MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1428



“Forget it, forget it, my eyes have looked at the flowers, and I can’t see any flaws. This treasure is not something that someone like me can get.”

“Try again, maybe you have a chance to crack it, maybe ”

” That’s right, it’s good to crack one. This stall owner can come up with Xuan Shuang Chi Mei, there must be other good things. ”

………… In the

discussion, Chen Fei did not choose to break the battle for the first time, but He turned his attention to the stall owner who was squatting on the ground.

The stall owner looked about 40 or 50 years old, with messy hair and ragged clothes. The whole person looked dirty, but it was no different from the street people on the street.

However, Chen Fei felt a sense of immersion in this stall owner. He was like a immersed lake, looking calm and ordinary. But inside is full of majestic energy.

“I’m a master, a very good master.” Chen Fei commented in his heart.

Immediately, Chen Fei withdrew his eyes, gathered his spirit on the three arrays, and began to crack.

It didn’t take long for Chen Fei to think about it. Suddenly, a noisy footsteps rushed towards here.

A man in his thirties pushed away the crowd and took a group of people directly to the stall.

As soon as he squeezed in, the man yelled and drank to the middle-aged stall owner, “Hey, I said, how can you sell my Xuanshuang Chimei?” The

middle-aged stall owner looked up. The man pointed to the sackcloth on the ground and said lightly: “Except for breaking the line, it is not for sale.”

Wen Yan said that the young man immediately frowned and said coldly: “Give shameless things. I have not believed Hu Fei There are things in this world that are not for sale. ”

“I’ll put my words here now. I want Xuanshuang Chimei.” After that, the young man threw out a bank card, threw it to the stall owner, and said, “I won’t bully you, either. There are 50 million in the card, buy you Xuanshuang Chimei. ”

After that, when the young man leaned down, he had to pick up Xuanshuang Chimei on the ground.

Upon seeing this, everyone around could not help but gaze at one another, and the discussion began.

“This guy is too arrogant, everyone said they wouldn’t sell it. He’s a strong

buyer and a strong seller!” “Oh, people are Hu Fei, Hu’s brother. You have to buy, you have to sell if you don’t sell .Understood? ”

” Hu Fei, is it amazing? Why haven’t I heard of this name in the martial arts world? ”

” People aren’t in the martial arts world at all, people are in the officialdom, understand? ”


” When The officer is great, so you can come and buy things! What! ”

” That is, we mixed martial arts people, hate these guys who have no skills, and still bully people. ”

” You still say less. I am so Let me tell you, although this Hu Fei Hu family is not a martial arts family, but people know the masters of the martial arts family. Coupled with the official identity, when you get the chance, you will feel better. ”

” What martial arts master? ” ”

Zhao family! Have you heard?” ”

Zhao family, how come I don’t know? Is it famous? At this martial arts meeting, why didn’t I hear someone from Zhao family come to the contest.”

“Oh, others don’t Will come to participate Kind of a test. ”

& e

msp; “I’ll tell you this. The ancestors of the Zhao family used to be bodyguards for the big figures in the red wall, and they were equivalent to the guards in the ancient Ouchi. Come to participate in this kind of competition? ”

” This-cough, no wonder so! ”

Many people are not angry, but heard this Hu Fei’s identity, at this moment also had to step back and let go of the distance, do not want to mess with this kind of person .

At this time, when Hu Fei heard everyone talking about his family background, he became more proud, looked at the booth arrogantly, and said, “Have you heard? If I do it right, you will not have a good result.”

“Take the money and leave obediently. You can still make a fortune, otherwise you don’t want to take the money if it angers me.” Hu Fei looked at the stall arrogantly.

Many martial arts around saw this, full of anger, but had no choice but to secretly regret the stall owner.

Someone also persuaded.

“Boss, forget it! It’s better to have money than no money.”

“That is, don’t mess with people who can’t afford it.” ”

Let’s grow up and eat wisely!”


Amid the persuasion, the stall owner Faceless, instead of picking up the bank card on the ground, he extended his right hand and held down Hu Fei’s right hand. He said coldly, “I said, unless you break the line. No one wants to take my mystery. Shuang Chimei. ”

” What are you talking about? “Hu Fei looked dark, staring coldly at the stall owner, with a chill in his eyes.

Behind Hu Fei, a group of followers also stepped out at the moment and shouted loudly.

“Leave us Hu Shao.”

“Look for dead things, do

n’t let go .” “Come on, otherwise we’re welcome.”

……… In the

face of threats, the stall owner still didn’t react, his eyes were firm, he shook his head gently and repeated the words just now: “I said, no one can take my Xuanshuang Chimei unless he breaks the battle line.”

“Damn, find death!” Hu Fei heard, his eyes sinking, and shouted sharply, “Give me, kill him.”

In an instant, this group of follow-ups exploded in momentum, and after a round of clapping, they had to take the initiative to the stall.

Although the onlookers sympathized with the booth owners, no one was willing to deal with the business in the face of the Hu family. Moreover, Hu Fei’s followers are not easy to deal with at a glance.

Each of them is a late-level martial artist with very solid basic skills. When seven or eight people are added together, even a prefecture-level warrior, I am afraid they will have to weigh it.

Seeing that the siege was about to start, at this moment, Chen Fei stepped forward and said, “Your behavior, pass it!”

Hu Fei heard the words, and then looked at Chen Fei, After looking at him for a while, he sneered and said, “What are you? Dare to take care of Hu Fei’s affairs, are you looking for death?”

This Hu Fei is not a martial arts man, and naturally did not come to this martial arts meeting. So I didn’t know Chen Fei at all, and naturally he was disdainful to see him so young.

Chen Fei looked at Hu Fei coldly and said in a deep voice: “This uncle has set his own rules. If you don’t follow the rules, you will make trouble. And I, the person who doesn’t like trouble most.”

“You don’t like it What a fucking fucking thing, Laozi Hu Fei wants to take care of your opinion. “Hu Fei was disdainful and waved his hand.” Get rid of this kid and teach me a lesson. ”

“Damn, something. Now, dare anyone dare to show off in front of me Hu Fei.”

At this moment, several of the thugs under his hands are turning their targets, and they will attack Chen Fei.


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