MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1423



At the moment at the ring, Jiang Bufan looked at Chen Fei with a sneer. His body was cold and surging, white and haunting, horrifying and coercive, and full of momentum. “This is my improved Jiang family school-Qianli Bingfeng. The realm can only play the trick, now, I can also show it. ”

” You still have the last chance, leave your last words. “Jiang Bufan confidently sneered.

Facing the confident and proud Jiang Fanfan, Chen Fei glanced at the frozen lake, shook his head, and dismissively said: “What a thousand miles of ice, just use the true nature of the ice attribute to freeze the water surface. The trick of the child That’s it. ”

” The true ice is frozen for thousands of miles. That’s a snowfall, a frost. You, it’s still far away. “Chen Fei shook his head.

Jiang Bufan frowned, and said sharply: “The arrogant, then he will be able to speak. Then I will let you taste my terrible ice.”

Jiang Bufan’s right hand, one meter long and one meter long The ice edge flew out of the frozen lake, and the crystal clear ice edge reflected the sunlight and reflected a colorful splendor.

“Go!” Jiang Fanfan screamed coldly, and the ice edge suddenly seemed like a sword, screaming out, stab Chen Fei’s chest straight.

Facing the offensive, Chen Fei stood on the spot and exhaled into a sword, directly hitting the ice edge. In an instant, the ice edge was crushed, exploded, and turned into countless ice powder, which was scattered in the air.

“Humph!” Jiang Bufan snorted coldly, his eyes slightly cold, and his left hand moved.

In an instant, another ice edge swelled from the surface of the lake, like an ice sword.

This time, Jiang Fanfan kept moving. The right hand also moved one after another, so a crystal clear ice edge flew out of the lake, behind Jiang Bufan, densely arranged, forming a dreamy and colorful colorful sword array.


Jiang Bufan waved his hand, and hundreds of ice ribs screamed out behind him, forming a dense sword rain, and went directly towards Chen Fei.

Ice swords are dense and extremely fast. With icy coldness, it seems that everything that is in front of him will penetrate and freeze.

In such a scene, just watching on the shore, many warriors took a breath of breath, blindly horrified, and terrified.

Even the other eight semi-finalists were full of surprises and emotions at the moment.

“Jiang Fanfan’s move is too powerful. If I were in Chen Fei’s position, I had no choice but to surrender.”

“Fortunately, in the last round I admit to losing quickly, Jiang Shao did not move this move. Otherwise, I will definitely die. ”

” Now, Chen Fei is in danger. I want to know, how does he deal with it? ”

” In my opinion, the best way is without a doubt to admit defeat directly. Although losing face, it is the safest. ”

Wen Yan, many players nodded in agreement, after all, in their view, losing to Jiang Bufan is no big deal. Moreover, they are still very young and have a long way to go in the future. There is no need to compete in this kind of competition.

However, just when they nodded their praises, Xing Rui beside them sneered and said: “Mr. Chen admits defeat, are you joking?”

Wen Yan, several players looked over immediately, frowning, “Xing Rui, you have a different view of what it “?


the EMSP; Xing Rui said:” of course there are different views, I think, Chen Fei not only will not admit defeat, and win the race. “. ”

Xing Rui, are you kidding! After Jiang Bufan ’s move of thousands of miles of ice envoys came out, the result was already doomed. ”

“Xing Rui, I think you are just making excuses for yourself. After all, in the semi-finals, if you didn’t play, you directly confessed to Chen Fei. So, the more you exaggerate the strength of Chen Fei, That is to find your face for yourself! ”

Xing Rui heard it and sneered.” Lost to Mr. Chen, what a loss of face! To some extent, Jiang Bufan can fight Mr. Chen today, then It is his blessing. “The

other players listened to Xing Rui more and more outrageously, and they were going to praise Chen Fei. Suddenly, several people shook their heads for a while and stopped chatting with Xing Rui.

“A group of dumb-eyed guys.” Xing Rui ignored them, snorted coldly, his eyes scorched, and looked at the center ring.

Although Xing Rui was almost 100% sure that Chen Fei could win, he still wanted to know what kind of tricks Chen Fei used to resolve Jiang Fafan’s trick.

At this time, Chen Fei on the ring looked at the ice sword that had struck the sky. His eyes narrowed slightly and whispered to himself: “The posture is good, the battle is not small, it looks scary.”

“However, there are only empty shelves. These ice swords are just ordinary ice edges, you can do it easily. Crushed, there is not much power at all. The ice sword condensed by the true masters of the ice attribute is stronger than steel, and the ice is over the frost. ”

” This so-called thousands of miles of ice is still far away. ” Shaking his head, a sigh of emotion.

The opposite Jiang Bufan heard Chen Fei’s whisper, and raised an eyebrow, showing a disgruntled look, “The guy who talks loudly. Since that is the case, then you will take me a thousand miles away!”

Jiang Bufan His hands screamed, urging the true spirit to enter the ice edge, and the speed was accelerated by a few points. The screaming attacked Chen Fei without giving him any room to dodge.

Facing this attack, Chen Fei narrowed his eyes slightly, and then raised his right hand, his eyes suddenly squeezed, and he slammed, “Fuse!”

In an instant, a fiery red breath of true energy spewed out of Chen Fei’s palm. The terrifying flame has a real breath, with a scorching heat wave, directly engulfing the oncoming ice swords.

The cold ice swords melted immediately when they touched the flame, and turned into drops of water. The white mist evaporated around the ring, and the ring completely enveloped it, making it impossible to see the situation inside. .

“What’s going on? What happened?”

“What was that breath of flames just now? That momentum, it’s too scary!”

“Then Chen Fei, there is still a trick that can’t be hidden, is he hiding so deep?” ”

Everyone guessed and talked, and at the moment, Jiang Fanfan, enveloped in white mist above the ring, could not help but look dignified.

He was no more than ten meters away from Chen Fei. When that terrible flame breath hit him, he felt more clearly than the rolling heat.

He operated the true breath to resist Chen Fei’s breath of fire, but was shocked to find it. The flame breath was so powerful that almost at the moment when I touched my true breath, I burned my true breath away.

The rolling heat wave immediately hit Jiang Jiangfan sweating, and the whole person almost collapsed.


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