MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1425



“What do you want to say?” Chen Fei glanced.

Jiang Bufan continued: “I know you are now a teacher at Jingcheng University College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, there is a sister named Chen Ziling, and a girl named Meng Yu is a secretary in your company.”

“And, in the Jingcheng Conservatory of Music You also know the female singer Song Yi, and a girl named Zhang Qiuyue. ”

” About them, I know everything! If you don’t admit defeat now, I can just– “Jiang Bufan Sneered.

Chen Fei said, his face sank, and said coldly: “Are you threatening me?”

Jiang Bufan sneered: “You can’t believe me, but those women around you, I’m welcome.”

“You dare!” Chen Fei coldly shouted, “Dare you move them, I will let you know how death is written.”

“Really?” Jiang Bufan sneered, “Since you don’t believe me, then I will give you some color first Look, ”

Jiang Bufan glanced at the VIP seat, and said at the same time,” That Zhuo Qingyu is your apprentice and student. It was a pity that Lin Hao did n’t kill her before.

Now.— ” “ You— ”Chen Fei said, angry and surprised. He couldn’t help turning his head and looked towards the VIP seat.

Sure enough, on the side of Zhuo Qingyu, a figure with a hood was walking quietly towards Zhuo Qingyu.

Upon seeing this, Chen Fei couldn’t help worrying, and quickly shouted: “whisper, be careful.”

Zhuo Qingyu in the stands finished listening, and looked over, couldn’t help but be confused. “Mr Chen, what’s wrong?”

Lin Lu and Lin Hu understood the meaning of Chen Fei, Lin Lu immediately got up and guarded Zhuo Qingyu. Lin Hu rushed towards the hooded man and pressed the other person under him.

“What are you doing? Hit someone!” The man who was pressed shouted suddenly.

At the moment, Lin Hu also showed a surprised look and couldn’t help but say: “It’s not right, he’s the highest level of Huang level. Impossible–”

Chen Fei heard this, his eyes changed, his heart suddenly cold, what did he think of His eyes turned back, and he looked at Jiang Bufan, who was opposite the ring.

At this time, Jiang Fanfan showed a sneer in the corner of his mouth, touched a red pill from his arms, shot it into his mouth, and then his eyes were scarlet, and a bloody spirit burst out of the whole person. Like a blood-stained long sword, he burst into Chen Fei.

“You’ve won.” Jiang Bufan grinned and came with a killing intention. “I Jiang Fanfan won’t lose. I must get the Qianlong list first. I won’t lose.”

Chen Fei Upon seeing this, his eyes sank, and there was a thunderbolt in his mind, a flash of lightning flashed, and he quickly clarified the situation just now.

Jiang Bufan deliberately said those threatening words to distract himself. Then took the opportunity to take drugs and launched a sneak attack on himself.

His previous confession was simply pretended, for the last sneak attack and victory. In order to win the championship, he hardly chooses to block.

If Chen Fei was calmer just now, he could see through Jiang Lifan’s lies. After all, Zhuo Qingyu sat on the VIP seat, less than two meters away from Zhu Kuishan.

No matter how powerful Jiang is, it is impossible to arrange for the killer to kill people under Zhu Kuishan’s eyelids.

It was only when Chen Fei was too nervous and worried about the safety of Zhuo Qingyu, he was deceived by Jiang Bufan’s lies. Deceived the time for the final counterattack for himself.

All of this is less than three or four seconds, when Chen Fei turned his head and thoughts flashed in his mind. Jiang Bufan had already carried the scarlet killing intention to the front of Chen Fei, and his fierce and bloody sword spirit was less than half a meter away from Chen Fei’s heart.

The audience on the stage was just surprised to express Jiang Wanfan’s defeat. As a result, almost blinking, they noticed that the form on the field changed abruptly.

Jiang Fanfan, who had almost lost his mind, suddenly broke out at the last moment and launched a final blow to Chen Fei.

Moreover, this blow is not only a relationship between victory and defeat. It is the separation of life and death.

If Chen Fei could not stop the sword, I am afraid it would be pierced into the heart and die.

For a time, Chen Fei’s friend couldn’t help worrying and exclaimed.

“Chen Fei, be careful!”

“Teacher Chen, hurry.”

“Chen Fei, open your mouth and admit defeat, it doesn’t matter whether you win or lose.”

………… The

audience was also shocked.

“I’m relying on it, what happened?”

“Jian Bufan, is this going to kill with blood? It’s too explosive.”

“My bet can now be won again. Great, Jiang Jiang, I support you. ”

” Jiang Fanfan is too shameless, threaten to deceive Chen Fei, such a victory, what is going on? ”

” Oh, victory is victory. Say so much to do, as long as it is within the rules, there is no problem. . ”

“That is, who made Chen Fei stupid and   fell in Jiang Shao?”

“Let him just pretend and let him off now. Haha!”


At this very moment , just at Jiang Bufan was so proud that he thought he would win.

There was a flash of anger in Chen Fei’s eyes. He hated deception and threats. Jiang Fanfan, just now, of these two, both angered Chen Fei.

At this moment, Chen Fei hearts of anger transpiration, with a heavy intended to kill, Jiang extraordinary glared fiercely, snapped: “You court death!”

“You -” Chen Fei who noticed the change of momentum, whom extraordinary river Panic, felt a strange color.

However, he gritted his teeth, almost exhausted all his strength, and launched a fatal blow, “Go to death.”

However, when he died in the position of Chen Fei’s heart with this deadly sword stab, he seemed to stab on the steel plate. In general, the sharp air sword can’t get in. Not to mention piercing Chen Fei’s heart, even Chen Fei’s skin could not be broken.

“Why—you—” Jiang Bufan was shocked.

Chen Fei’s eyes are scarlet, with a strong rage, he smashed Jiang Fanfan’s Qijian, and then lifted his right arm, a breath flew out, bombarded Jiang Fanfan, directly flew him out, in the air He spit out a bite of blood and spit it out.

“Bang!” Jiang Bufan smashed heavily on the ring, spitting out a large mouth of blood in his mouth, pale, almost unable to move.

At the moment, Chen Fei came step by step, the breath in his palm was surging, and he had to shoot again.

Feeling Chen Fei’s horrible murderous intention, Jiang Bufan was really scared this time, and he had no other thoughts. He quickly shouted in horror: “Don’t stop, I agree–”

However, Chen Fei screamed directly, interrupting his words, “confess, you have no chance. I want you to die!” In the roar, Chen Fei shot with a strong killing intent.


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