screamed like a pig.

The other rich and young people also heard a sudden pain, and their faces were tense, and they dared not make a noise.

“Tan Shao, help me, Tan Shao–” Liu Yi howled bitterly, but at the moment, Tan Shan, with his head down, would dare to say one more word, and could only pretend not to see it.

After Chen Fei interrupted Lewis legs, cold channel: “Just now I warned you, do not find Chang Chiu trouble otherwise, I will let you know what is living death..”

Having , Chen Fei turned to leave.

But behind him, Chen Ziling stepped forward, without any politeness, kicking fiercely between Liu Yi’s legs.

With a click, Liu Yi covered her crotch, her eyes almost protruding from the pain.

And Chen Ziling looked like she was finally finished, clapping her hands and pulling Zhang Qiuyue, saying: “Okay, get it done, we can go back.”

“Yes, sister Qiuyue, I will meet a man who wants to misbehave you, Just use this trick, kicking hard, kicking is no problem. This group of men of color should have a hard lesson. “Chen Ziling taught Zhang Qiuyue aside.

But at this time, everyone in the private room was stunned and did not dare to take any more actions. Only after Chen Fei and his party had completely left the private room, everyone recovered, and quickly asked the bodyguard behind him to control Liu Yi’s injury.

Liu Yi finally relieved some of the pain. While waiting for the arrival of the ambulance, he looked at Tan Shan with an inexplicable and implacable color of resentment in his eyes.

At the moment, the other rich youngsters looked at Tan Shan a little differently. Although they didn’t open their mouths, their expressions clearly seemed to be a bit confusing.

Tan Shan understood their thoughts. After all, in their view, they were brothers playing together. As a result, the boss Tan Shan did not help his brother, but pushed the brother to others and was beaten.

How do I say this, I feel a little unjust.

Although Tan Shan ’s background is greater than these rich and young, but also know that this matter must be explained clearly. Otherwise, your reputation will be broken in the circle, and you will not have to play after that.

So, Tan Shan looked around all the rich few, then sighed and said: “? I know you are what you think I think Lewis will be pushed out, I do not sense of justice, things are not authentic.”

Focus less rich silence , Did not say anything. But this silence has already demonstrated their attitude.

Tan Shan then continued to explain: “Actually, I did that for Liu Yihao, but also for all of us.”

Wen Yan, many rich and young eyes flashed, clearly showing an expression of disbelief.

Tan Shan saw this, sighed, and said, “The reason why I say this is because the identity of Mr. Chen just now is not something we can offend.”

Wen Yan, the wealthy, could not help but feel curious and puzzled.

“Mr. Chen? Is he famous?”

“Tan Shao, your Tan’s family is a century-old martial art family, can’t you offend you?”

“I think he just knows some martial arts, we are like that.

Many people, whose family has no one or two official powers. Even if he knows how to martial arts, we are not difficult to deal with? ”

……… After

hearing the words, Tan Shan shook his head and said:” If it is an ordinary person, of course you can say it. But this Mr. Chen, he is not an ordinary person. ”

I will tell you that. His name is Chen Fei and he is a teacher of Chinese medicine at Jingcheng University. In addition, he is also a warrior. ”

Teacher, warrior-this, is it normal?” “Someone said.

Tan Shan continued:” He is not an ordinary warrior, he is a top expert. ”

How top-notch, yellow-level peak, mysterious master?” ”

Can Master Lin be powerful?” ”

Isn’t it always a prefecture master?” ”

Tan Shan nodded and said in a deep voice:” He is a master at the prefecture level. ” Do you know my sister? ”

Of course I know, Sister Tan Bingjie, that is our famous strong woman in Beijing.” ”

That is, Sister Tan was less than thirty years old, and became the captain of the Squad Team in the Linglong Wuxing Squad. His strength reached the mid-level realm level, and the Qianlong list ranked 17th. Real master!” ”

Wrong, it is no longer the seventeenth place.” After this martial arts conference, the Qianlong Ranking has been updated, and Sister Tan has now improved to twelve. It is not impossible to enter the top ten in the future. ”

Listening to their comments, Tan Shan nodded, and a look of pride appeared on his face. Undoubtedly, Tan Bingjie was the pride of their Tan family.”

However, immediately his face sank, and he solemnly said: “You know my sister’s strength. Then I tell you now, that Mr. Chen, who was also in the Linglong organization. The position he holds is my sister. The boss at the head of the team, the chief instructor of the Wuxing Squad. ”

” In addition, above the just-concluded martial arts conference. He defeated Jiang Fanfan in the final and consolidated his position as the No. 1 Qianlong. He is Chen Fei. ”

After listening to Tan Shan ’s words, all the riches in the field were shocked and shocked, with incredible colors on their faces.

“Hey, this is impossible! Is he so powerful?”

“Is he the Chief Instructor of the Linglong? Or the master of the

Qianlong list ?” “The Qianlong list is the first, which almost has the strength of the realm later?”

“No wonder so, no wonder! Thanks to Tan Shao stopped us, otherwise if we really started, then we will really play.”

………… In

a voice of exclamation and fear, even Liu Yi’s His expression changed, and his face was surprised.

Tan Shan saw this, looked at Liu Yi, and said: “Liu Yi, now you understand what I said just now! It ’s not that I do n’t mean justice, it ’s just that this is no longer a level of existence, and Mr. Chen is not something we can deal with. Yes, do you understand? ”

” I, I understand! “Liu Yi was silent for a while, even though there was still unwillingness and resentment in the depths of his eyes, he still had to nod.

Tan Shan seeing this, Lewis patted on the shoulder, then thought of what the channel: “Get out and see, how the ambulance did not come so slow??”

There are men out immediately view the situation, the result of a soon Running over in a panic, “It’s not good, it’s not good, something serious happened.”

Tan Shan heard the words, frowning immediately, and sneered, “Speak clearly, what the hell happened?”


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