MAGIC DOCTOR: CEO Lady’s Humble Husband – Episode 1419



“Haha, is this your trick? What’s the use? Is it funny?” Lin Hao smiled proudly and arrogantly at the moment.

Chen Fei ignored Lin Hao’s sarcasm, but instead showed a smile, his mouth slightly moved, and said softly to himself: “My ice lotus fire, do you really think that simple?”

“Ice lotus fire, what is that?” Lin Hao frowned, but then sneered, and said, “No matter what you do, it has no effect on me. I’m all punched.”

After that, Lin Hao stepped closer to Chen Fei. Come over, the whole body is lingering in the red light, the breath is turbulent.

At the moment, Chen Fei was standing on the spot without any dodge. Until Lin Hao was almost forcing him, he suddenly raised his right hand, and the breath of Zhenyuan burst out instantly, turning into a giant palm in the air.

The giant palm volleyed like a landslide, and with terrifying coercion, Bang shot at Lin Hao.

Lin Hao, who was still confident, felt his terror and changed his face instantly. At this moment, he did not care about bombarding Chen Fei, and quickly ran the real breath of his body to resist Chen Fei’s giant palm attack.

But his true breath, just condensed, hardly took a second. At the moment of meeting Chen Fei’s giant palm, it broke apart directly.

The horrible giant palm is like a mountain that fell from the sky, and the rumbling oppressed Lin Hao. Lin Hao patted Lin Hao on the ground with a palm, and could only barely support his giant palms to block the air.

But the oppression was still squeezed a little bit, and Lin Hao’s clenched teeth oozed out blood, his arms began to tremble, a crack appeared on the skin, the muscles inside began to tear, and blood spewed out.

In such a situation, even if it is not a warrior, it can be seen that Lin Hao can’t bear this coercion.

“Lin Hao was oppressed like this, how could it be?”

“Just not the outbreak of Lin Hao burning blood work do? How also lost the battle? ‘ ”

Chen Fei, turned out to be worse than I imagined. ” ”

This time, Lin Hao lost the battle. ”


crowd emotion At that time, in the VIP seats, Jiang Bufan and Yang Ling, who were originally proud and successful, also looked down at this time.

Jiang Bufan frowned and shouted, “Lin Hao, enough.”

Lin Hao heard and understood what Jiang Bufan meant, that was to let himself take the initiative to admit defeat.

Although he was unwilling in his heart, Lin Hao still had to be soft in the face of the increasing pressure on his head. That is not the strength that one can resist at this stage.

Blood was spraying in his mouth, he opened his mouth hard, and said: “I-recognize-”

But just before his last word was about to be exported, Chen Fei sneered, a flash of blue flashed in his eyes The light, cold voice said: “Want to admit defeat, do you think you have this opportunity?”

After that, the faint blue light in Chen Fei’s eyes burst out and directly entered Lin Hao’s body.

“You–” Lin Hao wanted to say something, but then, he felt a coolness pouring out of his body. It was a kind of icy cold from the inside out. It seemed that a piece of cold ice was in my body, and when I saw the internal organs of my body, I froze a little bit.

Gradually, he felt his body stiffen. A little blue light and lines began to appear on the skin.

These lines continued to spread and finally gathered together to form the shape of a lotus blue lotus.

On top of the blue lotus flower, there is a cold breath, which freezes Lin Hao’s entire body in place, unable to move at all, like an ice sculpture.

Chen Fei said to himself coldly, “Ice Lotus Fire, that’s the trick I learned after absorbing the Nine Nine Ice Lotus. It can freeze the opponent’s blood vessels and use the cold blue flame to let the opponent Without consciousness, he was burned to death. ”

Originally, when Chen Fei’s ice lotus fire entered Lin Hao’s body, he could be burned to death. But Chen Fei didn’t want him to die so easily, he deliberately left him some time.

Now, let him freeze in place, tasting the crushed pain a little bit.

The giant palm in the air was pressed down a little, like a huge compressor, crushing Lin Hao’s body a little bit.

This fear of dying in the face of death is shocking and desperate.

Lin Hao’s eyes can only rotate, and there is a terrified look in it, but there can be no movement, no sound can be made, and he can only feel his body crushed a little bit.

Jiang Bufan in the audience saw this scene, his eyes dimmed, and shouted sharply: “Lin Hao has already conceded defeat, you will stop now.”

“Confess? I didn’t hear him say concede.” Chen Fei said coldly.

In such a similar scene, Chen Fei applied Lin Hao to Zhuo Qingyu, and now he was returned to Lin Hao as it was, and it was still double the pain and fear.

Jiang Bufan was furious and jumped directly into the ring. He glanced at Chen Fei sullenly and shouted, “Let Lin Hao go, he has already conceded defeat.”

“Then let him admit defeat!” Chen Feihan said.

“You–” Jiang Bufan was furious and directly patted Chen Fei, even attacking Chen Fei directly.

Upon seeing this, Chen Fei snorted heavily, his left hand bombarded, and greeted Jiang’s extraordinary bombardment. The right hand snapped down and banged on the palm.

In an instant, the giant palm in the air finally fell heavily, and with a direct bang, Lin Hao was completely shot into the ring. Immediately, the giant palm gradually dissipated, and Lin Hao on the ring could no longer see the appearance of a person. Only a bloody flesh remained, and he could not die anymore.

In such a scene, even if all the martial artists were present, many people could not stand it and vomited out instantly.

Jiang Bufan’s eyes were scarlet, and he was furious. “You killed Lin Hao, I want you to die!” In

an instant, Jiang Bufan’s body was brilliant, and the streamer was overflowing. Come.

Chen Fei snorted without giving in, his body shuddered, and a real red breath surging out, like the fire of the Nine Heavens descending from the sky, sweeping toward Jiang Fanfan’s attack.

Seeing that the battle between the two was almost on the verge, at the critical moment, a majestic and thick breath enveloped the ring, directly wrapping Chen Fei and Jiang Bufan, and also blocking their offensive Down.

“Who dares to stop me?” Jiang Bufan shouted angrily.

“It’s me!” A thick voice sounded, and a figure appeared on the ring. Everyone took a closer look, and found that the figure turned out to be Zhu Kuishan and Zhu Lao, suddenly full of horror.

“Lao Zhu, why did you stop me?” Jiang Bufan’s face calmed down a little, but the look in Zhu Lao’s eyes was still full of anger.


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