MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1422



Upon seeing this, the sound of discussion in the audience also became lively.

“This is Chen Fei, no point discernment? No show off, so that everyone eye-opener?”

“Show off? I think he is nothing exposed, why they obediently walked over.”

“Oh, and Jiang less contrast, It’s a far cry. This comparison, from the beginning, has lost suspense. ”

………… In the

noisy discussion, Jiang Bufan narrowed his eyes at Chen Fei, who stepped in with a cold chill in his eyes. .

When Jiang Fei walked to the middle of the wooden bridge, Jiang Bufan suddenly moved his heart and thought of something.

He adjusted the direction of his body slightly, put his right hand behind his back on his side, and flicked it forward slightly. A burst of energy came out silently, flying towards the pillar under the wooden bridge.

This energy is very subtle, and the heatedly-arguing audience hardly noticed it.

Therefore, when the air hit the pillar of the wooden bridge and broke it directly, the entire deck suddenly collapsed. The audience were all startled and couldn’t help but exclaimed.

“I’m leaning, what’s the matter! The bridge collapsed.”

“Why? The bridge is so strong, why did it collapse suddenly?”

” Why would n’t anyone be a ghost!”


“Oh, can’t you see it yet?” This is obviously someone intentionally embarrassing Chen Fei! ”

” Look, the bridge collapsed, how did he deal with it? ”

” Flying up, jumping to the ring? Falling into the water, embarrassed? No matter what you do, it seems to be all Somewhat unsightly! ”


Amidst the public ’s voice and curiosity, the wooden bridge collapsed suddenly and fell into the lake water. It was very noisy.

Just as everyone was about to watch Chen Fei’s embarrassing show, the next scene made them dumbfounded.

Because, after the wooden bridge collapsed, Chen Fei, who walked slowly, did not change his movements at all. Still walking, the step-by-step hypercentral ring walked up, and it seemed that he didn’t even notice the disappearance of the wooden bridge under his feet.

Hey, what’s going on?” “Then Chen Fei, is he strolling in the sky? It looks like an astronaut!”

“How is this done? This kind of strength is terrible!”

“His no action before and after any change, that is to say. Chen Fei on the deck just take the time, also did not fall to the foot of the bridge, but has been stepping volley ah! ”


all amazed, and some Jiang Fanfan’s female fans couldn’t help frowning at this moment.

“Isn’t it just flying in the sky? Is there anything amazing?”

“That’s much worse than Jiang’s style just now. I don’t know why I was so surprised one by one?”

“A little trick, fuss. If Jiang Shao, definitely Even more powerful. ”

… ……

Listening to these people’s remarks, some warriors could not stand it anymore.

“Strength is not enough, just keep silent, don’t say those ridiculous words here.”

“That is, without strength and no vision, don’t export humiliating.”

“A little more trick, do you know how difficult it is to step on the volley?”

“To achieve volley stepping, you need not only a solid support for the true air, but also

precise control over the real air . Otherwise, a slight real air An unstable, unable to support the body, the whole person will lose balance in the air. ”

” And Chen Fei’s steps, if the wooden bridge collapsed. We will not even notice that he is walking in the sky. This shows It is because of his precise control of Zhenyuan’s breath. ”

… ……

A group of Jiang Fanfan’s followers, after listening to it, he was uneasy and unwilling, and he continued to make excuses for himself.

“It’s so mysterious, what’s the use? It’s not as good as Jiang Shao jumped to the ring directly and cleanly.”

“That is, what control, what precision. Wait for the next fight, it is not lost.”

“No matter what, then Chen Fei, certainly not our Jiang Shao’s opponent. ”


Facing this group of brainless guys, the warrior next to him shook his head and didn’t want to explain more.

“Oh, a bunch of brainwashing fans.

If you want to talk, just say it!” “If I think Jiang Fanfan’s odds are 70%, then Chen Fei’s hand is now exposed. I think that he and Jiang Fanfan are at least five. Fifth opened. ”

” I think Chen Fei even wins slightly, and can reach six or four. ”

In the noisy discussion, Jiang Bufan, who was originally ready to watch the show, saw Chen Fei Ling Kong stepping onto the ring at this moment, his eyes could not help but slightly dignified, staring at Chen Fei, coldly said: “It would be quite good

Show off your skills ! However, in real battles, your fancy things are not needed. ” ” Because, I will not give you the opportunity to use them. “Jiang Bufan looked at Chen Fei, his words arrogant and cold, “Chen Fei, a few days ago, what happened at the auction, and what happened just now that Lin Hao was killed and Yang Ling was injured. I will get it all back from you one by one. By then, you will know That day, how would you offend me Jiang Jiangfan— ”

Chen Fei interrupted Jiang Wufan’s words coldly, frowning:” How can there be so much nonsense, just hit it, mother-in-law like a lady! ” ”

You–” When Jiang Bufan was subjected to such insults in public, he was furious, his sword eyebrows stood upside down, he snorted heavily, and shouted, “Since you are looking for death, then I will complete you.”

Accompanied by Jiang Fanfan Words, the real breath in him looks like Bo wave of general, roared raging out.

The tumbling true air swelled on the surface of Jiang Fanfan’s body, surging and surging continuously, as if a giant appeared on the ring.

The real breath of the realm at the later prefecture level erupted at the moment, not only covering the entire China-Singapore Arena. Even the lake water beneath the ring was influenced by Jiang’s extraordinary momentum.

Originally under the clear wind, the surface of the lake was gently rippling, and now a layer of white mist appeared on the surface. The white mist was sinking, and the ice ling began to appear on the water.

Centering on the China-Singapore Ring, the entire lake surface of Yangui Lake has frozen at a rate that is visible to the naked eye.

Even in the auditorium by the lake, you can feel this terrifying cold breath. Some of the weaker warriors could not help but shudder, embraced their arms, and pulled their clothes tighter.

In the chill, many people felt excited, their eyes were full of heat, and they almost ignited the air.

“Jiang Shao shot, this strength is really terrifying.”

“Frozen the lake directly. This kind of strength, even many famous old-level warriors can’t do it!”

“If I’m right If so, this should be Jiang ’s masterpiece—the thousands of miles of ice. ”

“ It ’s just that it ’s said that Jiang ’s thousands of miles of ice can only be displayed if they reach the level of heaven. Why can Jiang Fanfan now be able to— ”


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