MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1427



Upon seeing this, Zhu Kuishan sighed and immediately patted Chen Fei’s shoulder. He said, “The martial arts conference is over. Prepare to receive the award.”

“Well!” Chen Fei nodded, and then leaped out with Zhu Kuishan and returned to the VIP seat. .

Next is the awards ceremony for each category. There is no tedious process, and the organizer directly distributes the awards to the winners.

Among them, the most concerned nature is the result of the prefecture level. After all, this group is the strongest and receives the most rewards. Moreover, one of the rewards is the qualification of the long-awaited exploration of the Dragon Tomb.

In the eyes of everyone’s attention, Zhu Kuishan personally took out the palm-sized black cards and distributed them to the top ten players. Then said: “This black card is the pass to explore the Dragon Tomb. When the time is up, we will inform you when and where the Dragon Tomb is open. When that time comes, you can go by yourself. Do you

understand?” Everyone nodded and immediately received the black card.

At this point, even if the Budo Assembly is officially over, but the official event of the organizer is over, it does not mean the end of the entire Budo Assembly.

The audience and many contestants who were present did not rush to leave. Rather, they gathered together on site, some gathered together to reminisce about the old, connect feelings, some competed with each other, exchanged martial arts experiences, and some set up directly on the spot to start buying and selling items.

The entire Yangui Lake has become a hypermarket where warriors gather, and it is very lively. Many warriors did not leave, and stayed on the spot to wander up. There are even martial artists who rushed over after the martial arts conference in order to participate in this lively hypermarket.

After all, there are not many opportunities to gather elite warriors across the country. Whether it is a person who comes to learn from the teacher and learns art, or wants to buy or sell items, this is a good opportunity.

Chen Fei planned to bring Zhuo Qingyu back to the wound treatment soon, but Zhuo Qingyu said that he was fine, but instead became interested in this martial arts hypermarket.

So, Chen Fei stayed, together with Zhuo Qingyu and Wei Tian, ​​began to wander.

As for the so-called “friends” of Wei Tian, ​​after seeing that Chen Fei won the championship, they immediately left in a huff and did not dare to stay a trace.

The three of them walked along the shore of Yangui Lake, mainly looking at the stalls of the warriors on the roadside to see if they could find something good.

And because of winning the championship, naturally more people knew Chen Fei, and the discussion about him also became lively.

Some people even compared Chen Fei with Chen Mochi, who suddenly emerged more than 20 years ago, saying that both of them suddenly emerged and won the title of dark horses. They were very lucky.

Thinking of this, Chen Fei reminded me of the sister Chen Ziling, if the information I learned before was correct. That Chen Mochi was probably Chen Ziling’s father.

Thinking about this, Chen Fei felt a strange emotion in his heart.

While he was thinking about it, there was a lot of people around the booth in front of him, and a lively voice sounded, attracting Chen Fei’s attention.

Walking step by step, the voice from the booth clearly passed into Chen Fei’s ear.

“It’s a big deal to take out a heavenly herb for trading!”

“Heavenly herb, that’s too precious. Is it true? It’s not fake to deceive people.”

“Just now Several masters have identified it and found no traces of counterfeit, it should be true. ”

” If I can get the herbal medicine, it will be a big deal. ”

“Oh, you can still unlock the array first!”

“” Heavenly Herbs! “Hearing this, Chen Fei narrowed his eyes slightly and walked towards the stall.

When everyone saw Chen Fei coming, they naturally gave way to Chen Fei and walked in smoothly.

This is an ordinary stall, where a sackcloth is placed on the ground, and a yellow branch is placed on the sackcloth, and there are several withered red flowers on the branch, which looks nothing special.

But when Chen Fei’s eyes swept over, his eyes suddenly suffocated. His eyes could not help but nailed to the branch, and his heart was beating fiercely.

This Xuanshuang Chimei is a precious plant with ice-cold properties. The fruit of Xuanshuang Chimei blossoms, Xuanshuang Chimei, is one of the extremely cold substances required by Chen Fei Xiu Xing’s “Nine Yang Fen Tian Jue”.

This Xuanshuang Chimei fruit belongs to the same level of existence as the nine-leaved ice-flowered nine-flowered ice lotus that Chen Fei has found and refined before. If you can find Xuanshuang Chimei fruit refining and taking, Chen Fei’s strength can go further.

You can also learn another stunt in addition to “Red Flame Fire Hitomi” and “Ice Lotus Fire”.

Although it is not Xuanshuang Chimei fruit, but Xuanshuang Chimei’s words at the stall in front of him, but after all, they are the same source and the same root, which is of great benefit to Chen Fei’s cultivation.

So, at the first glance at the plant, Chen Fei almost made up his mind that he must buy Xuanshuang Chimei.

Despite the excitement in his heart, Chen Fei was quite calm, and the expression on his face did not change much, so he continued to watch it.

On the other side of the sackcloth, a few lines of ink were written on it. Chen Fei fixed his eyes on it, which was the rule set by the owner.

It turned out that the stall owner took out Xuanshuang Chimei not for direct sales, but for exchange conditions. And his exchange conditions are also very special. It is not the exchange of precious herbs or exercises and weapons at the same level.

His request is to break through the three formations he drew. If all can be broken, he will put Xuanshuang Chimei hands.

Of course, if you can only break one or two formations, the stall owner will come up with other things to express gratitude.

“Break through!” Chen Fei showed a hint of curiosity and looked down along the line.

Under the words, there are three white cloths. On the white cloths, three diagrams of eight diagrams are drawn, which generally look very similar. But when you look closely, you can see that the arrangement and lines inside are different, and they cooperate with each other and restrict each other, forming a complex and tight array.

According to the requirements of the stall owner, it is to find the breakthroughs of these three formations and crack them.

At this moment, many warriors have been staring at the three arrays for a while, but they frowned one by one without any clue.

Some people got together and discussed each other, thinking about the solution together.

“Looking at the pattern of this formation, it should be an ancient formation of some ages.”

“Yes, this ancient formation lacks information, it is difficult to understand, and it is more difficult to crack.”

“The three formations should belong to Defensive formation. And one is stricter than the other, one is harder than the other, and it is very difficult to crack. ”

” Sure, if it is not suffering. Will people come up with the heaven-level herbs like Xuanshuang Chimei as a reward? ”


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