MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1433



But at this time, Liu Yi saw Chen Fei appear, his eyes narrowed, and an angry and resentful look appeared in his eyes, staring at Chen Fei fiercely, gritting his teeth, “It’s you, you dare to come to my site. Looking for death Things! ”

Then, Liu Yi looked over to the sofa and shouted to Tan Shao:” Tan Shao, this kid has some martial skills. Borrow my bodyguard for me. ”

Tan Shao didn’t look up and shook his hand:” Lao Lin Let’s go. Hurry up, don’t let us disappoint. ”

” Yes, Shao Tan! “Suddenly, a calm man in his forties or forties walked over.

Compared with the bodyguards that Liu Yi shouted just now, this old Lin’s momentum is obviously higher. The restrained and thick martial atmosphere on his body is definitely not something that ordinary warriors can explode.

At this moment, Liu Yi had Lao Lin’s help, and his expression became proud and arrogant. He looked at Chen Fei and smiled: “Stinky boy, don’t you rely on knowing how to martial arts, do you shine in front of me?”

” Now, I see what you are showing off. This Master Lin, that is Tan Shao ’s bodyguard, with his martial arts strength in the mid-level, you can squeeze you with one hand. ”

Liu Yi was very proud,” You kneel to me now Come down and beg for mercy, maybe I can still consider whether to scrap one or two of your legs. ”

Chen Fei looked at this Master Lin, frowned lightly, and said,” Are you a soldier? Or do you have After joining the army? ”

Master Lin froze for a moment, and then said:” I was discharged from the army. ”

Chen Fei nodded and was just about to say something.

Chen Ziling at the back couldn’t wait, “Brother, you’ve been rubbing so much to do, just hit it yourself. A bunch of garbage, there is no need to waste more time on them.”

“All of us will continue to drink and have fun! Sister Qing Mei, Meng Yu, right!” Chen Ziling smiled.

Hearing Chen Ziling’s words, Liu Yi looked behind Chen Fei, and suddenly found Yu Qingmei and Meng Yu.

If Zhang Qiuyue is a pure beauty and Chen Ziling is a lively beauty, then Yu Qingmei is the sexy and charming beauty of a mature woman, while Meng Yu is a neutrally dressed beauty.

The four beauties stood here at once, and Liu Yi was immediately dazzled.

At the same time, he also had jealousy in his heart, “why is this kid so lucky. There are so many beautiful women with all kinds of bad words around him.”

“No, you must bring down this kid. Get all these beautiful women, Have a good time playing. “Liu Yi was excited, and his face could not help but show a ruthless color to the old bodyguard of the bodyguard,” Master Lin, hands on, this guy’s legs were scrapped. Be careful not to hurt the beauty behind. ”

Master Lin heard the words and stepped out. The momentum of his body began to surge, so he had to deal with Chen Fei.”

Chen Fei narrowed his eyes slightly and was also ready to deal with it.

But at this moment, I just looked down at Tan Shan and looked up. I could not help but glance at my face, and there was a look of horror on my face. The ass seemed to be pressed by a spring, and it popped up from the sofa. , Quickly waved and shouted: “Stop, hurry up. Don’t do it.”

The old bodyguard Lao Lin, who is about to do it, and the excited Liu Yi, heard this cry, and couldn’t help but stun all of them. He looked at it in unison.

Lao Lin stopped, Liu Yi looked confused and looked at Tan Shan

, said: “Tan Shao, what’s wrong?”

Tan Shan stared at him fiercely, gritted his teeth and said, “Liu Yi, you almost killed I.”

Immediately, in the fog of Liu Yiman’s head, Tan Shan leaned in front of Chen Fei, squeezed out a smile, nodded and said: “Chen, Mr. Chen. You are here!”

Chen Fei looked at Tan Shan in front of him, For a while, I felt a little blushing, and seemed to have little interest. “You

are– ” Tan Shan quickly pointed to himself and introduced himself: “I am Tan Shan. Some time ago, at the meeting in the courtyard house, Luo Shuang and I– ”

Oh, it’s you! Luo Shuang’s boyfriend!” Hearing this, Chen Fei was somewhat impressed.

“Yes, yes, it’s me. Mr. Chen.” Tan Shan nodded quickly, accompanied by a smiley face, and continued, “Also, my sister also knows Mr. Chen.”

“Your sister? Who?” Chen Fei I can’t remember it.

Tan Shandao: “Mr. Chen, my sister is Tan Bingjie. The Wuxing team—”

Chen Fei heard it, with a little surprised look, “Tan Bingjie is your sister?”

Tan Bingjie, the captain of the Wuxing team Shui team, was short-haired and trained. Girl working hard. I didn’t expect it to be Tan Shan’s sister.

This really surprised Chen Fei. He looked at Tan Shan and said, “You and your sister are not like them! Your sister is doing something in the military barracks, but you are enjoying yourself outside!”

Wen Yan Tan Shan suddenly looked ashamed, lowering his head and said: “I, I can’t compare to my sister. I am in martial arts, I don’t have much talent,

I– ” Chen Fei didn’t want to talk and interrupted Tan Shan with his hand The words, pointed to Liu Yi, Shen said: “Speak, what’s the matter? He was instructed by you?”

Wen Yan, Tan Shan quickly waved his hand, “No, no. Mr. Chen, I just talk to him Know, come here for a drink. I do n’t even know what he is doing outside. If I knew, it would never happen. ”

“Really?” Chen Fei said in a deep voice, “Then you talk about it. What should I do now?”

Tan Shan immediately looked at Liu Yi and shouted sharply: “Liu Yi, Mr. Chen’s friend, do you dare .. do not move fast to apologize admit, hurry up, ”

Lewis thought Tan Hill is to give yourself support, the results did not expect to Tan Hill gave each other speak, could not help but filled with doubts, asked:” Tan little, my – ”

several other Wei Fushao was also puzzled and began to speak.

“Tan Shao, what’s going on? Do you know this kid?”

“Since I know, look at Tan Shao’s face. Just let Liu Yi give a step, it’s enough to break one leg.”

“Tan Shao, how are you? It ’s just a stupid kid, it ’s no big deal! ”

… …

Listening to their words, the green muscles in Tan Shan ’s forehead bulged, feeling that the blood vessels were almost exploding. “If you don’t want to die, shut up for me, Liu Yi, and apologize immediately!”

Zhongfu Shao was frightened by Tan Shan’s attitude. He was really dumbfounded for a while.

At the moment, Liu Yi, with a male face, his eyebrows closed, was somewhat reluctant.

Tan Shan was so anxious that he almost scolded, “Liu Yi, you are dead, don’t make me tired.”

Just when Tan Shan could hardly bear it, he pressed Liu Yi to apologize.


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