MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1430



Half an hour later, Chen Fei cracked all the three formation methods and finished speaking. He looked up at the booth owner and said, “This is how it is broken.” The

owner raised his head and looked at Chen Fei. There was a look of admiration and surprise. After a moment of silence, he sighed and said: “It really is a young talent! In such a short period of time, it was amazing to break through these three formations.

” Mr. You’re polite, I just happened to be out of battle. “Chen Fei arched his hand with a smile.

The stall owner took the initiative to hand over Xuan Shuang Chi Mei and said, “This is yours.”

Chen Fei took over Xuan Shuang Chi Mei and asked the stall owner again: “There is one more thing, I would like to ask. ”

Little brother, please say.”

Chen Fei pointed to the hands of the Xuanshuang red plum, asked aloud: “I would like to ask Mr. Fang disclose it, Xuanshuang red plum which is where you get it?”

“It’s -” stall expression It seemed a little difficult.

Chen Fei quickly explained: “I don’t hide from you that I need Xuanshuang Chimei Guo, so I asked Mr. Xuanshuang if he could tell Xuanshuang Chimei Guo that he would like to say that he can also ask. Of course, if it is If the husband is inconvenient to answer, I will never force it. ”

After listening to Chen Fei’s words, the stall owner thought for a while, and finally looked up at Chen Fei, shook his head, and said,” Little brother, I am very sorry. Xuan Shuang Chi Mei’s origin, I can’t reveal it yet. ”

Seeing Chen Fei’s eyes showing a touch of disappointment, the stall owner quickly continued:” Ignore, I believe with your strength, you can find Xuan Shuang Chi soon Meiguo. You do n’t have to worry too much. ”

Chen Fei nodded reluctantly with a smile, arched his hand to the stall owner,“ Thank you Mr. Jiyan. ”

Immediately, the stall owner quickly packed up and left. Although Chen Fei had a little regret, after all, he got Xuan Shuang Chi Mei, which was quite fruitful, so he was satisfied and drove back to Jingcheng District with Wei Tianzhuo Qingyu.

The next day, under Chen Fei’s personal treatment, Zhuo Qingyu’s injury quickly recovered. In addition, the actual combat ability has been tempered and improved in this martial arts conference, but the strength has broken through another step and reached the mid-level realm. The speed of this practice can be said to be terrifying.

On Wei Tian’s side, Chen Fei also personally directed his martial arts practice, and adapted some suitable martial arts and techniques to Wei Tian to let him practice well.

On the other side, Chen Ziling, who was in a trance because she learned about her parents, finally recovered in the past few days, and became the smiling, quirky little girl before.

The little girl had just recovered. When she learned that Chen Fei had won the martial arts conference, she immediately pulled Chen Fei to invite him to dinner and celebrate.

Chen Feihan was not Zi Ling, so he simply found a five-star hotel, set two tables directly in it, and called all his friends and family around him. When everyone had a meal together, it was a good gathering.

So, this evening, in the hotel.

Chen Zilingzhuo whispered Meng Yu from Beijing University, Wei Tian rushed from the hotel, Yu Qingmei also put down the company’s business, and hurried over, Chen Fei originally invited Zhang Qiuyue came with Song Yi.

However, when it came, it was Zhang Qiuyue alone


After inquiring, everyone learned that Song Yi had an important performance to participate in these two days, and is now undergoing emergency rehearsals, so this time I can only apologize for the dinner. She also specifically asked Zhang Qiuyue to apologize to Chen Fei for her.

Although there was no one person, the dinner was still lively. Everyone in their twenties was talking and laughing, but it was also easy and lively, and the meal was full of lively meals.

After eating, Chen Ziling’s little girl had thoughts again and had to go to the bar to have some fun.

Originally, the quiet-tempered girls like Zhuo Qingyu and Zhang Qiuyue did not like places like bars, but Chen Ziling was very good-tempered, so the group decided to find a bar to celebrate.

In this regard, Yu Qingmei is relatively experienced. After all, her Ome Jewelry Company, mainly customers and endorsers, is rich or expensive, so she knows the bar well.

So, on Yu Qingmei’s suggestion, a group of people drove to a bar called “Fengshadu”. The bar is not large, but it is very well decorated. When you walk in, the lights are shining, the music is booming, and there are many guests.

Chen Fei opened a deck and ordered some drinks and beverages. While drinking and chatting, they watched the music performance next to the bar. The atmosphere was pretty good.

After playing for a while, Zhang Qiuyue and Zhuo Qingyu had less alcohol and got up and went to the bathroom.

The rest of the people continued to play, and Chen Ziling was quite interested. He even took Chen Fei to the stage to perform, but was finally rejected by Chen Feiyi.

After more than ten minutes, Zhang Qiuyue and Zhuo Qingyu had not returned. This made Chen Fei somewhat puzzled and could not help standing up: “Qiuyue and Qingyu haven’t come back yet, I’ll go and have a look.”

Yi Zhuoqing’s current mid-level strength of Xuan-level, the average person can’t hurt them . However, there is no guarantee that there will be any unexpected circumstances, so Chen Fei quickly walked over.

The lights on the side of the bathroom were very dark. When Chen Fei walked all the way, in the surrounding walkways and corners, men and women with exposed clothing hugged together without any scruples and began to get affectionate.

Although the atmosphere of this bar is better than the average bar, after all, the bar is a bar. Everyone comes here to look for excitement. This kind of thing is naturally inevitable.

Ignoring the intimacy around him, Chen Fei walked inside and came to the bathroom. He heard Zhuo Qingyan sternly drink: “You let go, otherwise don’t blame me for being unkind.”

Then, a wretched man’s voice rang again, “You are welcome? Little girl, I really want to see you Why are you unkind to me. Are you unkind in bed? Hahaha! ”

Wen Yan, Chen Fei frowned, walked quickly, and immediately saw the situation in front of her.

At the end of the aisle, Zhuo Qingyu and Zhang Qiuyue stood in front of a twenty-four or four-year-old man. The man’s yellow hair like a henhouse, and a pair of dangling Langdang, stopped Zhuo Qingyu and Zhang. In front of Qiuyue.

At this point, Zhang Qiuyue looked angry at the man and said, “Liu Yi, you let go, otherwise we will call the police.”

“Oh, our Zhang Xiaohua, you still have to call the police!” This name is called Liu Yi ’s man looked at Zhang Qiuyue proudly and said, “Are n’t you usually innocently dressed in school? How come you come to the bar now? Is it true that the previous innocence is all installed.”


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