MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1424



“How could it be?” Jiang Bufan was shocked in his heart, desperately running a real breath, trying to stop Chen Fei’s attack.

But that burning breath kept coming, making Jiang Bufan simply difficult to resist. Feeling that his skin seemed to burn up, Jiang Bufan couldn’t help but feel a sense of fear in his heart. “Don’t I want to lose?”

Just when this idea came out of my mind, Jiang Bufan was fierce. shook his head, teeth and said: “.. can not, I will not lose my martial Union is a genius, I was hidden door Jiang family man, I will not lose”

heart Scream, Jiang extraordinary scarlet eyes , Gently gritted his teeth, the real breath of his body burst out instantly, whistling towards Chen Fei.

This sudden outburst, for a while, was really powerful, blowing away the white mist in the field, and finally letting the audience around see the scene on the field.

Although the two were separated at the moment, it seemed no different than when they had not fought. However, if the audience looked closely, they could see that Chen Fei looked indifferent and stood quietly, almost unchanged.

Jiang Fanfan’s cheeks swelled and his forehead was sweaty. He, who was originally personable, looked a little embarrassed at the moment.

Upon seeing this, everyone could not help showing a surprised look, and the voice of discussion also sounded.

“Looking at this posture, Jiang Shao

suffered a loss.” “No , Jiang Shao ‘s trick was frozen a long time ago. How could he lose money so fiercely?”

“Now the situation is already obvious, you see it for yourself!”

” According to this posture, maybe Chen Fei can really win! ”

” No, Jiang Shao’s strength is beyond your imagination. He must not have used all his strength. As long as he works hard, then Chen Fei will definitely win. ” Lost. ”


At the moment, Jiang Fanfan above the ring, panting, glared at Chen Fei with both eyes, gritted his teeth and said, “You irritated me. Next, I will move to show you how powerful I am.”

“Is it?” Chen Fei is neither salty nor indifferent, and doesn’t take Jiang Bufan’s so-called action style into consideration.

“You–” Jiang Bufan was even more angry when he saw it. He gritted his teeth and took a step immediately. The real breath of his body spread like an ocean tide instantly.

A burst of true breath spread, and the whole river was extraordinary, as if it had turned into a huge heart, throbbing and beating.

At the moment, Jiang Fanfan seems to be becoming stronger and stronger with the leaps of the true spirit. In the end, he snapped his eyes, and slapped his arms forward.

In an instant, there was a chilled white true-scented atmosphere, like a crystal-clear ice sword, flashing a crystal light, hitting Chen Fei fiercely.

“Fuck me to death.” Jiang Fanfan yelled violently, and the huge ice sword came out.

Chen Fei looked at the oncoming giant sword, shook his head, and said softly: “Is this your strength? It’s just that.”

After that, Chen Fei’s right hand gently moved forward.

In an instant, a flare of fire flew out of Chen Fei’s right hand. The flare flew out in the air suddenly, and it seemed to have no power at all.

But when the flame fell to the top of the huge ice sword, the original hardened ice sword instantly became like cotton, directly melted by the fire, and turned into a drop of rain, dripping from the sky.

“How is it possible?” Seeing this scene, Jiang Bufan showed incredible colors, full of horror.

And just now

Audiences who saw how Chen Fei broke through Jiang’s extraordinary Ice Sword Array, were finally able to see Chen Fei’s attack at the moment, and were all surprised.

“How did this happen?”

“So a flame melted Jiang Shaoquan’s ice sword easily.”

“Chen Fei, who is he? Is he still hiding his identity? ”

Many people, including Jiang Bufan’s question at the moment, here in Chen Fei, the answer is very simple.

Because the practice method of Chen Fei Xiu Xing is “Jiuyang Burning the Sky”, that is the top-level fire attribute method. After Chen Fei practiced, the fire attribute of the true breath inside the body was already terrifying.

Not to mention that Jiang Bufan is not yet a mature thousand-mile ice seal and a huge ice sword, even if he is a lot of heavenly warriors, he has to retreat from San Fei against Chen Fei ’s Jiuyang burning heaven.

It was this qualitative gap that made Chen Fei’s flame break Jiang Jiangfan’s ice sword with ease.

Jiang Bufan was still immersed in consternation, and at this time, Chen Fei raised his right hand lightly, his index finger and middle finger standing together into a sword, and gently raised in the air.

In an instant, an air sword screamed out of the air, slashing down with a sharp breath.

Jiang Bufan felt the fierce strong wind with the murderous intention. He couldn’t help but look abruptly, and hurriedly moved to avoid Chen Fei’s attack.

But when he wanted to move, he realized that, somehow, an invisible coercion pressed down, pressing his body on the ring, and he couldn’t move for a while.

Seeing the air sword roaring, the fierce killing intention is coming. Jiang Bufan really panicked, his eyes flashing with horror.

This situation surprised the audience, and also made Shao Donghua and Yang Ling on the VIP seats heavy. Yang Ling couldn’t care about his injury and shouted: “Jiang Shao, admit defeat!”

Jiang Bufan’s eyes flashed unwillingly, but he gritted his teeth and found that his body could not move.

Seeing that Chen Fei’s Qi Jian was about to come down, Jiang Bufan couldn’t be reconciled, but at this moment he still lowered his head, revealing a gloomy color, gritted his teeth and said loudly: “Stop, I agree–”

Hear this, the audience Can’t help feeling a while.

“Unexpectedly, Jiang Shao really lost, alas!”

“Wait a minute, Jiang Shao still has a word to finish. Will Lin Hao’s things never happen again

? ” “Why? Even Jiang Shaowei After shouting, would Chen Fei dare to kill Jiang Shao? What a joke! ”

” Ah, my bet, I can lose all this time. ”

………… In

a sigh, Chen Fei’s eyes narrowed slightly. After squinting, a flash of killing intention flashed over, wanting to kill Jiang Bufan. But he knew that Shao Donghua would not let him succeed easily here.

After all, when playing against Yang Ling before, Shao Donghua secretly blocked. In the face of Jiang Bufan, his much-loved disciple this time, he would never stand idly by.

Thinking of this, Chen Fei’s finger moved slightly, Qi Jian slightly deflected a little direction, ready to give Jiang Banfan a lesson, let him know his strength.

But just before the last word, Jiang Bufan, who was about to admit defeat, suddenly stopped and looked up to Chen Fei.

“Huh–” Chen Fei saw it, his heart moved.

At the moment, Jiang Bufan raised his mouth, showing a cold smile, and whispered to Chen Fei: “Chen Fei is right. I have investigated you. You came to the capital a few months ago.”


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