MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1420



Zhu Kui-shan Chen Sheng said: “Challenge the war, is a test of both sides of the battle you can not arbitrarily intervene, otherwise the count violations, will be disqualified hands you sure you want to do..?”

“I -” Jiang extraordinary looking sank , Immediately said, “Lin Hao has already conceded defeat, he also deliberately killed Lin Hao. This is also a violation, so how to punish him?”

Zhu Kuishan said in a deep voice: “According to the rules, Lin Hao did not speak out personally I concede three words. Therefore, it cannot be considered as conceding. Chen Fei ’s attack is within a reasonable range and there is no foul. ”

“ No foul? Everyone can see that he deliberately made Lin Hao speechless, and then Revenge for murder. “Jiang Bufan said.

Zhu Kuishan frowned and said in a deep voice: “The previous competition between Zhuo Qingyu and Lin Hao was similar. With reference to the previous verdict, this competition, Chen Fei’s behavior, was not a violation.”

“But-” Jiang Fanfan also wanted to justify.

But at this time, on the VIP seat, his master Shao Donghua said, “It’s extraordinary, it’s okay. Come back!”

Jiang Bufan heard Master’s cries, and although he was unwilling in his heart, he turned back to his seat Above.

Immediately, the referee announced the competition and Chen Fei won. As for Lin Hao ’s death, each player had already signed a life-and-death treaty when they signed up for the martial arts conference, so the official would not pursue such a matter.

When Chen Fei headed back to his seat.

The eyes of almost everyone at the scene gathered on Chen Fei.

Although everyone tried to keep their voices down as low as possible, the voices of so many people gathered together, and it was buzzing.

Wei Tian listened to the discussion of Xu Hai, and the expression on his face became more and more worried.

“Then Chen Fei was so powerful that he killed Lin Hao directly.”

“According to Lin Hao’s strength, Chen Fei’s strength should have reached the level of the prefecture.”

“We offended him before, if the test is over He came to retaliate against us, what should we do? ”

” Don’t worry about it, although he is powerful. But killing Lin Hao, that would offend Jiang Biaofan. Jiang Bifan won’t let him off in the later competition. ”

… The

staff cleared the ring, and the contest continued.

The next game, although still intense and intense. But compared to just now, many players are obviously a little more vigilant. When feeling invincible, the weak players almost didn’t hesitate, they directly chose to admit defeat.

This is the impact of Chen Fei’s killing of Lin Hao. After all, no one wants to be the second Lin Hao, and he was killed by his opponent before he could lose.

As a result, the speed of the competition is much faster. This round of competition soon ended, and the next round of competition began.

Chen Fei once again entered the lottery, when his lottery number and opponent were announced. Everyone at the scene could not help but burst out a loud voice.

Because, coincidentally, this round of Chen Fei’s opponent turned out to be Yang Ling.

The opposite Yang Ling, standing beside Jiang Bufan, looked at Chen Fei gloomily, and seemed not surprised by the result of such a draw.

Upon seeing this, Chen Fei glanced at Shao Donghua sitting on the VIP seat, and noticed the flashing color in the other’s eyes. Suddenly,

Chen Fei sneered and whispered: “Since you pushed your disciple over to die, don’t blame me for being rude.”

After the draw, the competition began, and soon it was Chen Fei and Yang Ling’s battle.

As the focus of attention on the field, when the two dared to debut, the atmosphere on the scene heated up.

Yang Ling’s eyes were gloomy, standing in a straight position, staring at Chen Fei, his eyes full of ruthless colors, “My brother Yang Tong’s scrapped legs, Lin Hao beheaded by you, and Jiang you rudely ran into Less. Today, on this ring, I will get all of them back. ”

” Really? Then you have to have this skill too! Otherwise, if you follow Lin Hao’s footsteps, then regret it too It’s too late. “Chen Fei said quietly.

Yang Ling heard the words, snorted heavily, and looked like a sword. He burst into the air, pierced the air, and attacked Chen Fei with fierceness.

Awesome . ” Yang Linggang just moved, and the air on the entire ring seemed to be cut open by him . Ling Kong made a roaring wind, with a terrifying air blade, and slashed to Chen Fei.

Such a scene is shocking.

“This breath is too sharp. Yang Ling is moving from the beginning!”

“Is this the strength of the eleventh place in the Qianlong list? It’s terrifying.”

“This kind of strength, after the end of this competition, enter By the top ten, it should not be a problem. ”

” Facing Yang Ling, let’s see how Chen Fei responds. This is not Lin Hao, Lin Hao is strong, it’s just the warrior of the Xuan level peak realm, but Yang Ling is the prefecture level. The warriors in the middle stage are much   weaker . ”


Facing Yang Ling’s sharp offensive at this moment, Chen Fei looked at Yang Ling opposite, his eyes sad and unhappy, and he seemed unable to see any waves.

When Yang Ling’s fierce offensive was almost going to pierce his face, Chen Fei shook his head, and indifferently said, “That’s it?”

“You–” Yang Ling didn’t expect Chen Fei to be like this. Arrogant, his eyes sinking, he gritted his teeth and said, “Crazy man, you catch my move first!”

Chen Fei shook his head and said lightly: “After I catch your move, you have no chance to shoot. ”

You–” Yang Ling was furious and was about to say something.

But at this moment, Chen Fei punched right, hitting Yang Ling’s chest straight.

This is just a straightforward punch without any fancy moves. But when the bombardment came out, Yang Ling felt an unstoppable force rushing toward him.

It was a rushing force like a mountain torrent. Even though Yang Ling saw Chen Fei’s offensive clearly, he faced this power without any ability to dodge. Can only gritt his teeth and cross his arms in front of his chest to resist this terrifying attack.

But when Chen Fei’s fist had just touched his arms, Yang Ling heard a clicking sound from his arms, and his bones broke instantly. The violent force directly broke his arm and continued to strike at his chest.

The pain of a broken arm, accompanied by a shock of terrifying power, made Yang Ling feel a trace of fear. “If this kind of power hits my chest, my internal organs will probably burst and eventually die.”

“This Chen Fei He wants to kill me. He wants to kill me with a punch. “The thought emerged in his heart. Yang Ling’s heart suddenly rose with a chill. The strong fear made him unable to care for so much, and immediately opened his mouth and shouted:” I- —Recognize— ”


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