MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1431



“I didn’t expect it. Our school’s Zhang Qiuyue and Zhang Dahua at the Beijing Conservatory of Music are pure on the surface, but privately they are a messy nightclub. You said, if I pass this on to the school, what will happen!” Liu Yi Smug smile.

Zhang Qiuyue’s face was flushed with rage, “Liu Yi, don’t talk nonsense. I’m not, you don’t talk nonsense.”

“Oh, I nonsense?” Liu Yi laughed, “Is it nonsense, you let me test me Got it. Go with me to my private room, let me try it, and see if you are still the original one. If it is still, I believe you. How? Zhang Daxiaohua. “Liu Yi smiled trivially, walking towards Zhang Qiuyue approached the past.

Zhang Qiuyue was flushed with rage, and gave a hard sip, “Yeah, you are shameless.”

“Haha, I am shameless. I am shameless. I will not only be shameless today, but I will play with you.” He laughed loudly, “I think you still pretend to be pure, haha!”

Zhang Qiuyue frightened back again and again.

Zhuo Qing said his face with rage and blocked it in front of Zhang Qiuyue, and said sharply: “You come again, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Liu Yi’s eyes turned to Zhuo Qingyu’s body, his eyes lit up, showing a strange color I licked my lips, “beautiful, you don’t worry! Otherwise, you and Zhang Qiuyue together, we have fun in the private room. I have several brothers in it, everyone is happy. Anyway, you do this , I’m used to it not long ago. ”

” Slap! ”

Zhuo Qing was very angry, and slapped it directly. The fan came on Liu Yi’s face, and there was a crisp sound.

Liu Yi froze for a moment, then became furious, and his face was filled with an angry look, “Dirty bitch, you dare to beat me. Do you know who I am, I want to kill you,

I– ” Liu Yi Screaming angrily, he got up and started to speak to Zhuo Qingyu.

But at this moment, a big hand grabbed Liu Yi’s collar behind the neck and lifted him up directly, then a thick and repressed voice rang out, “Do you want to die?”

Liu Yi turned his head Here, I saw a young man in his twenties with a sullen face, and immediately yelled angrily: “Who are you? Let me go, I–”

” Slap !”

Chen Fei slaps directly, this one Slap, it wasn’t Zhuo Qingyu’s slap. With great strength, Liu Yi’s cheeks were swollen directly, and the teeth in his mouth were taken out by Chen Fei, mixed with blood and dropped to the ground.

“Ah!” Liu Yi screamed, and then shouted, “You dare to beat me, do you know who I am? I’m Liu Yi, my dad is the director of the eastern suburbs, I–”

he is still Shouting, Chen Fei was unkind. He slapped it again, and took two teeth off his other side. The whole mouth was suddenly bloody and his speech leaked.

At this moment, Zhuo Qingyu and Zhang Qiuyue saw Chen Fei, and suddenly flew over. The angry and pretty face was a little excited at the moment. Two pairs of big watery eyes were like two pairs of pearls.

. “Chen Big Brother, you come” ,

“Chen Big Brother, just now, he -”

Chen Fei grabbed two women, into his arms, silent comfort: “Do not worry, I’m coming, all right.”

Immediately, Chen Fei kicked Liu Yi, who was still lying on the ground, crying, and walked back with his second daughter.

Returning to the deck, seeing that the situation was wrong, Chen Ziling quickly asked them about the situation.

Zhang Qiuyue and Zhuo Qingyu recounted this, so that everyone was informed of the situation just now. It turned out

that Liu Yi was the principal of Zhang Qiuyue’s school and had pursued Zhang Qiuyue in the school.

But, Liu Yi relied on his father, who was a director, to show off his strength in school, and he was also very attentive. Therefore, Zhang Qiuyue naturally could not agree, and directly rejected Liu Yi’s pursuit in person.

After Liu Yi had been deflated several times, he was always upset. As a result, I did not expect to meet Zhang Qiuyue in this “wind sand crossing” today.

Liu Yi, who drank a little wine, suddenly got upset, and even wanted to stop Zhang Qiuyue, directly wanting to go wrong.

After listening, Chen Ziling was so angry that he snapped the bottle on the table and said angrily: “What dare to bully sister Qiuyue. Find the dead guy.”

“Brother, what happened to Liu Yi?” Chen Ziling asked Road.

Not waiting for Chen Fei to answer, Zhang Qiuyue said, “Brother Chen has beaten Liu Yi, and his teeth have dropped a few. He may not dare to do it in the future.”

As a result, Chen Ziling burst into shock when he heard this. , And slapped it on the table with a palm, “Brother, that guy bullied Sister Qiuyue, you only knocked him out of his teeth.”

“If I were, I would beat the guy first. Then tie it up and give him the bad guy Obsolete. Otherwise, I really can’t be relieved. “Chen Ziling said excitedly.

Zhang Qiuyue, who has always been quiet, has seen this posture, and was a little dumbfounded. He quickly waved his hand and said: “Zi Ling, you, you are so excited. Then Liu Yi, he did not touch me. Not as serious as you think This time, the lesson is enough. ”

” What is enough. I know this kind of scum best. I wouldn’t know if I would beat them. “Chen Ziling patted his chest,” This thing is absolutely Can’t stop like this. ”

” Go, sister Qiuyue, I’ll take you to find the place. “Chen Ziling grabbed Zhang Qiuyue and walked out immediately.

The remaining people looked at each other, looking at Chen Fei with surprise and question.

Chen Fei knew that her sister-in-law had such a hot temper, so she nodded and said, “Let’s go and see.”

Immediately, the rest of the people all got up and the clapping action passed.


At the moment, Liu Yi, with red cheeks and bloody mouth, wailed and finally returned to his private room, causing a cry.

“Liu Yi, what’s wrong with you?” Someone asked.

“How did you get your teeth off in the last bathroom? Wouldn’t you just use the bathroom on your head, haha!” Someone joked.


a man with short hair sitting on the middle sofa frowned lightly and said to the bodyguards standing behind him: “Take care of Liu Yi.” The

bodyguard heard the words and nodded to help Liu Yi deal with his injuries . A few minutes later, Liu Yi came back with an ice pack on his face.

The short-haired man said in a deep voice: “Liu Yi, tell me, what’s going on?”

“Tan Shao, this is the case, I …” Liu Yi grinned a bit, with hatred on his face. The thing is told again.

After listening to it, the others in the private room suddenly clamored.

“I rely on, what kind of thing, even Liu Yi you dare to fight, somehow guys.”

“What pure school flowers are pretend. What is the difference between the current university joke, and what it sells?”

“I see , Just a few unscrupulous mercy. Liu Yi, you put your dad ’s name out and play around with them, they will know what ’s wrong. ”


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